Coffee! @ Monday, August 29, 2011

Mr Maths explains why asians are good at maths, and he doesn't say they were programmed that way O.O. It's all about numbers he says, in asian languages if you know 1-10 you can go up to 99, e.g. twelve is "2 and 10". But English is hard to learn, and you go, where does eleven come from and things like that. A better explaination here.

Coffee! They were on sale today, and there were so many things to choose from, from capacino to mocha and skim decaf vanilla latte. With so many types of coffee how do you choose? After much debate I went with the safe option of Mocha, chocolate + coffee.
                                                               The white area is milk.

Cappuccino - 1/3 espresso + 1/3 hot milk + 1/3 steamed milk foam
less steamed or textured milk than the caffè latte

Espresso - simplest and strongest form of coffee you can get.
Served in small quantities of either one shot ("Single") or two shots ("Double")

Flat White - creamy steamed milk over a single shot (30ml) of espresso
stretched and texturised milk is prepared by entraining air into the milk and folding the top layer into the lower layers

Latte - 2:1 ratio of milk to espresso, with a little foam on top
less foam than a cappuccino

Mocha - 1/3 espresso + 2/3 steamed milk + chocolate (chocolate syrup or instant chocolate powde)

Skinny - "skinny" version of a drink
made/served with skimmed milk

@ Saturday, August 27, 2011

Went to see Broadway's Kiss Me, Kate, it was good. Nothing I'd see again though. I preferred the '08 tour version we saw in 2008. It's a play within a play, two actors, 1yr divorced play the main characters, Kate & the guy - I forget his name. For a 2hr summary of this watch 10 Things I Hate About You. Interestingly the play once again opens in Verona (RJ), but two of the girls are wearing french hoods (img). The dancing was great, including dancers' costumes. green satin looks good on anyone almost. I loved the girls' satin dresses, though not enough to get one XD.  The play is set in the late 40s, Baltimore (like Hairspray, though it's more late 60s/early 60s). Afterwards on the tram, I heard one of the actors says it wasn't that good, and another said it was because of the audience. It wasn't sold out, only 2/3 of the theatre was filled. And when you see a lot of empty spaces performance levels decrease. But to me the lights have always been pretty much blinding and you can only see the first few rows, but then again our seatings layout is smaller. The sets were pretty amazing and huge (compared to out sets, tour size - you can't bring a wall along)! Fold outs, backstage on one side, change rooms on the other. The best supporting character was: Baptista, it's harder than you think to walk like an old man and always sound like one too XD.

After the musical we went to dinner, being spontaneous we ended up at McD XD, even though there was a subway next door I was in the mood for fries. I don't know why they're so amazing, but they are. Dessert was maxibons ^^, I like them, but the cookie part after being in the freezer tastes, stale-ish?, though I think it's meant to be like that. Someone made a maxibon cake using 8 of them XD. I prefer my cookies fresh from the bakery oven. And I love white chocolate macadamia ones, though I have yet to make them. I've only ever made cookies once in my lifetime (20 something years) and even then we bought the dough, and just sliced and baked it. Here's a recipe.

White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies

@ Friday, August 26, 2011

Another sick day :(, waking up exhausted. I think I'm psychologically traumatized by what we're doing in english. Went to see HP :) and bought dinner. Had char kuey teow from the something Pearl, the sad thing about restaurants is that they often only have things in one size. This dish was massive! For $9 you get what you paid for, and I ended up getting 1/3 of it for take away. It was nice, hot (forgot to ask about that) and was defiantly better than Old Town Kopitiam, where it always tastes burnt. For dessert I bought a custard doughnut, lovely as always, I do love custard (except in custard tarts and straight from the carton). As a drink I went around and there were about 8 places offering iced chocolate, one of the closet places was Michel's Patisserie.

I had the iced chocolate for 4.50. Huge disappointment, the worst "iced chocolate" I've ever had. It was nothing more than chocolate sauce (the type you buy for ice cream), milk and a bit of cream from a can.
At the supermarket you can get milk for $1 a litre, $4 for the sauce and $3 for the cream, and you can make at least 4 of these. Do yourself a favour, rather than buy "DIY-able" ice chocolate drink, make it yourself - I assure you it's the same quality. The iced chocolates at GJ are better.

Finally saw HP! :) It was good, though I do think the entire film spanned across a few days. It starts off where part one finished, HP & Friends, along with those rescued are at the Shell Cottage, where Dobby is buried. With the help of the goblin they get into Bellatrix's vault, with Hermonie as Bellatrix is was funny, seeing her all quiet, a bit shy and not psycho like she really is. They get into the vault, goblin ditches them, pointing out he only said he'd help them get in - not out (he gets what's coming and gets killed). Everything they touch multiples, Harry finds the goblet of Hufflepuff. They escape using a dragon.

