@ Monday, October 31, 2011

Something someone said the other week I found a bit "O.o", she said "humans need physical contact to develop." After googling a bit I found a study on it, there was one about orphans in an orphanage, and how they weren't touched (not in a wrong way btw) as kids are grow up with social/psychological development failure.

More stuff here and this is a great article (ignoring the spacing and layout design). Another fascinating article, Physical touch affects emotional mood. A sermon on the importance of touch.
...touch deprivation in infants is correlated with failure to thrive in early development, along with future aggressive and antisocial behavior (Bonitz, 2008)

I found an amazing ebook, which you can buy. It's about Juan Mann's free hugs campaign. He felt sad one day, and gave random strangers hugs. And then other people started having signs for free hugs in public areas. The book is about Mann's journey, and hugs, a mission for 10,000 signs to allow him to continue free hugs, as some odd council person said he can't give free hugs, something about being a public liability. And it also has info + pictures about different types of hugs ^^.

From the ebook:

The Importance of Hugs

Touch is one of the most important of our five senses. Without it we feel detached from the people around us. It is one of the first senses we develop in the womb. One of the most commonly accepted forms of touch among people is also one of the first experiences we have in the world.

A hug!

There is no better way to understand the importance of hugs than to be deprived of them. For those who have experienced a deprivation of hugs, you will know how important they are to share.

In those dire moments of hug deprivation even one hug can be enough to cheer you up.
Research by US psychologists Karen Grewen and Karen Light has shown that when people hug the brain releases the chemical oxytocin. This encourages social bonding, increases our willingness to trust and decreases fear. It has also shown that hugs are great for your heart. A study was conducted that measured the heart rates and blood pressure of two groups of people, a group of huggers and a group of non-huggers. Those who went without hugs were found to have a higher blood pressure and resting heart rate in comparison to the group of huggers, who had noticeably healthier results.

In 1995 a pair of prematurely born twins were being cared for in hospital. While one of the twins seemed quite healthy, her sister was suffering. After trying a range of medical approaches, the nurse on duty, Gayle Kasparian, placed the twins in bed together. The twins immediately snuggled up to each other. As one placed her arm around the other, the frail infant’s health began to improve. You can never underestimate the power of a hug!

The need for hugs doesn’t disappear as we grow older, though it seems we are less willing to give them. Research on people of all ages has proven that a hug is essential for physical and emotional well-being.
Without hugs we can become sad, withdrawn and depressed. A hug provides solace, safety and tenderness. A hug provides us with social contact, an overall sense of wellbeing and a feeling of importance and belonging.
An interesting board on the topic of touch.

@ Saturday, October 29, 2011

One long unproductive week. First exam: english, on thu. In the last prac exam I wrote 7.5 pages and didn't know what I was on about. My mind has been foggy ever since, I can't think clearly. Health notes 99% completed, just need to edit a sentence or too. I was printing when the library closed (one button turns off all the power in the building). Wednesday night, will be when it's going to be made into a book. Mr Health loves them (the notes), and said something else but I don't think I was really listening as I don't really believe him, being a perfectionist. He's being extra helpful this week (not that he was ever like "come back "tomorrow"" unlike someone...). Health exam in two weeks...

It was 'Pink Ribbon' day yesterday, so the theme was pink XD. The person who came up with the ribbon idea is brilliant. Next yr there is no uniform :(, it's so very hard to decide everyday. So someone proposed having a box with bits of paper, as a random theme/colour/word generator for inspiration for what to wear e.g. yesterday was pink. But not any pink, it was a certain pink. A light but not too light pink. A few people wore pink, not everyone has something pink. Best dressed in pink: me - if we edited the outfit a bit. Not that we were allowed in the name of looking like a nun and covering as much skin as possible (not my fault btw, it's just enforced). I wore a white shirt, made of something soft, so that the collar didn't stand up and was floppy. For once the top button was done up XD, forgot to tell mr health to take a picture, as he's always the one and only one (except once) telling up to do the top button - which is not designed to be done up. It's odd that he does that, as he's not strict and as formal as the others. With the white shirt was a mid calf pink ribbon skirt (making me look shorter than I am), fishnets, and a massively long and wide Burberry signature patterned tie - but in the same pink as the skirt and ribbon. 

