11 Causes and Cures for Procrastination @ Friday, September 30, 2011

11 Causes and Cures for Procrastination

Here are 11 common causes of procrastination and corresponding tips to help you find the pace you’re looking for:

* Complicated-task anxiety: Break big, complicated tasks into smaller pieces. Complete a starter task, no matter how small.

* Fear of imperfection: Accept that perfection is rarely attainable and seldom necessary. You’re a person, not a robot. Use the 80/20 rule whenever appropriate.

* Indecision: Determine your decision-making criteria, then set a deadline for your decision. Ask a friend to hold you accountable.

* Priority confusion: Distinguish obligations from options. What are you really responsible for? List and prioritize tasks.

* Boredom from minutiae: Automate simple repetitive tasks whenever possible.

* Lack of focus: Minimize distractions. Check e-mail and voicemail only twice per day instead of every 5 minutes. Find a quiet room where you can concentrate. Resist the urge to keep taking breaks.

* Poor organizational skills: Clean your work area. Put tools and utensils in their proper place so you can find them when you need them.

* Laziness: Remind yourself of the consequences of procrastination. Resist the urge to be a couch potato. Try to complete several small tasks to provide a feeling of accomplishment. Reward yourself.

* Lack of energy: Maintain a regular sleep routine. Eat healthy. Exercise regularly. Do not skip breakfast.

* Early morning lag: Before you stop working each day, make a list of the tasks you want to begin first thing the following morning so you can hit the ground running the next day.

* Post-lunch fatigue: Before leaving for lunch, make a list of the things you plan to do when you get back so you can pick up where you left off. Avoid eating a heavy lunch.

@ Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Restricted to spending the day indoors and out of sight - I'm sick :(, major allergy reaction to a cream I used yesterday afternoon. It's red, horrible, and feels like plastic but at the same time burns and is itchy - but I can't touch it. I'd get a refund - except fortunately it was a sample.

"A'kin Unscented 24-Hour Pure Moisture is for sensitive, allergy prone and fragile skin", what they means is it will result in extra sensitive itching/burning skin, with allergy levels as high as a kite. And it appears I'm not the only crazy allergic person to their products.

The Offender

Last night we went to see Jenny Wynter's amazing one woman show: The Unexpected Variety Show. A fabulous comedic musical theatre show with improv. Wow, she can hold notes for a very long time O.O The show was amazing! The show is a story told through song, improv and great acting. Highly recommended, maybe not quite a family show though XD. Here's a better review than mine.

"The word suggestion for last night’s improv song (if I haven’t already told you, before the show the audience writes down words into a suggestion bucket for one of my characters to choose from to create a spontaneous song mid-show) was “testicles."" - Jenny.
Oh dear... Guess who wrote that word (not me btw XD).

                                                                      Jenny Wynter

Edit: Lovely. Blogger glitched and I just lost half a post!

I wrote about a storm, reports, and a Burberry tie that arrived in the mail. This v, but in pink.

@ Monday, September 26, 2011

Prompted by an ebay issue (item arrived broken) and the need to upload imgs, I finally got the before and after shot of my corsage (it was perfect! ^^).

Before & After - Fresh & Dried
April & September
(Ignore the difference in lighting. Wasn't intentional. I hope it's not rotting in the inside...)

@ Monday, September 26, 2011

Why you should actually go through the titles/senders of your junk/spam mail: for unknown reasons somethings emails from the gov go to spam instead of inbox. I found out I won double passes to two shows in my spam box O.O :). It's from a gov dep hence legit though. Also please do check what you're sending and to whom. Accidentally sent the wrong message to the wrong person (two emails open at the same time, working on replies). Tickets to a one woman comedy show - which looks great, more details after the show. And another double pass to a women's circus, sadly I don't feel safe going there. Google says up to 5yrs ago it wasn't safe (that town), and we did a case study in law about it, and how there were many stabbings (guns are hard to get here) at the station. Someone on a forum said it's not somewhere you go out at night, not safe... There's lots of public housing in the area, and an average low SES. Anyway, this (ignoring the stuff about the area) is an example of how you do win sometimes when you enter competitions, to all those who say "I never win", it's better to have a chance than none.