They meet Dummbledoor's brother, he was the one who sent Dobby to help them before. The trio get into Hogwarts to find another horcrux, Ravenclaw's Diadem which is a tiara. Harry finds it in the room of requirements, but then enters Malfoy and friends (Goyle and Blaise Zabini, Crabbe is in trouble on drug charges in the real world). Meanwhile Ron & Hermonie go into the chamber of secrets and using a basilisk fang destroys the cup (4/7), then they join Harry. The two teams fight, team Malfoy sets things on fire, and everyone runs. And a scene much like when in Aladdin Adbu touches a gem everything turns into fire/lava everyone runs.  In the book Crabbe dies in the fire (but he's not in the film, the actor, something about drugs and possession) so Goyle dies instead. And Crabbe's part is played by another Slytherin, Blaise Zabini. Ron wants to leave the other two, but Harry insists they save Malfoy & Blaise. Malfoy because in part one he recognized Harry when they got caught, but said he wasn't sure if it was him, and in doing so saved him, giving him time. Oh and in the fire the tiara gets destroyed (5/7).

Everyone (almost) gets out alive from that. Snape has a speech about not helping HP, telling the school to give him up, of course a Slytherin does. Snape vs McGonalgal. He runs for it. Hogwarts prepares to fight. The big battle. Fred, Lupin, Tonks dies. Voldermort kills Snape, because he thinks then he will truly own the Elder Wand, but in fact it was Malfoy's and at that moment Harry's (who later destroys it). Before Snape dies (when he's dying, being attacked by the snake) he gives Harry a bunch of memories which explains his actions (he loves Harry's mother, Lily - even though she ended up not with him, and so he promised to protect Harry, and everything was planned. Though D didn't tell Harry he's one of the horcruxs and needs to be destroyed.) So Snape doesn't end up dying as a villain.

Harry comes to fight to V in the forest. He has the snitch again, and inside it he find the 3rd deathly hallow, the resurrection stone, and he sees his parents and friends who are dead. Harry goes to heaven (V got him, and 6/7), that he recognizes as king's cross, but w/o trains and cleaner, and talks to D. Back to the forest, he plays dead, and Malfoy's mother lies and tells V Harry's dead. They all go to the castle.
Hogwarts vs Death Eaters battle still on. Neville kills the snake (7/7 horcuxs).

Molly (Mrs Weasley) kills Bellatrix. Harry vs Voldermort, V's wand returns to Harry, as it belongs to Harry and V dies. 19yrs later, Harry + Ginny, Ron + Hermonie, Malfoy + random girl, see their kids got to Hogwarts. The End. :( So sad, after 10yrs it's all over.

@ Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In conflict we're watching 'Paradise Roads', and as a result I will be sleeping with the lights on tonight (not that I don't always XD). DON'T watch it! That or get someone who has seen it to tell you when a scary part is about to be on. Also don't google the real event, I did and spent an hr reading about it instead of legal notes.  Bad things happen, people die all the time, pretend you don't know, all is well. Till someone has the nerve to comment on it - in a mean way. 

I love those group buy sites ^^, though they rarely have anything good. I've once bought a $13 for $30 gift voucher to a chocolate cafe, it was nice :) we went there was jas's b'day. This time I bought x2 $9 for a $20-ish meal, 13" pizza (16 topping to choose from, though I always get BBQ Chicken at this place), a regular serving of "poutine" - basket of hot fries smothered in melted cheese and gravy, and a can of soda. This place makes amazing NY style pizzas, sadly it's in the city and only open for dinner usually like all gourmet pizza parlours.

There's a new show, Four Weddings, and it's trashy but funny. It's basically 4 brides go to each other's wedding bitch and rate. Best wedding couple gets a honeymoon. It's great for ideas for your wedding. I love how everyone has a theme. Tonight there was failed masquerade (in a barn, seriously?), frangarpani, and mission impossible, where the boys arrive by helicopter.

At first when I heard masquerade it was it :), but then the only masquerade part was that the guests had to wear masks :( and it was more a cabaret. I think I want a masquerade for our wedding, with the reception in a nice garden pagoda with lunch in the gardens of a mansion, or at church for the ceremony then gardens for lunch. Or we could do a dinner party thing, like most people, and have a masked ball with fancy dresses, a string quartet or orchestra. No buffets, other than perhaps a candy one.

There will be chandeliers, candles, dancing (strictly ballroom), glitter, and pretty things.