Spent the evening at the theatre, as I was helping out. Not exactly sure what to do, except stand at the doors, smile and give out "programs", a brochure with the plot summary and cast. The middle school was putting on Bugsy Malone, I was a bit lost on the plot... It's about kid gangsters with toy guns, and flappers (20s/30s dancers around in the gangster era). Some of the kids had great accents. It was good. 


10+ Things I Hate about this New Blog[ger] @ Saturday, October 29, 2011

10+ Things I Hate about this New Blog[ger]

1. Part of posts glitching and disappearing after saving draft and checking back.
2. A couple of my first posts don't appear on reader view
3. How do you set the default f_o_n_t? When you paste stuff the font goes to default, and after inserting pictures the f_o_n_t also goes back to default.
4. Alignment issues - it's hard to get it to change what you want.
5. I can't type the word f_o_n_t without html going wacko
6. In reader view bits and pieces of the blog are in default font. I hate TNR!
7. When you post, the time stamp is of when you posted it, not when you started typing it (unlike my beloved old blog).
8. After posting a picture, the f_o_n_t goes back to default.
9. Don't bother going back to edit posts, if adding pictures. Even with drafts, after you save with edits it goes wacko and out of order and changes font.
10. Spell check. It tells you part of words are wrong, becaues it doesn't see the first few letters!
11. Double spacing. Not shown when you're in edit mode, nor can you edit it later. Only seen in reader mode.
12. When you past text, it goes back to default.

The old blogger was easier to use!

I can't even post the stuff above cause of the word "eff o n t".

Grad Day @ Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Longest time I've been at college: 16.5hrs. (excluding boardings). Graduation Day. Pre-breakfast water fight. Breakfast. Rehearsals. Recess. Assemblies. Coffee. Work. Chapel. Dinner. Midnight. Bed. Crashed. 2pm. 5pm library. Missed some things I was meant to go to... e.g. see mr eng who will be annoyed I didn't turn up...

6.30am... I can't believe I actually got up for this. Boys running around in packs throwing water bombs at other groups. Chasing each other with buckets of icy water and water guns. There was a jumping castle challenge, tug of war and a Slip 'n Slide. While everyone got soaked I stood back and watched the boys tumbling, slipping and sliding, and falling XD. We came in costume, or for some stuck with the 90s (fashion disaster) look. A lot won't be getting their bond back. There was a group of ninja turtles, Wally (as in 'Where's Wally?'), an old man (no not from UP), Angela Anaconda, Mario & L., a purple Wiggle, a nun (sister act), a velvet witch, Suckerpunch girl, the powerpuff girls (in short shorts), B1 & B2 Bananas in Pajamas, and a Victorian goth.

Fruit Salad & Berry Yogurt Muesli & Chocolate Cupcake

Breakfast consisted of the usual American breakfast (bacon, eggs in various forms, toast, marmalade and hot cakes with maple syrup), but with fruit salads, choc/blueberry cupcakes, and berry yogurt muesli. After breakfast were group pictures, staring ms whisky the crazy cross sign making photographer. She's average, I could do the same thing... So why do they keep getting her? (other than ms hoh saying she doesn't charge to come here) - because she's so funny XD, we drive her nuts.

After breakfast were rehearsals for the final assembly. Walking into the hall, down the isle. Recess consisted of equally unhealthy foods as breakfast - if not more (no fruit). There was chocolate/carrot cakes, cookies and various slices. Drinks throughout the morning had the choice of: orange cordial, red (strawberry?) cordial, and lime green cordial. After the high sugar intake I had a headache.