Had my last law test today! :) So glad it's over, only got the exams left. I discovered it is possible to fit a chapter onto half a A4 page O.O write small, leave no spaces (lines, not btw words) and use colour for headings and sub-headings. There are people hanging around college, though they're semi-closed this week. Mail ^^. Package from Singapore. A mask was inside :), but it was broken :(, but still can be used, in an art project.

Grad Breakfast. Nominated themes: 90s & Rubik Cube. I didn't suggest that... What is 90s fashion? O.O All that's coming up is the tv show 'Friends'. Wiki says:
anti-fashion, "anything goes" clothing approach which continues throughout the 2000s and 2010s. Most of the fashion trends of the 1990s were based around the Casual style, such as blue jeans and the T-shirt
O.O... It ended up being the voted theme. Cause the Rubik involved exchanging clothing to be a solid Rubik colour (note: low chances of getting your clothes back) XD, plus isn't that a tad but invasive? Though with the Rubik idea I could have gotten an amazing handbag (for the theme).

 I love my idea, I do love all things dress-up. 50s (think Hairspray), or even better 20s/30s, with Underbelly Razor being recently (in mths) released, that would be mafia. That would have been amazing... I'd love to have a mafia dinner party - all the neighbours would go O.O XD.

Looking forwards to the end of exams, not so much the result, but the summer - or rather what I'm doing during the 2.5mth break. Others are going traveling, holidays with friends (I still do question who is paying for it, since most of us don't work), or moving interstate/overseas for their next step in life. Meanwhile I'll be taking up classes, and doing things I've always wanted to do. Like going to the beach at the end of the road (the college is on a long road, and at the end is a theme park and beach).
At the moment signing up for...
  • finishing school (2 week full time)
  • ballroom, on Sunday afternoons  
  • volunteering gift wrapping for charity
  • volunteering at the Oxfam shop

Glee is back ^^, and great as always. My favourites piece from this week was Hairspray's You Can't Stop the beat, I can't sing it though, because it's too fast for me - much like the song we're singing at the wedding... The glee version has a slight alteration on the words and starts off - musical term fail moment - slowly then gets upbeat. Musical Version - Hairspray & Glee Version.

The other piece I loved was Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do, starting Lindsay the a winner of that show recruiting new glee kids. Anything Goes is a great song, it from Cole Porter's musically 'Anything Goes', set in the 20s/30s I think. Saw it a few years ago, and J was on it. They also used the melody for a chocolate ad in 2005. Great concept. It's a Broadway shot with the main guy in a Cadbury purple suit. The lyrics include:
a picnic for rick,
a flake for jake
and a dream for jean
and everyone knows,
anything goes
with cadbury favourites 

It's not on youtube :(, probs due to copyright. But here's a media student's analysis of it.  

Love the choreography in the middle. ^^

@ Saturday, September 24, 2011

Went to 'Lord of the Fries' for lunch, after hearing lots of great reviews. The name is disturbing, as it's a pun on Golding's 'Lord of the Flies' which is actually a pig's head on a stick. And the story is about a bunch of school boys running around killing each other and stuff - after their plan crashes on the island (where there's no people). We studied it in 10th grade english and law, as a text and then as a society with no laws. The Simpsons did an episode on it called Das Bus

I ordered the kid's meal which was a mini ^^ burger, and small fries for $7. Failed to read: vegetarian. So what was the "beef" patty made out of? O.O It was sadly meh to bad, to me. Never again. The fries were decent, but sadly nothing out of the ordinary - Grill'd was/is better. It was a disappointment - except for the topping, which was Belgian-style (a variation mayo). Sadly there was no "Happy Meal" box, the burger came wrapped and in a paper bag, while the fries came in a box :), and all in a brown paper bag. No pictures cause I was [almost] late for class, didn't have the camera with me, there was no place to take pictures (it was TA only), and it reminded me of poutine, which I had too much of a couple weeks ago with jas.

@ Friday, September 23, 2011

We came 2nd last in house art :), why the ":)"? Because green house usually comes last. Why is it that some houses (e.g. red/yellow) pretty much always win? Oddly this time blue won, oh and green hasn't won the house cup since 1991 or maybe even before (the old board was replaced in 1991). The task was too do/make anything that represented the founder. We cut up an A3 picture of the courtyard named "Founder X's quad" and had everyone stick a piece of it onto another page - like a puzzle, except they were all squares. Yes it was lame compared to the other houses - but the art people did spend a lot of time with the concept, points for effort? Yellow had the best piece of art work: a sculptor/bust of their founder.