A Proposed Table Deco Idea

My Bouquet

@ Monday, August 22, 2011

Sick still :( and now with a hint of jealously. Went to the doc he said there's a tablet for $30, but it doesn't work for everyone. Spent a while at the chemist, and bought "Cetaphil DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion", as I had run out of Simple's Hydrating Light Moisturiser, which I liked, but had to reply hourly cause it was maybe too light? Found $10 and gave it to the checkout lady - hopefully the person who dropped it gets it back.
Cetaphil DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion

The course everyone is doing this year is the final year (I do like moving ^^) and we need to pick 12 courses. I've got two so far... We were having a dissucussion of where everyone's going next year (obviously the teacher was not there and we had a sub). One of the boys says he's going to play (soccer) for England O.O. What does google say about that? It agrees, it appears he's parents are uber supportive and mortaging their house so he can go overseas. Wow, but then again he's one of the top 10 kids in the country (in terms of soccer) according to one of the state's biggest newspapers. If I don't get into my first course I have to get a career change, as the only other college that does that course is about 3hrs away (there and back). Oh and that guy is a model and undoubtably one of the tallest people I know, but if a girl was that tall I'm not sure if she would be allowed to model XD; though I do feel better about the thing with the fact that he's with a "small town" agency. On the plus size, not litterally, we are researching finishing schools and I think I found the course I want to do, though at $850 for 10 days ($85 a day) that is pricely, but not as pricey as my current 8-9mth course.

I recieved a gift the other week and have just tried it tonight. It's Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, and it's beautiful. More of a "pick me up" rather than part of all the things I use daily. It smells like roses, and not fake yucky ones, fresh ones. A garden of roses. I love it ^^, it reminds me of him... Though at $24 per 30ml, 80c per ml, it's very unlikely I'd buy it again (untill I make money).

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist
“A hydrating mist, rich in the living energy of rose and marshmallow to restore, tone and hydrate. Leaves the skin balanced and refreshed. Ideal for maintaining balance.”

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip @ Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

After reading many positive reviews I've decied to get this product (it's on sale 20ml for $15 this week).

How to Use:
1. Before bed.  Cleanse
2. while your skin is warm (use warm water to remove cleanser) use a facial water spray
3. apply oil (2-3 drops) to palms, gently rubbing them together and then using them to gently massage onto face in upwards strokes
4. use a light moisturiser over the top
The "Science"
*1: ten women over 12 weeks. Results obtained by expert Clinician’s assessment. Twice-daily use.
*2: 20 women over eight weeks. Results obtained by measured study and expert Clinician’s assessment. Twice daily use. 
Improve the visible appearance of:
Scars by up to 41% (*1)
Stretch marks by up to 43% (*1)
fine lines/Wrinkles by up to 23% (*2)
skin moisture by 44%
improve skin softness by 21%

I don't consider that science, as not many people were tested, their skin types not meantioned nor age or any other relevant factors/info on participants other than they are women.

@ Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday and still sick. Although now it's the allergy AND the illness. Not sure if we'll be going to classes tomorrow at this time. It itches, bleeds, burns (skin + eyelids). The only thing to do is ice it - and having ice on your face in class, well there's almost no point going then. Other than for roll call. But I did find Renu's soothing gel eye mask very nice, it's some blue gel in an eye mask that you keep in the fridge.

In eng we're studying 'confict'. Task: "Write anything around 600-800 words using: who, what, why, when, how, etc. In any of the three forms." What immediately came to mind: a rant about people I hate, sounds like a great idea - except that it's personal and for these tasks you score better when it's not about you. After an hour of brainstorming I came up with a great idea!  A letter from Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk (Henry 8th's bff & brother in law) to his 2nd/3rd (I forget) wife Catherine Willoughby, about the Pilgrimage of Grace. Research: watch 3 episodes of the Tudors, episode summaries and some wiki.

There aren't any really good pictures of the Northern Uprising (no cameras)
so this is one from the 'Tudors.' You can see (barely) their flags.

  • upraising. why: no likely Cromwell (who is chief minster (aka adviser, but does stuff) abuses his power)
  • Charles (a good guy) negotiates with the rebellion leaders, gives his word of no harm
  • But Henry says kill them all, Charles feels guilty
  • Conflict. Charles believes it's wrong - the king lied about granting them pardon - but has to send the orders being the king's bff, and so begins the breakdown of his marriage with Cath, because she says it's wrong - but then that's easy for her to say.
  • 200+ killed (mainly hanging) prominent members of the community,  a dozen
    peers of the realm, 50 odd monks and priests and over a hundred ordinary people, inc women and children. (if you don't kill the kids they'll grow up and get revenge, plus if the parents are dead no one will care for them hence povety which leads to lower levels of HD)

@ Saturday, August 20, 2011

Had a maths test on Thursday, there were no surds! Which I learnt the night before (idk why it's assumed knowledge). Someone forgot about the legal test, so I ended up doing that in the afternoon instead of morning, missed a few points but there was nothing I was 100% clueless on. The last health test didn't go so well due to lack of links to the Q and "poor wording". 2/5 done. Only health, business and english (with its 6.5 essays) to go - till this testing period is over, till another fortnight.

How do you measure stress? Idk, but I'm on exam high stress, my lips has gone schizo and I feel yucky and confidence has dropped dramatically. No details needed other than it hurts, and looks so bad (ok, I admit it's worse in my mind than the mirror) that I wore a ninja mask today, can't really speak or eat anything without a straw as well. In eng a boy points out the 40hr famine doesn't actually start till "like next week", as I wasn't speaking - it hurts to move inc smile - esp smiling.