The assembly went for ages. We walked down the aisle to a wedding piece, Clark's Trumpet Voluntary. That or it was Wagner's Bridal Chorus... Pretty sure it's the 1st one though. Lots of speeches. A group performed Elton John's Your Song ^^ (I love that song!), and another performed something not so well knows from Wicked. It ended with that piece I like that can't name... I've been trying to find out what it's called for yrs. The lyrics contained "sing for the people everywhere from strangers, friends and family...". Google says no. I was disappointed that it was not Bittersweet Symphony - the most epic ending song every! At the end of it we went to the big room, and everyone's 'rents & friend were there. So while everyone hugged and congratulated each other I went to the kitchen alone for mocha. It's one of those places that's amazing that no one (on campus) knows about - for unknown reasons. A small cafe everyone goes past but never notices.

Marvelous Mochas from the Kitchen 
P.S. That's not dust on the table, it was raining.

The boys have gotten to the fountain again, lots of foam everywhere. XD  Went back after coffee and did some work in the library, till chapel. Lots of talking, prayers and hymns. At the end was a candle thing, where everyone got a candle with the college's logo stickered onto it (would have been cooler if it was engraved in gold/silver) lit from a big candle that was lit at every chapel service since 19xy, we then lined a hallway while the boys tried to blow out the candles. 

Green on Green

After that we went to dinner at the S. Deco was minimal :(, with pretty much only flowers and table centerpieces (short but huge all green themed orchids/greenery). Not many pictures taken by me, as there wasn't much to take picture of, other than food.

The Setting...

... with these tables, in dimer lighting, with less interesting centerpieces...

...when it could have looked like this.

Disappointed on deco :(. Our main co-ed competing college's grad dinner deco was stunning. With balloons and streamers, and purple lighting.

Fortunately the dessert food made up for it partly. As always we started with bread rolls with butter. Entree was thinly sliced chicken, grated pickled veggies, and what to me was a variation of a piece of deep fried spring roll wrapping. The names under the pictures is what it's called on the menu.

Thai marinated Chicken,
Vegetable and Cucumber Salad,
& Lime & Chilli Dressing with Sesame Seeds

Mains came with two options (if you have a friend who wants to swap), there was either fish or lamb. I had the lamb (the dish was served like steak - with veggies and mashed potato) though the veggies was two very cute and small sweet carrots, that my Lucy would have loved. We were one of the last tables to be served, so I think they rushed it. I see no spinach, nor the decorative rosemary - and to me "vegetables" implies more than just two small carrots.  

Roasted lamb rump, fondant potato, sauteed spinach, seasonal vegetables and rosemary jus.

There is something wrong with the people around me... Pretty much no one eats dessert! Dessert was a platter with 6 assorted bites. There was something pastry, lemon tart, cheesecake, moose, and something else... The lemon tarts were fab! I had two, same with the white chocolate mousse in a chocolate cup topped with a small dollop of whipped cream, topped with a wedge of strawberry. I love dessert! *Paris–Brest is French dessert, made of choux pastry and a praline flavoured cream, sadly I didn't get to try that, because I felt a bit odd trying everything when no one was eating anything but cheesecake, that or they wandered off to go socialize.

Paris–Brest*, Passionfruit Cream Tartlet, White Chocolate Mousse Cup,
Blueberry Cheesecake, Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies 

Between mains & dessert we had presentations. Stand on stage and smile for 5mins while parents blinded you with flashes. Whatever happened to the photographers? - We didn't get them. After dessert was checking out $5 pictures taken by ms whisky throughout the day, and tea/coffee with chocolates. Coffee? To me coffee after dinner, inviting someone to come over for coffee was a suggestion we have a bit of fun at my place ;). So why would you have coffee at 10.30pm? O.O

No photoshop involved ^^.
At the end of the presentations, as we walked off stage we received a single white rose.

Each student received a gift a pen, and in a faux wooden (hard cardboard) box with the college's logo printed on it. Boys got ties, girls got scarves. It's navy with odd colour scheme stripes on the side. Graduate colours? I thought the box was cooler than the scarf.
At each table a mother got to take the centerpiece home, but she didn't want it or forgot, and I ended up getting it ^^.  It's very... green, and big. Might add a picture later, it's on another camera.

