MJ's Daisy @ Saturday, December 31, 2011

A post on why you should shop around. Dedicated to a certain friend - you know who you are.
(Btw I haven't bought it yet, cause I failed to get it before the end of the yr, plus the next sale is in feb. And they're closed till 16th Jan anyway...).

1. First identify what you're buying. Exact details. For this example we'll do perfume. Find out: the edition, size, and edt/edp
2. Budget. (hopefully under $100)
3. Make a list of places to check out. Ask a friend, and they might suggest a place you didn't think off.
4. Shop/call around. Depending on product and rare-ness it could be on/off-line. Note that online often means shipping $.
5. Identify which place offers the best price, and accessibility e.g pick up, cheap shipping

In terms of perfume, there are a lot of fakes out there. A lot on ebay, never buy perfume on ebay, esp if it comes from asia. And a site I wouldn't recommend anyway would be fragrance net, the reviews speak for themselves.

MJ's Daisy Edt 100ml

For my e.g. I've looking up MJ's Daisy Edt 100ml. The friend recommends buying it at Myer/DJ, the upside is that you can be 100% certain it's not fake, the downside being you could get it cheaper else ware. Here's a table I made:

So say you're getting the Myer one, $80 for 50ml. But for $85 (+$5 for shipping) you could have gotten the 100ml from fragrance heaven, which is local, hence cheaper shipping and faster shipping. And you get double for almost the same price! (That's the one I'm getting.) And during feb perfume is always on sale, fragrance heaven usually has a 10% off code, or free shipping.

Lush Whoosh Shower Jelly @ Thursday, December 29, 2011

How to create higher demands: limited edition. e.g. seasonal products. How to create extreme levels of demands: have that seasonal stuff on sale, at least 50% off. And that's how lush does it. Lush sells shower/bath products, expensive, luxury, a want rather than need product. It's nice, though I can't justify only using Lush.Fortunately it's all natural, and being potentially allergic to all their creams in this case is a good thing, highly reduces temptation even to touch it.

I'm recently discovered Lush this year, when sister wanted me to stop by on my way to class to get her some Charity Cream, smells interesting, but I didn't touch it - just in case. Their products smell amazing! Even guys shop for their gf/wife here (actually the only guys I've seen there are: the bored husband, there to carry stuff, and someone buying stuff on a list for their daughter, and jas who was accompanying me the other day). They do have stuff for metrosexual guys, but it doesn't seem to have the same appeal as V8 cars, or going to the car stuffs shop. Though I do think guys would like Lush's products if they were gifted them, and hence had a reason to be caught with a pink and white swirly bath bomb, in a delightful scent of vanilla and lavender.  

Lush had/has a 50% off all xmas products at the moment, and on the first day I bought about $25 of stuff, and the next day I stopped by and bought another bath bomb, in the shape of a fairy wand. Sadly I don't take baths, as it appears you use more water than a shower, which isn't always true, plus no one ever uses the bathtub. Hence the bath bombs will just be pretty decorations on my shelf, in gladzip bags for now. I mainly bought bath bombs the other day, but there was also two bars of soap and a shower jelly. *Slightly regrets not getting the snow fairy shower gel* I got northern lights and snow globe soap. The snow globe came in the Brilliant gift box ($6 on 50% off), along with a 100g pot of Whoosh Shower Jelly (not an xmas limited ed item).

I tried Whoosh Shower Jelly last night. It's a block of jelly in a tub. I've been advised to take it out and cut it into little cubes, about 1.5cm cubed, or so. Being midnight it wasn't going to happen, instead I just grabbed a teaspoon of it, and put it on a mini plastic plate in the shower, where it wouldn't get wet. When you're ready to use it wet a bath sponge thingy, and rub it into that till you get lots of bubbles. If you try to use it like soap, unless you have sandpaper hands, you wouldn't be able to hold it for long, and it'll end up on the floor, and you'll be in the emergency room :P

Whoosh is a citrus scent, perfect for those days that you just don't feel like doing anything. It's great for waking you up or feeling refreshed. And the best part is the scent is only in the shower, meaning for me it doesn't clash with my rose toner and hand cream. Though for those who love citrus, I'd recommend getting a perfume rather than attempting to create a lasting effect with the shower jelly, something like DKNY's green apple perfume might be nice.

Would I buy it again? As a lux item, yes. Normally I wouldn't use it though, not as an everyday thing, only for lazy sundays.
It's $6 for a small 100g tub. Which would last a while, as you use a tsp each time.


@ Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Had a wonderful time with jas today. For once he was not late, which was impressive. Unlike the weather forecast - midday showers, which didn't happen. We resorted to plan C, because it said it was going to rain (plan a) and then I rang around to check if the places we were going were open, and the French Lettuce (best vanilla slice in Melbourne) was closed. plan C was to improvise and be a little last minute planning (which always scares the wedding party!).

It was a lovely day, minus the bit where, for the first time ever I didn't bring a coat and it was a little windy and cold at some parts. Being a lovely picnic perfect day we opted for take-away (not that eating there was much of an option, as it was small - though if you want to eat in, go to the Carlton one), and to find a grassy area. First stop was Sea Salt on Degraves, we bought the "For Two Pack", I love getting anything designed for two people, as I'm often on my own (e.g. college). Next, we went to "Little Cupcakes", the best cupcakes in Melbourne (I reckon), where he got the Belgium Chocolate, I had the White Chocolate & Raspberry, and brother got the Cookies n Cream (take home, he wasn't there).

Three Cupcakes

The grassy area we picked was in front of the library, a massive very green lawn, where you often find college kids on lunch breaks or taking a nap in the sun (for one). At some point a girl decided to sit within our view (not an issue) but she wore her a g-string much higher than her jeans (an issue), and that was quite disturbing. And at another point she had a towel and changed from jeans to shorts - isn't that something only acceptable in the change rooms?

Other than that nothing was wrong. We had the "For Two Pack" from Sea Salt, which consisted of: Two fresh fillets of fish of the day, two potato cakes served with a side of chips, garden salad, lemon wedge and "homemade" tartare sauce. When the sauce is professional packaged it ain't homemade, especially with the masterfoods label. The fish was great, I had mine crumbed, his was battered. I loved the potato cake. The chips were very nice in fish & chip shop terms, and I would get it again. Though the ultimate chips are from Grill'd with Lord of the Fries' Belgium Sauce. The only flaw with lunch would be the salad. There wasn't enough dressing and the lettuce tasted funny (jas had the salad), though the seagulls did enjoy it :P

Photographer: Gerrod 

Jas bought his camera, but we completely forgot to take pictures of food :P. Dessert was amazing cupcakes from Little Cupcakes. We both loved it. :) I've been to this place several times, but only had the mini each time. This time we got the standards, with the occasion that he's never had these ones before and it was my birthday. I learnt that frozen raspberry, at room temp alone wasn't nice. But I did really like the cupcake, it was moist, not dry but not wet either - the perfect cupcake, topped of with white choc cream cheese, and a finishing touch of button on top. 

White Chocolate & Raspberry

While waiting for our order at sea salt jas opened his presents and really liked them all :) I got him tea, a cute little floating duck thing (tea infuser) that you put loose tea in, a music tie (the sheet music turned out to be a piece he likes and played) and a book, on Dogs. After 16yrs of having a cat, he finally got a dog, though sadly the cat died :(. The book is great (I bought myself one too), great for anyone who wants a dog. It starts with adoption and ends at well the end sadly. Not particularly relevant, but he's quit smoking! Which is great :)

Dogs: 500 Questions Answered
- Caroline Davis -
After lunch we went shopping. I got the "Santa's Little Helper" Sequin Santa Hat from Bras N Things (they're 50% off at $10), I think it's a good idea to get a really nice Santa hat you like, as you'll use it again year after year. (They ran out of the dress, which is $30, on sale).

We stumbled upon Typo (on my shopping list yesterday) didn't find anything on my list, but I got a calender, which was nice; and he found something nice. It's a great shop for gifts for people at work, as they do stationary and the likes of that. If I can't find the calender I'll settle for this one. This one of slightly small, but the actual monthly calender it self is very small, and doesn't make the most of the space, a grid to fill the page - unlike my 2011 one.

Last year's calender was by Thomas Kinkade (he paints amazing Disney fairytale pictures!), on sale for $2. Hoping to find the same one this year. There's only one atm on ebay, but it's ten times the price I got it last time. I always get in the mini as it's easier to bring with you or be hung in your locker.