The goal to not be a doormat is failing. Health is as usually entertaining, when everyone got their results they said another health teacher had it in for them, I think I know her, spoke to her once, she wears nice perfume. It was hilarious, with everyone on a rant about her, me watching them and mr health trying to be nice and tell them not to talk about her like that (or at least not in his presence). Pretty sure she's nothing, I've had a teacher in the past who was anti-aboriginal. Back to the goal, a girl (who we shall call Natalie, because she is very blonde like my friend Natalie) and her friend asked to borrow a pen in eng, well the friend did (umm... aren't you meant to ask to borrow things from YOUR friends?), I hesitated, and in writing it was too much effort to write no and then why, and in the end wrote "What colour?". That was the 1st part. Part 2, in health Natalie asked mr health to borrow his book, of course he says yes - but points out that he has learnt x2 books and not gotten them back (and isn't on a rampage to get them back) in a not totally annoyed way, and suggests that she asks me. Thanks. That kinda makes things harder - though I do have a question. Why did he say to ask me? And why didn't she ask her friends? Btw I believe Natalie is one of the main people who use me as a doormat, though she returns everything, but I just don't like her character or attitude e.g. throwing my book.

In other news, I received a long black satin skirt I ordered ^^, it's too long but I'm not allowed to have anything that doesn't go under my knees (shortest thing I have is a tennis dress - only because it was compulsory in college). Sadly due to conditioning I find it very difficult to wear anything above knee length. If you took a picture of what I wore everyday you'd say I'm Jewish. An interesting article.

An amazing hat I'd love to recreate.

@ Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tried the it "L'Occitane - 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream" a couple times today.
Pro - It does work!
Con - Takes 45mins+ to "set in" & it DOES leave an oily residue, and I'm not a fan of the fragrances, it's a tab bit overpowering for me, and smells familiar yet idk what it is...
Conclusion: Nice but no. I'll be going back to my "Vaseline Healthy Hand & Nail Conditioning Hand Lotion" which is around $4 for 75ml.

Can't seem to find any decent pictures :(

Edit: Mineral oil is the 2nd most abundant ingredident in this handcream. It is bad for you.
- difficult to absorb and clogs the pores, which slows the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins
- Once absorbed, it is broken down by the liver and passes through the intestinal tract, it will absorb all of the fat-soluble vitamins found there. (that's a bad thing)
- can eventually lead to nutritional deficiencies. Studies have also shown forms of pneumonia caused by mineral oil decreasing lung function, known as lipoid pneumonia.

Also tried "Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream" I believe it does work and I do like it ^^ but don't use it if you're also using a scented hand cream at the same time, you end up feeling a bit sick.
Pro: It works! And is decently priced, around $6.50-ish
Con: Wish it was fragrance-free and perhaps easier to apply, as you need to rub a finger in the cream and then rub it on the finger/cuticle - a suggestion: something like a thin lip balm stick?
Conclusion: Buy again? Maybe, we'll see, but it appears to be 6/10 atm (chances).

Oh and I also tried something that smelt similar to the lemon button, by in a small pot by Bloom, pretty sure it's not cuticle cream XD. Looked up the website and they seem to have a good range of organic stuff, 20 items with 95%+ of organic ingredients. Prices range from $15 for lip balm to $40 for lotions/cream. Will take a picture and contact them late next week to find out what it is (there's no box/labels).

Blog Goal: To write a beauty related post each week - as a part of my goal to improve my skin & effort, the "glam" in "glamazon" (not much of an amazon, I'm short :I )

Meanwhile in college we got major testing week coming up Thurs - Tues, 4 days, 5 tests. About 40 pages of info to memorize + 7 essays (to be planned, written, reviewed, rewritten and memorized). Legal (the 2nd test) notes is going well with only two more bits to cover.


On the topic of drama. I had temptation to steal from one girl the girls who stole from me. Restrained myself just in time, not sure if I can resist a opportunity though... I'll just take a pen and throw it out, not going to keep it - that's just weird.

Moment of the Day:
Me: Do you want to see Death?
X: …
Me: XD Rephrase: Do you want a ticket to see Death?
X: …
Me: XD There’s a play called Death, did you want a ticket?

It's all about interpretations XD. You can get death for free. It doesn't require a $15 ticket. They're giving out free one way tickets somewhere...

Haven't gotten around to seeing HP yet, even though it was out about a month ago. Last day in Wed next week! Was going to go this weekend, but tests dates were changed. Probably won't have time to see Part 1 again 1st, will wiki it. I recall in the end V escapes with his team evil, and opens up D's grave (in the middle of nowhere) and gets the elder wand - which he can't use. And team HP get caught, Dobby helps them escape and Dobby gets killed :(. So now team HP are on the run, and V runs all - for now.