Had a nice evening, minus the social awkwardness. I do wish my friends were there, not just the evening, but throughout the day. I didn't see A... I thought the event was compulsory? I remember she said she didn't know who to sit with (same here), but we were seated in houses (think HP).

Home @ Midnight. Mail ^^.  Colour Riche Nutribalm by L’Oréal Paris in 01 Nudy Pink. It's shinny ^^, has glitter and is moisturizing (so far). The only con is that I could have gotten it in a darker, rose pink - that and it comes off easier e.g. coffee cups. But then with this pale pink (not much colour) I can wear it to college.

L’Oréal Paris's Colour Riche Nutribalm - 01 Nudy Pink

@ Saturday, October 22, 2011

Went shopping the headpiece for the breakfast. Three shops, with two on 50% sales, and one decently priced. I found an amazing mini top hat with a rose and veil, on a headband, for $35 at Target, the last one ^^. And then Equip, and found a red/black pill box one. I think the top hat is more suited to the theme, the is completely black. With the pillbox, though it's modern (30s-60s), there's a colour splash, red. And I might be wearing a red shirt, under the corset. This one is $25 (50% off), if you join their club.

For T's b'day we went to an asian restaurant, and I had 'Grilled Beef Wrapped in Wild Betel Leaves with Vermicelli' I love it ^^. Here's the recipe. And I had lightly sparkling water - O.O tastes like water + panadol.

Sprinkled with Slightly Crushed Peanuts

A dog has no use for fancy cars, big homes, or designer clothes. A water log stick will do just fine. A dog doesn't care if your rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb. Give him your heart and he'll give you his. How many people can you say that about? How many people can make you feel rare and pure and special? How many people can make you feel extraordinary? - Marley & Me

@ Friday, October 21, 2011

Everyone's hyper and sneaking in cameras today, the (official-ish) last day. There were a few with the pro cameras too. I had my point & shoot, though didn't bring it to classes for group pictures. Everyone's really excited about leaving, though I don't really share that as I move ever yr, compared to kids who have been here 6+ yrs. Someone made bubbles in the fountain XD. And some boys attacked random people at the station with water bombs in uniform O.O.

First class was health. Card status: 100% perfect (though you could always have more glitter). Mr Health gave everyone a water bottle XD ("Bottle of Success"), though one person got a diff one cause he couldn't find 12 identical ones after going to a couple stores. And a scroll, with a poem (I think it's a poem?) with rhyming words in it. It was amazing - I fail at poetry and am not particularly a fan. The poem was about health, and exams. He said we were the best class (I think) and he enjoyed the yr. *Fail cue* I get up a few seconds too early, present the card, he likes it ^^ (unlike the last one, who didn't talk to me for a week after...). Awkward moment while he reads it (not out loud, though I'm pretty sure no one can resist what others wrote before them). Ends with hugs (or with me, a hug attempt) & handshakes, and group hug (for those who didn't run before they were pulled into it). That was awkward... I got out of it though :) He's wearing nice cologne today ^^ (slightly a bad item, as perfume + sport = rash).  Someone suggested getting him a Dalmation (his kid wants one) XD, and a girl said that'll be cool for like 24hrs, then it's just annoying :( What she really means is, that it's hard to look after, esp cause he's a busy person. Edit: He did buy her a Dalmation.

Card no. 2. Business. Initially I was only going to do a card for mr health, due to a previous bad exp - and because he's super nice, I'm glad I did them for other classes too. Timing was slightly better, though org was not, with three signing the card on the day. After the card he made his goodbye speech, though not as dramatic(?) as mr health - who's I suppose more friendly, does hugs - rare, in the profession. One of the boys, the potential model announced I organized the card O.O, (pretty sure mr bm would have seen the cards floating around all week) and he said ty ^^ (mr bm, not the model).