Last day of term (for anyone not sitting finals in a month). Still got a big law test on Monday - the LAST one :). Mr health is psyched about no more health tests for the yr XD. I swear he's high on something, probably coffee (and life I'm told). Lots of traffic after the bell, buses going to the airport, lots of luggage. 

They're planning a house night, and everyone has to bring food (and I don't mean go buy a $3 cake from Walmart). I first thought of the Croquembouchewhich jas wants as his wedding "cake". I call it dessert, but not a wedding cake. Then this...

Macaron Tower
I'm having one of these at the wedding. After these two ideas we decided to be realistic and create the list of limitations:
- no oven
- easy to transport - via public transport, I don't drive
- costs <$10
- bonus points for having green in it (if it's not mold)
- resist the halloween theme

Back to realisim we got 3 ideas.

1. Teacups - nice, yes. easy to transport? no. fail (I just wanted to post the picture XD)
Ingredients: Tic-toc, marshmallow, musk lifesaver and a freckle

2. Chocolate Crackles

3. Caramel Treats

That smile... I shall call it the knowing smile, though I have no idea what it's called. It's so ... it's the one where you do/say something and someone smiles, but it's one of those smiles that says something. But then of course whenn you ask them about it they say nothing XD. In this case I think he was saying "OCD... XD"

@ Thursday, September 22, 2011

Case Study: Rose. To me Rose is a strong character alone or within her group, but when she's in the social world she's quite a weak character, a bit of a doormat. But she is working on it. E.g. the model (he's tall O.O 195cm) from health after seeing her notes (people hang around the printer, in prac exam mode) asks for a copy. He could have taken them, but didn't, because he was the only other person in the room taking that class, hence it would be obvious - that or he's just not like that, it's unknown. A (a reliable source) says he's in the popular group, and hence does not talk to lower life forms. He seems nice, but not genuine.

This is a classic example that [most] people only talk to her when they want something from her. But seriously?! It's not right to ask someone for a copy of their notes (except the teacher), and maybe the exception of your friends. Friends trade (e.g. A), best friends might let you have it for free (e.g. Lucy, though she probably already ate it XD). Random person in your class response: they'd probably say no or "go jump in a lake". In my head I would say "Seriously?" and walk off. And in my head a rant starts, what makes you think that I'd give them to you? Do your own work. 

So what did Rose do? Being Rose and attempting to be nice, she oddly proposes a trade, but then realizing that she's actually done the work hence needs nothing from others cancels that, and says she's consult mr health on whether she should give him the notes or not. He says mr health will say no. Rosie says she'll see. She leaves the stage. Comes back a few minutes later. [The audience knows that she did not go see mr health.] And says mr health says all the info is in the two books, but didn't actually say yes/no. Though no is implied.     

Rose Silverstein

@ Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Got bruised knees :(. Fortunately it pretty much only hurts if I look at it - or cross my legs... In my own little world when the bus screeches and slams into the back the car in front of us, I was thrown against the window by something other than gravity. What happened? idk.  All I saw/heard was the bus screeching and the bit where it hit the car. A witness said the car came from the side street (we being on the main), doesn't see the bus coming, and as a result the bus didn't stop in time. It was a silver car, with a small boot. The back was the car was totally dented - a lot. There were 3 little kids in the back, no one got hurt (except me, the car and the bus). The bus wasn't really dented, though the right part of the window had massive cracks in it. No broken glass everywhere though - not from the bus anyway. Outside it rains, lovely. While waiting for a replacement bus we get soaked. An hr-ish later we get to class. Total time spent traveling: 2hrs, leaving at eight. 

It's Ian's b'day today. The relationship is currently undefined, though it does look a bit more like on the negative side. Sent him a b'day text, with a hint it's from me; a line from a poem I wrote in a b'day card for him a few years ago.  

@ Monday, September 19, 2011

Things that Make Me Stress:
- late (20 mins) bus when I need to be somewhere at a certain time
- things not going to plan (Plan A & B fails)
- OW not having the exact or remotely similar pink highlighter I need
Goal: to be more flexible than currently (flexibility of a steel rod XD)

Was sick on the weekend, low level of productivity. Another test done :), only law and health left. Died on the weekend. Had that thing where every noise drove me crazy and hurt my head e.g. the humming of the computer, the neighbour hammering next door, people talking. :( I hate that.