In other news, a former friend (we don't hate each other, we just moved around and have different interests now compared to about 7yrs ago) had her 2nd yr anniversary of being in a r'ship O.O wow, I don't know anyone our age who has had a r'ship last that long (if you don't count me & my cute little bunny rabbit, almost 13yrs and still together ^^).

And something random that came from almost no where (an analysis of one of my possible friendships).
A New Type of Friends: A r’ship where the Q “How was your  week?” where the reply is pretty much “no comment” by you know each other too well in bedroom preferences though have never physically gone there.
e.g. One of my fav t-shirt designs

Threadless (cool t'shirts, for guys) are having a $10 Sale! (not sure about shipping costs though). Ian buys his shirts [collection] there are they do have nice stuff. Link

@ Monday, August 15, 2011

Mail^^. Recived two tickets to "Snow Flower & the Secret Fan" along with a postcard, two badges and a cool flip card that if you flip fast enough it animates. Also got through another dot point of notes for law, on ADR, missing Ian :( but we know that we must move on, and he only lives in memories.

Picture possibley coming soon. (Of the package [in the mail], not Ian XD)

Winter means sitting close to heaters, feels great? Yes. Good for your skin? Perhaps not. As a result as well as still searching for the perfect [organic/natural] skin care products I am now also looking for a foot cream. Introducing...
Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme

Smells nice, coconut (and not the articfical kind) with a hint of peppermint. I had recieved this as part of a hand/foot care gift pack (it also had handcream which had gone off, the water seperated from the cream part; and a cuticle cream which I have yet to try), so I didn't know what to expect .

When I first opened it I thought it had gone off! I was expecting a cream, rather than caramel coloured "creme" (the type that comes with dessert). It's more of a gel really. The website says it's 99.4% natural, that's pretty good.

Does it work? We have yet to find out. Though also everyone says it does and is brilliant. Unfortunately I didn't google it before trying it, and now I'm confined to this seat till my feet dry - oh and the creme is sticky. Others have recommended you put it on before bed and wear thick bed socks.

A Review:
Pros: Works well, nice scent, soft feet the morning after.
Cons: One of the ugliest, most disgusting looking products I've ever used.
The Bottom Line: Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme is a great way to soften up calloused and dry feet, if you can get past the slightly repulsive appearance and texture of it.

As for hands... I recently recieved this...

L'Occitane - 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream

I've used in once and didn't analyze it, so no review just yet. Worth every Penny" seems to be the conclusion of most reviewers. This hand cream was voted the best overall on some page (magazine site?) At the price of  $26.00 (full size) and $10.00 (travel size) [in the U.S.A anyway, that's the one I got], I think it's a bit expensive especially when you have a cream from each part from tip to toe. But some reviewer said it's an investment - but don't carry it in your bag, the foil packaging isn't exactly metal and is prone to holes.
Tip from a fellow reviewer: Stay away from leather

Another Review
Pros: Top quality, good moisturizing properties, pleasant fragrance
Cons: Expensive, can be somewhat hard to find
The Bottom Line: This is a good, old-fashioned, highly moisturizing, seemingly simple hand cream that is very luxurious. Treat yourself!

@ Sunday, August 14, 2011

There is most defiantly a theft issue going around at college. The reason to the recent increase: someone got anyway with it. "Theft - only an issue if you get caught, so don't get caught." Someone (now we all know it's a girl, their little evil genius, guys have a more simple approach) stole A's usb which had a lot of work on it! And she doesn't back up!!! :( This is the bit where she locks everyone in a room with the aid of my mafia team and threatens to shoot somebody unless she gets the usb back. A is hoping she'll get the usb back and the girl has just copied her work. I think whoever this girl is, she will not give it back and is more likely to take a picture of the usb send it to A using a blocked number saying "Thanks for information ;)."

With the theft of my contact details I got a new number (if I can find where I put the new chip) and it was an opportunity to get a new phone (everyone who called me came up as "no number" on my last phone). With much research and checking out of reviews I got this:

It doesn't connect to the Internet or have a camera (but then we all know unless it's an expensive phone the camera quality is less than decent anyway). All I need is something that calls, looks decent (hence flip and not brick), receives texts, has an alarm, and a phonebook. Not much of a phone person. I've also probably never texted from the phone before, as I use a program on my laptop.  

She's the Man @ Friday, August 12, 2011

She's the Man - References to the inspiration "12th Night"
(I did this with Baz's R+J for film studies a few years ago, it was fun)

In the trailer, when Viola walks through the school's campus outside, a billboard can be seen on the left hand side advertising the school's production of "What You Will".

The pizza parlor where the kids hang out is called Cesario's.

Duke says: "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them", a quote from the letter read by Malvolio in Twelfth Night.

Various names in the film are taken from Twelfth Night, although the roles in the film bear little or no similarity to their namesakes. These character names are: Malvolio (the name of Malcolm's tarantula), Feste Malcolm's last name), Valentine (Monique's last name), Andrew and Toby (Duke's soccer buddies), Maria (Olivia's friend) and Antonio (Paul's last name)

Stratford Country Club is a reference to Stratford-upon-Avon.