Last one. Legal. No goodbye speech - we instead got the "I'll be here all week month" part only. Mr eng isn't really one to get emotional, say we'll miss you and stuff. Timing fail. Involved me asking a girl to block the door, as everyone was attempting leaving after photos, this is the part where mr eng would have done the speech. He liked the card ^^ - I assume. 3/3 couldn't figure out how to open the card (it was inside a plastic wrap) XD, as it was on the side and not top, would have been the same if I've never seen it before. Overall the cards were a success. For the envelope, I was just going to write the name, but in the end made a monogram of the first letter of their name and put some silver glitter on it. To seal the envelope I stuck a gold star stick on the middle (with help from mr health - on how to seal it. As I think sealing it adds to the suspense, but results in a destroyed envelope).

Had the last house time. Where our buddies gave us these scroll wall hangings with the class' names. After that we walked out while everyone lined up, creating a passage and had to clap. That was awkward... And the day ended with a talk on doing the right thing (refer to the water bombs and bubbles above).

Monogram envelope. Mr Health's card. Bottle of Success. Bubbles in the Fountain.

On Monday we have grad breakfast, 90s theme (I going with 19th century corsets though), assembly, chapel and grad dinner. People are going in costumes, but mainly in groups. Starts at 6.30am... So very early... Will be needing lots of coffee. Ends at 11pm (after dinner). Searching for the perfect veiled fasinator as a headpiece for my "Modern Victorian" outfit.

@ Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why is it so hard to organize something so simple?! For the cards we've ditched the pictures cause most people "forgot" them that and the debate in legal. 1/3 Completed, just need half of business and part of legal + me to sign it. I have no idea what to write! Didn't realize everyone was doing a mini essay... In each card I stuck a post it, e.g. "Sign for Mr Health", and someone actually started off "Dear Mr Health..." that's not his name... XD Though I almost did the same thing, cause that's what I called him in the draft. His card is almost done, need to decorate the envelope (a simple, elegant, cursive monogram) and glitter bomb the inside ^^.

Had House Night, got home 9pm. Crashed. Closer. It was boring. Speeches, awards and socializing - which I don't do well with this group. In the "most likely to... namings" I got longest socks... though what I was really named was "la loser". Offensive? Yes. What happened to be most likely to be arrested or call the media? The marshmallow rice bubbles slice (a massive square cut into 36x 1 inch cubes) went well - but then again boys do eat anything & everything. e.g. 12 Dr. Peppers between 3 boys! I barely drink one an hour. It's an LCM bar - with less sugar. Ms hoh liked it ^^, though I kinda forgot marshmallow = gelatin = not vegetarian! She made the candy exam survival kit again ^^. Will be making LCMs again for Friday's round of parties.

Marshmallow Rice Bubbles Slice @ Wednesday, October 19, 2011

                      Marshmallow Rice Bubbles Slice

- 75g butter
- 6 cups rice bubbles (any brand, I swear they all taste the same, though not psychologically)
- 1 packet of marshmallows (mine was 150g)

1. Cube the butter, and cut up the marshmellows (into halves or quarters, depending on size)
2. Melt butter in a small saucepan, then add marshmellows
3. Stir over low heat till melted
4. Have the rice bubbles in a big bowl, make a well and pour mixture into
5. Mix it in, coating all rice bubbles
6. Spread in a pan, layered with baking paper
7. Decorate with a thin layer of chocolate, mini m&ms, chocolate chips or sprinkles (optional)
8. Leave in the fridge for 3hrs

@ Monday, October 17, 2011

Do you feel safe on public transport at night? Nope, not anymore I don't. There are too many odd people around - and by odd I mean the social outcasts, with regards to the behavioural determinate. Namely people who say they haven't eaten in days, living on the streets and asking for money - but when you offer to give them the address of the soup kitchen (free food for the homeless) they're like no...