Still feeling a bit grossed out from health, and it appears I'm not the only one. We didn't need to know the difference between a miscarriage and stillborn, they both result in the same thing: dead baby. Before that Mr Health talk about some STD/I while looking at me (pretty sure it doesn't mean anything - he's nice) but I still totally freaked and had the urge to throw something at him XD, and no I don't have whatever he's talking about. Meanwhile the soccer/model/2m tall guy behind me is like "eww..." and everyone thought it was hilarious (the STD/I, not me). Mr Health comments on our level of maturity (0) XD.

The bus was 20mins late hence I was late for my next class and as a result had dinner 2hrs later. And the class ended later than expected causing me to miss two trains. Got a pink retractable huge pink highlighter for less than $1 O.O, funny thing, mr health was asking to borrow a highlighter, but he didn't like mine cause it was the "perfect size" (for me), and too small for his hand XD. Went to a grilled burgers place for dinner. Had the "mini me meal", which was small fries (some were perfect), a beef burger with cheese/tomato, and a juice ^^. It was the perfect size for me, though for the boys they'd want at least two kids meals each - or just order a normal massive burger. And the kid's meal came with an activity sheet and cute colouring pencils (the same type you get on the plane). Finally got home at 10pm.

"Mini Me" from Grill'd

30 Days of Fashion & Beauty @ Friday, September 16, 2011

As a part of the '30 Days of Fashion & Beauty' Yearly Event, we went to an event XD. They're hosted by fashion magazines and had some demonstrations of incorporating catwalk/editorial into every day, did your make-up, give advice and things like that and gave away magazines. I was reading an article by Genelle, a 7/11 survivor who was trapped from 23hr under rubble, and on top of a fireman (he died) who was trying to help everyone. :( And I got that chill that you get when you feel freaked out.
I was very tempted to get my face done, but didn't cause I'm allergic to the unknown (possibly) and I was in uniform (private colleges have uniforms, and according to the rules if you get caught e.g. someone took a picture, doing something wrong e.g. wearing MU, in uniform you'll be in detention.) The best part of the event was gift bags or as everyone else calls them "goodie bags". I LOVE these bags ^^, and have gotten one a few years ago when I went to a premier of 'The Devil Wears Prada' (I'm not counting the bags you get with magazines sometimes and the ones you get from career expos).

A lot of events for the first 50 that show up (with registration) received these bags. Next year I do plan on going to more of them ^^. Here are a couple of what other people received. Pandora was a sponsor of the events and donated things, there was an event where girls got rings, and one in the picture, of something unknown - but nevertheless Pandora! 

1. Sophia from Everyday Like This
2. The Concealer
3. Elisa from Elisa Bianchini
3. Lovely Lighting, (ignore the glare from light).

Mine - I can't seem to achieve the same effect as above :(
Though I did get more stuff ^^.

@ Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last round of testing (till exams) commencing, very busy with that. Not much interesting has happened. We practiced walking on stage for grad, I don't want my picture on the extra wide screen tv for everyone in the hall to see... I was having a bad skin day when it was taken. Had the last eng test today, maths yesterday; business monday, legal thu and health fri. After that is a week of prac exams, revision, and more prac exams (140+).

Went to an informal Italian Bristo for dinner with jas (probably won't see him again till after nov exams/or till the next play XD). He had Gnocchi Carbonara, which he said was alright; while I had the Chicken and Mushroom Risotto, it was nice :), except the mushrooms... I don't like mushrooms.

Last play at college: Woody Allen's Death. A one act comedy.
"A maniacal killer is at large and Kleinman is caught between conflicting factions with plans on how to catch him. Kleinman, a logical man in a mad world, is indecisive and insecure; he doesn't want to get involved but everyone is after him to make a choice. He is even accused of being the culprit. When Kleinman confronts the maniac (who looks no different from anyone else), he is stabbed. Everyone rushes off to pursue the still elusive killer."
The way they did it made it look like 2 characters were the killer, gangs, madness, Qs about the universe + reincarnation, and the killer is the one to say "the killer is [insert location here]" . It was good, but sadly nothing out of the ordinary. And we did feel the main character, Kleinman was himself - but with a NYer's accent. Fav character: Anna, appears to be his sister or wife, not very clear.

A new take on Comedy/Tragedy Masks.

@ Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Today didn't go to well :( Been sick lately and as a result missed half the maths classes for the area the big test is on tomorrow, funny thing, didn't miss THAT many classes for other subjects... Spent 6-7hrs on the weekend on health tables, dreamt about it too.

Theatre on Thurs with jas ^^ (if he remembers, things won't go so well if I get tickets and he doesn't turn up...). I can actually start to see why people hate the character I'm playing, Rose. She tries to be nice and all, but the people don't treat her well, e.g. only talk to her when they'll gain something from it. And why don't they treat her well? Because she lets them walk all over her, like a doormat. e.g. "lining" up to buy lunch, there is no line. to get to the front you need to push. Rose doesn't like that are is also demophobic. She attempt to stand in "line", while other people push in front of her. She acts like she's fine with it. Is she really? By the time she actually gets to the counter, there's one left of the thing she wanted to buy. A boy pushes in from the left and buys it. She has a breakdown, hides in her locker where no one will find her, though she does know almost no one cares. Later on she ends up taking 1hr trip to the town to buy lunch, and ends up spending 1.5hrs on that in total - when she could have pushed everyone out of the way like others and acted like a barbarian.

No wonder inside a psycho-manic is in the creating.

The Diagnosis: inability to stand up for one self
Possible Solutions & Analysis:
a. tell the teacher, yeah ok, but it's happened everytime and it's not just one person, it practically everyone, plus by the time they're there that person is gone
b. push [back], congratz on joining the lower life form
c. tell them POLITELY that you were there first, really? they'll just tell her to go f herself or something similar, note this is a village of barbarians we're dealing with
d. leave campus, chance of a emergency evacuation being med-low, spend an hr traveling to the nearest town and back, not including buying/eating time - why is the nearest thing a cafe that only sells brunch and coffee?! 

@ Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Summer Rolls with Peanut Sauce ^^.

@ Saturday, September 10, 2011

After eng class we went to have dinner with jas. NY Pizza! BBQ Chicken 1/2 + the Special. I always get BBQ C XD. Most of the other toppings have ham, bacon or pig in some form. We also had poutine (hot chips + gravy + cheese), it was nice - but nothing I'd get again, though it is better than the ones at Lord of the Fries. Dessert. I love dessert! We had macaroons (wasn't in a cake or ice cream mode, though we did consider cheesecake...). Why are they so $$$?! :( Last time we got them they were $2.50, now they're $3 and that's less than 6mths gap. But they are very nice ^^.

We had the engagement ring discussion: If you get engaged and then break up do you return the ring or not? 
Me: If you're made at him then no. But you kinda should that thing cost $30k+ (I heard it's meant to be 3mths of pay, but I'm not sure if that's before/after tax + day to day expenses). Possible reasons for the 3mth "rule": 1. obviously they want you to spend more (the industry) 2. you've thought about this for 3mths and you're certain you want to go through with it
Jas: If the guy breaks it off you get to keep the ring. (He reckons 1 caret = $400. Google says no.)

It turns out the "L'Occitane - 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream" is really good but perhaps not worth every penny. I'm not fond of the scent, esp when I also wear cuticle cream at the same time, all those smells just make me feel sick. jas seems to like it so I gave it to him, awaiting his review (thu, if he remembers to use it).  

Things aren't always what they seem... @ Saturday, September 10, 2011

Very true.

"...there’s the truth, and there’s THE TRUTH!” - Lionel Hutz ("law talking guy")

Lovely. Just lost a post. About a novety rainbow umbrella that came w/o a "novety only" warning. And a funny map of how the average american sees the world.


@ Friday, September 09, 2011

A month of testing, the last round till exams! So busy. Got legal test tomorrow, maths & eng the week after, and business & health in the last week. They'll planning graduation, and I'm not sure I want to go to grad dinner, as:
a. I don't have any friends at this college
b. social event - friends = boring
c. it's $120, same price as going to broadway

Went to another dr and she said I'm fine, just need some shots (6!) had two today and it f-ing hurt! More than a blood test. Taking the rest as liquid. Found a place with "good" coffee this afternoon, by good I mean it works! 6hrs and still going :) Compared to Saturday's .5hr.

It was a cafe near college, the cloest one, and they had carrot cake ^^.