"Illyria", the name of the school, is also the name of the country in which Twelfth Night is set, and "Cornwall", the name of Viola's former school, is the name of the country Viola and Sebastian were originally from in the play.

Sebastian is returning from London on the twelfth.

Orsino, Duke of Illyria becomes simply Duke Orsino ("Duke" being his forename).

Twelfth Night @ Thursday, August 11, 2011

Went to see 'Twelfth Night' - Bollywood style! It was great! Best musical of the year? So far I think so, scored even higher then Midsummer Night's (which I saw a couple mths ago). Would I see it again? Yes! Sadly I have major tests coming up, plus tomorrow night - the final night is sold out.

Official Poster

The Set

The Plot
  • Seb/Viola start shipwrecked on an island, where the Duke is King of it - or something like that
  • Viola becomes Cesario
  • Orsino the Duke, likes Olivia
  • Olivia likes Cesario (thinking it's a boy) who is actually Viola
  • And Viola likes the Duke, who thinks Viola is a boy, and uses "him" to send messages to Olivia
  • Stuff happens, introduce Sir Toby, Olivia's drunken uncle & hilarious friends, a subplot of her servants tricking one into thinking that she, Olivia likes him, introduce Seb alive
  • In the end, Seb appears, Olivia marries him, thinking he's Cesario (him: jackpot! pretty girl wants me)
  • Viola is revealed to be a girl, and she marries the Duke
  • Everyone lives happily ever after ^^
  • Confused? here's a character map.
A Bollywood Musical. Maria/Toby/Sir Andrew, Fabian trick Malvolia into thinking that his mistress, Olivia fancies him, and wants him to wear "yellow stockings cross-gartered" and smile ridiculously all the time XD. The guy who played Proctor in the Crucible, wore yellow tights, and as they don't come in man-size he wore them low and it hilarious, it takes a lot of courage to do that XD, especially because the top part is a bit lighter in colour and everyone can see your boxers. The part of awesome.

As it was a musical there were also quite a few numbers. It starts with Orsino, the Duke singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody with a dance. Introducing Sir Toby & Friends, partying all night long, with "ballroom blitz". Viola singing "I only want to be with you", Orsino's poem to Olivia is "River Deep Mountain High", and Malvolio's "Sex Bomb" after he receives "Olivia's" letter to him. My fav song is probably ABBA's SOS, or Olivia's "Somebody to Love". When confronted the love triangle sings "Baby Love, Stop in the Name of Love, You Can't Hurry Love Medley" with Orsino singing stop (the guy who plays him is amazing, I've seen a lot of plays he's in over the past couple years). The musical sadly ends :( with Viola & Duke's Wedding "What is Life?". Another awesome part was when Orsino sings "Help Yourself" practically to Cesario and he does affectionate things such as holding hands and couple dance moves, and then realizes that Cesario is a "guy" and freaks XD, he does that quite a few times, I think it says "If you were a girl, I'd like you". 

How to NOT be a Doormat & Say No @ Thursday, August 11, 2011

"You've been trying to walk on water
In the end everybody, Walked all over you
Now, you don't like the sight of mirrors
Cause you're scared that the face
You'll see, will look just like before"

How to NOT be a Doormat & Say No
Step 1: Pause
Step 2: Breathe
Step 3: Say "no". If they ask why, you say "because."
- Level of Difficulty: High -

Why you are a doormat in the 1st place:
- you can't stand up for yourself
- always says yes
- lack of self-confidence

The character I'm portraying has a doormat issue. She also can't say no. People use her like a supplies cupboard (not in a ... way XD) but people ask to borrow things all the time and never get their own because she'll always be there for them to use. I don't like asking people things, so if I need something, I'll get it myself, like this person here who I can relate to. Another example.
A girl (who is classified 120% as a leech and user who has a infectious neg attitude) kept asking to borrow glue, and she even bought it - despite the fact that she herself rarely use it. The issue is that others should not depend on her, or use her as they do. And she needs to stand up for herself and say no, but it's harder than you think. Pen girl is an example of her not saying no and direct confrontation, as a result she lost two irreplaceable pens. In other incidents she's lost a whiteboard marker and stapler, which the teacher borrowed, passed around and then someone in that class stole it. And one before that, Irene "borrowed" (took from me in my presence) my translator (English not being my 1st language) and shoved it down her top, and then at some point broke it and claimed it was like that when she "borrowed" it, yes I got it back, but she had destroyed $250 worth of my property, and of course with life being unfair and all no one cared nor did anything about it. And I couldn't either because Irene is basically a man who will beat you up any day, interestingly later on she tried to steal my bf (at the time). I could do an entire post ranting about how much a loath her, and I'm once again beginning to think, humanity.