After class, 8pm and after going to dinner (alone) on my way to the train station (2nd time taking this line), a women, 40-ish, looking like she's from PNG or slightly middle eastern, wearing a black jacket approaches me. Running wasn't an option, esp with the luggage. She said she was being abused (has bruises - though they do look self inflicted), went to the police and they said they'll arrest her husband tomorrow when she goes to the city station (umm... that's open 24hrs...), he took all her stuff, she's been living on the bench for days and has no food. She asks for food. Nice story. But you stink of alcohol. Fine, I'll play nice. I gave her a sandwich (in a Tupperware box - it was cut up into cubes), though she asked for money, which I said I had none.

Mr Legal '09-ish once said, when a homeless people asks for money, it's often for alcohol, do NOT give them money - you're not helping, give them a sandwhich - that'll also test if they're a liar, a scammer/con-artist.

I leave for the station - as I didn't think she'd follow, next time I'm going to hide in at a cafe. She later appears on a 2nd attempt to ask for money, I kinda ignore her. But two girls talk to her, playing concerned citizen. When the train comes I run for another carriage, and a lady who was on the platform also gets in, to avoid the woman in black. She then asks if I gave the woman money, and tells me they're a lot of weirdos around on the trains at night, and not to give them money. The sob story of the abusive husband and police not helping is a classic. We both hope that the woman would not come into the carriage we were in. Fortunately four officers were on the train, and soon arrived to check tickets, but amidst the issue of the woman they didn't and went to talk to her, she got off at the next station - and I hope that's the last we'll see of her kind.

A few months back, there was a guy on a weekend afternoon (daylight) train that was saying he was hungry and wanted money. A lady offered him an apple but he said no, I offered him the address of the soup kitchen, no interested. Just wants the money, for alcohol most likely. As a true homeless person, would take the apple and address.

Will not be taking late trains from now on. And will be learning to drive next year (though I will be avoiding steep roads). Jas always drives me to the station nearest to me (30mins away from him) and insists when I say I can take the train, perhaps this is the reason why he insists?

@ Saturday, October 15, 2011

Had the last speech night ever yesterday, didn't get back till around one. The day was spent working on health Qs, traveling to/from the place (2), practicing walking on stage, talking about ty cards, and going to a burger joint for the kid's meal great chips.

Saw mr legal at the speech rehearsal but not in class... Hence low productivity and high chatter. For the card signings messages I've given them to everyone (except one guy I think who wasn't there) in health, emailed to for eng, given all but 4 for legal and 3/x for business. Organization fail... Everyone's going along with it in health ^^ w/o debate so that's nice - unlike legal, where a girl suggests group picture, and I'm like yeah sure (translation: hell no, I planned this thing, it's freaking perfect, if you want to do a group picture you do it, I'll help take the picture but other than that I want no part in it).

I'm very annoyed, my idea was unique. Plus I look better not in class and in uniform. You're a different person in and out of class - or at least I am... You can't look good in class pictures, no strike a pose and gaze seductively at the camera, whilst using the emotion memory technique ;). At this point I'm just going to leave it, will attempt to get one done for eng (mr eng = mr legal). If she wants to do a class picture and sign that she can go ahead. It is not cool with me, even if I didn't throw a bitch fit then and there.

Someone should edit this gif...

I was right, mr health! The top button isn't designed to be done up, as confirmed by ms hoh, who tried to do it. Speech Night went for ages... 3hrs. Blah blah blah. Our part as the leaving yr was to walk in stage (60 sec max) in houses (groups of 40) stand poker face, bow and walk off.

Scarier than you think. As when you're standing around on the massive 3 screens behind you are mugshot profile pictures. I look like I'm on crack... but then so do a lot of people. Some people had their heads at odd angles, smiled too much (gums) or looked like they haven't slept in days (like me). Names are always amusing, the best being the Mr X-opolus, who's name was almost too long to fit in, and was 4+ syllables, I got lost after the 1st one XD.

While we walked the plank a piece the captain chose was played. Friends Theme.mp3 Kinda ironic. It's just a show for public img. As ms hoh said, we had the best piece ^^ (for the occasion), I didn't recognize the other 10+ house pieces. Though one house had "Bittersweet Symphony" I love that piece! But it only for dramatic scenes, or like in movies when it's an epic ending.