@ Sunday, September 04, 2011

Things aren't always what they seem. Try it before you buy it! Finally had a chance to wear a Victorian style beaded necklace I bought a few months ago. Looks great, but it's tight, uncomfortable and suffocating (but not enough to pass out). I fell asleep at some point and had a dream of being strangled. This necklace is nice but no, also parts of it fall off easily.

Today we went for Yum Cha for lunch. It was nice. I didn't like most of the dishes though :(. After that we went to the garden shop, had cappuccino (it was nice ^^) with father. Home. Crashed. Had a dream about being strangled. 8pm. Dinner. Dailies. Work.

Har Gao - Prawn Dumpling

That ^ is my fav dish at yum cha, sadly at the nearest dumpling place it's 3 pieces for $6. One day I shall learn to make these. We had a bunch of other dishes, mostly with prawn in some form, and there was something like cow fat (they use that in jelly) O.O, definitely did not try that. For dessert they had egg tarts, chocolate cake with sauce (got put off that by the waitress - sorry), creme brulee, something with strawberries and Tofu Fa (Beancurd in Syrup). I would love to go to a 3 course dessert restaurant XD. The adults had the tofu dish while I had the amazing creme brulee (picture to be uploaded, next round). Sadly there were more (a lot more) savory dishes than dessert. The thing I don't like about yum cha is that they give you a "score card" with small, large, deluxe, supreme and super supreme, and as you choose the dish they mark off a number for which pricing scheme it's under. So you don't actually really know how much each dish costs. Other than things like all small dishes cost $3.50 each, large $4.50, etc. But you don't actually know.

Edit: The har gau costs $6.90.

@ Sunday, September 04, 2011

I finally uploaded the pictures on the camera, 800+ of them (300 for  project). :)
These are from a photo shoot we did, the theme was unknown XD, more spontaneous and not me. And there was an amazing balcony - I love balcony shots.

Craft Sale (30c Letter). Beyonce's Heat (it's amazing!). Medea (a play, nut house + crt room). 
A lace clutch (that matches a top I have). Chocolate Diary. M&W Travel Mug. 
CK $50 Knit Set (Scarf/Hat/Gloves). "N" brooch. A pot of glitter. 

I finally figured out how to make a collage ^^ (and not using paint). Just upload your pictures to photobucket, and go edit. Or you can use picnik (that's better but you need to pay) where you can move the pictures around on the grid. On pb you have to reload that. 

@ Saturday, September 03, 2011

Not much has happened this week. I was meant to see 12th Night (again) with jas, but he didn't turn up, because we were talking about two plays and he thought it was one. Mr Eng & Legal decides that we should start practicing writing everything and has banned typing work (except collecting info/research), because the eng exam is 3hrs, for 3 essays. Mr health continues to act like he's mad at me, idk why and it could be just something else so better not ask. Though he's still nice and answers lots of Qs. Natalie (one of the those girls who's only nice to you when she wants something), pretty much said I'm odd XD, when she said I knew random facts, and not in an impressed tone. Good thing she wasn't there when we had to do on the spot speeches and my topic was schizophrenia XD. We were discussing the Universal Rights thing, and one is that no one can be imprisoned without legit reason. And I said that in Burma they can imprison you for 5yrs w/o a reason or trial, as they did with Aung San Suu Kyi. The rules are more of guidelines for the ideal world, like the pirate code.

I didn't think we were that good (but then simple plot + music = it's better than it seems) for house dance/drama, but I didn't except us to get last place O.O. Why is it always green that comes last? (except in swimming sports once, where ms hoh cries cause we won). The guy playing the phantom of the opera pretty much knew nothing about it, and decided the costume would be just a white shirt, jeans, red tie and mask. No cape and rose. The costumes for all the teams where a bit on the fail side. The judge said for next yr have better costumes and props. With the dancing it wasn't anything special, compared to the other teams, one did break dancing. The winning house was yellow, but we didn't get to see their thing cause we were backstage on next. The genius who had a line before decided to improvise instead of going with the script and said my line, and then everyone paused waiting for me to say the line and I said her line, it was better than not saying anything. Hence the order was stuffed up. And then between the 1st and 3rd scene we lost a couple of people along the way, and lost points for that. It's funny how people are seemingly nice to your face, but then you know they talk about you. One of the captains decided to suggest I be the "special one" and wear a cape over the uniform (the costume was a Von Trapp uniform).

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