From now on her goal is to say no to everyone without apology and why they ask why, the answer is "just because". She hates it when people trample all over her, like today, a guy asked for a tissues, as she had a box of unopened tissues which she did not want to open, and yet she ended up doing what she did not want to do. This guy has on several occasioned asked for tissues, no need to bring your own when you have the supplies cupboard in your classes, and what's even worse - when anyone else needs a tissue he goes "Charlie has some."

I have a temptation to post this on the notice board:
"To everyone who associates with me,
due to recent events I an issue has been raised that needs to be addressed.
I am NOT the supplies cupboard.
Bring your own stuff, and learn not to rely on others, as I have done.
Don't ask to borrow anything (unless you are my friend). The answer is no.
Why? 246 people know why.
- Charlie "that girl" "

Google says...
How to Stop People Constantly Borrowing Your Things 
Suggestion: Buy a cheap lending pen
Charlie says: Done that, never got it back. But that time was ok because it was a friend, and it only happened once.
How to Get People to Stop Asking to Use Your Stuff
- Say no
- Distract them
- Pretend you don't have it
- Tell them you don't have many left (e.g. pens)
- Germ talk (done that before, there was a rumor going around that I had AIDs and one went near me for that phase of my life XD)

@ Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Had a short-ish day, probably because I spent two hours and a bit working on a poster, for one of the millennium goals, found amazing graphs for it too. That was the highlight of my college day. I left early, the bus had come late so I almost missed the train - but it turns out that even though the bus was late, I'd taken the early train.

As with the social rule, no cameras when with others, these pictures were from google.

We had dinner at an Italian (pizza/pasta/salad) cafe, Café "C", sadly the menu was limited, and unless I'm going for pizza I won't be going there again. Jas wanted to be spontaneous, initially I was only going to get dessert (I like dessert) and wasn't really hungry, but he wanted to get a main, as he felt odd ordering something too big.  He got the Gnocchi Gorgonzola, which he said was ok, lacked flavour (salt/pepper/etc) and was not recommended. That is disappointing, especially for an entree of 18.50.

It looked like this, but in a giant dish.

While I had the 'Grilled Chicken Skewers with Salad & Tzatziki Sauce' for 10.50, it consisted of two skewers, average flavours, 1/4 handful of salad, a piece of tomato and sauce - which was amazing, the sauce that is. Overpriced, but considered average for that area. Jas says that they have the best chefs on thu/fri and the worst on mon/tues.

For dessert I had Passion fruit Tart, it was nice, and probably was not vegetarian :(, and a overprice, better than Lemon Tart though, I didn't like that at all from a past experience. I did like the layout though, a medium slice served with a dollop of cream and drizzles of what looked like strawberry jam, oddly there was a dot of it on Jas's dish too. For next time, if the play ends not very late, I'd recommend going to a chocolate cafe for dessert. Meanwhile Jas got the Sticky Date Pudding, and a date had the seed in it still. At Starbucks you could get a bigger slice for around the same price. Overall I wouldn't recommend this place - but I have yet to try the pizza.

After dinner we went to an indoor amphitheatre with geometric glass panels, designed for the performing arts, to see 'The Tempest', Shakespeare. It was good, performed by yr8's of the local college. It was a bit confusing though, because e.g. they had 4 kids playing a part, and sometimes the costumes were different, but overall it was pretty good, with some characters having any two costumes and 4 kids changing. Why is everyone so tall? O.O, to me only one girl truly looked like she was 14.

The Amphitheatre at Night, from the Outside

@ Monday, August 08, 2011

Things that make me happy include: Winning! ^^.
I won a double pass, one of ten, to Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. Though probably not that many people entered honestly. Some people never enter these online things cause the chances of winning is low, but in a way that's not true. I've won quite a few things including: $90 Movie Gift Card, Nail Polish, x2 Vampire books (sold one, trying to sell the other), a calender, creams, make-up stuff. It's better to have a chance, be it 1/500 rather than not have a chance at all.

Didn't really sleep last night, and as a result was the only one who finished the 8 Millennium Goals notes, it's a trick, the first couple goals only take a page, then one of the last ones is like two and a half pages. Took about 6 hours total. Had an hr nap - but does it count when you dream you are still working. I lasted till 4.30pm - then crashed. 

Once again in trouble, same issue part one. It's all about interpretations. Apparently I wrote an offensive note that ruined ms hoh's day (asking her about changing sides) - and she got in the morning cause I'd left it on her desk on Friday. She just wants it dealt with this maths, this is the formula/rule, you apply it, don't ask why. Me: Why? O.O E.g. If you tell me not to go into the change room tell me why! E.g. There's blood all over the floor - there really was. Still don't know what was going on. She hasn't changed sides, but rather accepting the decision from above. It's not them, the college, it's her. Each person has a different view and interpretation, and hence the college cannot be sued as no one really represents it - unless you're saying it's responsible for it's employees. Everyone's an individual, one is not for all. She's accepted the decision and a bit meh about it, still she does not say that she was/is bias, only that the final decision was made by someone more "liberal" (thesaurus says it possibly means more generous) but my interpretation meant "in the middle, consider only the fact and not take sides - like a judge". And she still stand for "no comment" on the issue (meaning she says I'm not allowed to tell ANYONE about this - w/o a reason, maybe cause they'll see she's bias and make her look bad)?