The Green Room
It's bigger than it looks, this part-ish has 1,000 seats.
Our Piece: Friends Theme.mp3 Kinda ironic. It's just a show for public img.

Today we had the last eng lecture, with the fabulous miss s - my fav eng lecturer (she gives 6hrs of hw atm...) and when compared to mr eng, he's seen as mr health (laid back, low stress, fun, no strict-ish). She's brilliant and funny. e.g. When describing her grandma she says she was one of those women who were always classy - though she was a bitch. Or. When she talking about science, and the only use for heads of science (though I do believe she was referring to a certain colleague) to marry them and get divorced later. She's especially funny when she talks about her boys (she's at a boys' college, one of the other elite colleges in the state) and does a funny voice - though she does point out none of them talk like that XD. She's also the person with no regrets after eating a tub of ice cream - and not the mini one serve, the L tubs, she esp like the really soft serve Walmart brand.

She was doing the lecture on conflict, and told us what we can't do (there's 3 options) and gave the structure! I love the structure. Mr eng takes the more do your own thing "write to your strengths", which I find difficult as Ian says I have the inability to think for myself to an extent... Though I don't have the right brain dominance of science/maths. 

@ Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Having a very high stress week with prac exams, missed the legal one and had almost no memory of Kotter for business, only that it involved 8 steps. For the 1st time ever I wrote 3 essays on 3 hours and my hand and neck hurt :(. I almost finished all 3, though on the last one I just made up the conclusion, poorly written and it was only two sentences.

We have a week and a bit left officially, including grad/ceremony/dinner and breakfast. But we're popping in and out during the week after that, then the 1st exam is on the 3rd Nov! :( I haven't 120% finished my notes, though most are ok and just need touch ups and such - except law where I'm missing 3-4 chapters.

Once again we are at another end-ish of semester (blogging since '09). And the question of thank you cards and end of yr gifts are on hand. So far I've planned class thank you card, I have 3/4 ready for signing. Initially I had them all, but then realized 12 people (health class) are going to have a hard time filling out an A4 card (unfolded), so now we're on the hunt for another smaller card. I have a smaller card, lovely design for mr business (who answered a lot of Qs today ^^) but is it wrong to get two people (who do talk to each other) the same card design? Perhaps not in guy world...  

Ideally I'd get everyone to pitch in and buy mr x something like... chocolates? as flowers aren't a guy thing - plus he has no idea what to do with it, other than pass it onto a girl. But it's too difficult. So we're just going to sign a card and get a picture of everyone, and perhaps get someone else to present it (as it's not within the character I play at college to do so, not a leader, not a follower, but a drifter). It would be amazing to get them a trophy, but perhaps it's a bit too much?

What to write in a thank you card... I always find this difficult, especially because people often misinterpret what I say "Words can't express the gratitude I feel when I think about what you have done." makes guy run for the hills. XD Hopefully that won't happen this year. Here are some generic messages. What I usually do if I'm stuck is stick in a quote (a relevant one), or poem. Here's a guide.

@ Saturday, October 08, 2011

Health rapidly decreasing, on Friday I slept for about 30hrs, new record... So sick and tired all the time :( Still on the waiting list for IV transfusion - and that's private, not public!

Went out for dinner. Had a beef noodle soup which I swore last time I'd never have again, I gave it another chance. That failed. Last time a fly died in it, it was taken out and I had to eat it (the dish, not the fly), and this time it was a mosquito :(. Dessert was slightly better, no bugs on the side. We ordered a banana split, and got a small banana, one scoop of homebrand (the cheapest brand you can get) ice cream, 4 pieces of canned lycee, 2 wafers and some crushed wafer bits as the "peanuts" on top, drizzled with watered down strawberry flavour sauce - which I might add the dish looked nothing like the photo, which had a big banana and 3 scoops of ice cream. It wasn't cheap either and at $6, I could get 2L of ice cream and a few bananas. As I was with company and not one who'd would say anything to me having a go at the staff - for good reason - I didn't say anything. Service was a disaster - though from an asian place what did you expect. Needless to say I will not be recommending this place nor returning.