Didn't have time during the weekend to buy snacks, so I went out to lunch today. The dangers of earphones (I swear I wasn't blasting it - it's one of those noise eliminating ones) - you don't hear what's going on around you (physical enviro) someone could come up behind you and you wouldn't hear it. Fortunately that didn't happen, but now I know for next time. Mr health was calling me, but I didn't hear him till he was about a meter away (I'm so glad I wasn't singing XD), due to the college's request that bus stop has been removed (though it's still physically there) because of buses and lack of parking (that part the office lady explain later, after I suggested a petition - because a lot of people use that stop).

Lunch. 75mins, there and back, eat while waiting for tram. Got 1/4 chicken and salad, no chips. And a big bag of wholegrain grain waves (healthy chips) for my car, and a packet of "Loacker Bite Size Wafer Cookies" ^^. On sale for $2 a pack. They're Italian designed, made in Austria, and have no artificial colour/preservatives. I got the Tiramisu one, after a long debate. They also have them in Vanilla, Original (choc) and Dark choco, I'm yet to find the Lemon one everyone's been raving about. 

 Loacker Bite Size Wafer Cookies

While at lunch, I came upon a bookshop that sold some books I've come across before like "Bright Young Things" (by the author of 'The Luxe' series, which I loved!) and it's at a great price. I shop at bookdepositry and that's around $14, here it's $5 a book for $8 for two. Might come back another day.
It's a great series. I'm up to the 3rd book - on hiatus atm though due to exams.

Crashed around 4.30pm, after an intense session of updating bm notes. The coffee machines were all out and the closest place was a french restaurant someone I've never been, so I left. Went shopping, hunted for those Lemon Wafers. Was going to go to the gym but we had a transport issue. After many hours of research and lists, I had the perfect make-up routine - and then I discovered organics, and now it's just so hard... So we've decided to see a dermatologist - as my skin recently went spaz and is now dry rather than combo. I did buy a weekly scrub though, "St Ives Apricot Scrub, Blemish Fighting", it has lots of good reviews. E.g.

@ Sunday, August 07, 2011

I'm am filled with anger and hatred, and see one thing: justice/revenge. After all revenge is sweet.

Not having a good day. Spent the weekend doing everything but work. I do have a note from the doc excusing me from work this week - but still... I still can't think creatively :(. Will do bm and health hw though. Seeing ms hoh tomorrow still about part 1 cause she changed sides (neutral to the other side) and it confuses me, and kills any chance of a media story. I don't trust her...

@ Saturday, August 06, 2011

Went to the doc and he prescribed: intense exercise... Had a blood test - it hurt! Testing for allergy I think. Went to college, it took almost 2hrs to get there, after the tram was delayed by some moron who appeared to have fallen asleep at the wheel, resulting in being 2mins late - and missing the bus. It takes a train, tram and bus to get to college on weekends. Wrote an essay on +ve & -ve of blogging. Something glitched and it printed 11 times. Got 8 +ves (pro-social, community/follower support, unbottling issues and discussion them) and about 6 -ves (mainly lifestyle related things with a splash of stalkers on the side).

The next bus was an hr away so I took the train. Went near a police station, and stopped by to check the laws on theft. Conclusion: If the college doesn't question the girls, we will. But other than that no proof/witness = no case. While I was there, there was a girl reporting a death O.O she had found a guy in the bathroom - dead - with a needle in his arm (drugs). Took a tram, it went to the end stop like the other day, by the beach. From there I wait about an hr for the bus and got home at 7.15pm.

I have a confession to make. I couldn't resist, and there was no subway in sight so ... I bought the chicken and chips meal from McD :(. I love their fries ^^, got the small size (which I heard they're going to make half the size, as a compromise for using healthy-ish oil). Last year (the last time I ate McD) I ate two large fries... It was either eat it or throw it out - and there weren't any of those cute McD chip eating birds around. Needless to say I felt sick after that. The chicken burger was ok, nothing I'd buy again though. I do love the Fillet-O-Fish though ^^. With the chips I recall mr bio '10 saying he was surprised it didn't come out the other end just like when you bought it - we watched a video on a guy experimenting, seeing how long it takes to mould (McD) compared to a fish/chip shop the "normal" burger.

It looks like there's a genius who has conducted a study on McD fries,
and shares a very complex recipe.

@ Saturday, August 06, 2011

Shouldn't it be "in", not "on"? A case of lost in translation I think.

Sid the Late Show's Rabbit @ Saturday, August 06, 2011

Sid the Late Late Show's Rabbit
A cute, yet vulgar white rabbit with a North London accent.
He's so funny XD.

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