The Expected

The Pancake Parlour's Banana Split 17.50 (but it is designed for two)

Max Brenner's Version 14.50

On a more positive and solo note, before class we stopped for mini cupcakes ^^. It was delicious! Moist, but not wet nor soggy, a light fluffy red velvet sponge under a cloud of cream cheese topping topped off with a red fondant star.

2.50 for Mini & 4.50 Standard

Last time I had the cream choc cheese - I loved that too ^^. Will try the Mint or Brown Mocha next week. And as a wedding cake, I'd like to have tiers of cupcakes (maybe mini cupcakes!) and then a one layer cake on top - as the cake to cut. Like this...

Wedding Cake ^^
- the cupcakes could also double as the bombonieres

Ebay Guide - Product Research @ Wednesday, October 05, 2011

In the future (next yr) I plan to do some guides to buying/binding in ebay. Guides that aren't already on the net, or are hard to find. This one is on product research.

When you've found something that isn't one of a kind or pick up only, in this case a "Vintage Turquoise Rhinestone Pendant". (P.S. I won it in a competition, but was curious how much it was going for). You then need to shop around.

Vintage Turquoise Rhinestone Pendant

This one's an interesting one. At first I thought it was a locket - it isn't. But there is a locket version.

The Locket Version
1. A variation, but quite similar $20, free shipping. 16 Sold. (No bad reviews)
2. A replica of the pendent, but as a locket still. $4.40, free shipping. (By wary of this one 15 bad review this mth)

The Pendant
1. On 99c auction (no bad reviews)
2. Auction, still low price atm (decent seller)
3. Just buy it for $5 (same seller as no.2)

An inexperienced buyer could have bought the $20 locket, whilst they could have gotten the nicer one for $4.40; or if they just wanted the pendent, with a little research it could be bought for $5.

@ Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Feeling sad, sick and perhaps a hint of lonely :( Exam prep month. Had a 23hr nap 1-2 days ago, been up since. Finished 1st review of health notes, awaiting reply from mr health (who has the option of replying, as most of them are on holidays). Feeling a bit better than yesterday, psychologically. Felt detached, like I was watching life on a stage, a play.

Now feeling a bit sick, lack of sleep, not nice coffee and half a pizza. Got a delivery box yesterday, inside was a jar of pasta sauce XD. Didn't have time to make lunch, so I bought pizza for lunch, ordered small and got large... I always buy pizza from this place, the manager pretty much recognizes me XD even though I only have pizza every few months.

Business is making me very stressed, as the usual prep is going through the course on express, but this guy decides to test us, and not say anything when we do open book ^^. Meet J's friend at college today (he's at another campus).

@ Monday, October 03, 2011

Walking into the room and someone thinks you're the teacher: priceless XD.
Do I seriously look that old? XD But then again 1st yr teachers are usually 24... though geniuses who skipped a couple years Ian start at 22. And then with further analysis that wouldn't have been a good idea to recreate this V scene...


Funny story, Ian once told me about a class field trip (via bus surprisingly) to Washington, and there the tour guide handed the worksheet or something like that to one of the kids in a suit XD, instead of the teacher whose signature look involves a casual laidback style, complete with converse; not to be conformed to suits and strangling ties XD.

@ Sunday, October 02, 2011

Merlin & Downton Abbey is back ^^, season 4 & 2 - at least in the UK anyway... But for those not in the UK we have sidereel :). Watching Merlin S4EP01 tonight. Good thing there's only one ep a week otherwise we'd be here all the time XD.

Merlin/Arthur vs Morgues/Morgana
The Old Guy, isn't that Merlin as an Old Man? (see an ep in S2)

What happened to Morgana? O.O She looks emo-ish, and Arthur just looks confused...

The Knights of Camealot + Merlin

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