2012 Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light Mini Wall Calendar

Our last stop was Lush, on the way to the station. They have a lot of xmas stock left. And about 10 snow fairy snow gels, they're nice, but not to an extent where I would buy one. Plus I don't think you really need an $$$ shower gel, even if I did buy their soaps. I bought a magic wand, they had none at all at the other store yesterday. The other girl would have loved these, as they're also from the snow fairy range, but as a bath bubbles bomb.
Magic Wand
A reusable (5-10 shots) bubble bar star that gives mounds of sweet-smelling foam
... will leave you smelling of candy flosspear drops.

@ Monday, December 26, 2011

I don't actually recall sleeping last night, the last thing I remember was something about dopamine... At six we went to the shops, arrived a bit before seven. There weren't many people there at all! First stop, BnT. I got the Little Red Riding Hood outfit! There was only two and they were hidden at the back, one was my sz and another was one sz up. I bought one of those, though realized when I got back (7pm) that the sales girl hadn't placed the hood in the bag! So we're going back to get it tomorrow. They also had the bee outfit on sale, plenty of them, though I don't believe horizontal stripes flatter anyone. The other one on sale was the fire woman, very nice material, but not my style - there was only one of those. Along with the riding hood outfit (which is very puffy and nice!) I got the only two witch accessory sets (hat on a headband, gloves, feather wand). :)

Next was Lush, though on the way I got distracted and ended up getting two necklaces from Lovisa. Waiting 2hrs for Lush to open! Everyone else was open at 7am, I got there a quarter to eight, and they ended up opening at 10am. There was a waiting line by then. The first girl to arrive, arrived at 6.30am! She wanted all the Snow Fairy stuff. I got bored, wandered off a bit and came across a random book stall  and they had "Easy Peasey - People Skills For Life" for $5.

The hands on the clock move slowly... As soon as they open the doors all the girls (or bored husbands, there purely to carry stuff and line up) rushed in, it was scary, like when Zara opened, rampage! There was a girl who bought $200+ worth of stuff! I know all the xmas stock is on sale, 50% off, yearly, but that's a lot... Though she was also getting stuff for her female relatives.  I managed to get all the stuff I wanted, except one sold out, prior to the sale.

Oroton was one of the most sought after brand (50% sales!) and they had very long lines. I got the umbrella, in chocolate! (though I need to exchange, due to broken zip on the cover), cuff links and nail polish (which I'm going to exchange/refund) as the colour isn't the same in person.

I find a great idea, my approach, to sales to know what you want. I made a list with pictures of the stuff, and it was very helpful. Also it helps to know your size, and the refund/exchange policy.

"Lil' Red Riding Hood" Outfit $30 (was $70)
x2 "Wicked Witch" Dress-Up Accessory Set $5 (was $15)

Oval Rudy surrounded by Diamantes Necklace
Diamante Evening Necklace

Brrrilliant Box (Whoosh Shower Jelly + Snow Globe soap)
$3 - $3.50 per 100g
Australian Igloo Sugar Scrub
Candy Mountain
Northern Lights Soap
Satsumo Santa
Three Gold Rings

signature O small umbrella - in chocolate! $25
cufflinks trademark
nail polish $10 (was $25)

After shopping we had Yum Cha at Shark Fin Inn for lunch. Too much prawns (I do love them), OJ, mocha and 3 desserts (egg tart, fruit/jelly, ice cream in dough and sesame seeds). I wouldn't recommend the last two, the tart is very nice. There were more desserts, but by this stage I've ate too much.

After lunch we went for round two shopping, though this time only at Oroton, where we got more umbrellas and a few other things. Got back then crashed. We have yet to see the xmas lights, maybe tomorrow night. 

Today's my bday, and as a part of it I got vouchers for a free sub (subway) $3 something from a bakery (closed) a cupcake from another bakery (closed) and a slushie. Sadly didn't end up getting any of them, though I'm hoping to convince the bakeries to let me use them tomorrow (the date states today only - but they weren't open!).

@ Sunday, December 25, 2011

For my b'day (I'm old!) we're (I've planned, and haven't told the other/s yet) for a picnic. Until today it was hot, sunny and perfect for a picnic. The other day I went to four shops hunting for the perfect picnic rug, and ended up buying the first one I saw, $40 on sale, $16 from Kathmandu, though I'd like to point out that Bed, Bath n' Table have them for $20 (on sale, or $24 when not). The weather's going to be wet tomorrow, which means we'll have to cancel and go to plan B. Hope it's dry though. I can't remember the last time we had a picnic! Other than for work, as a meet the other half function.

A great picnic consists of fun & games, and food. And sometimes depending on where you are, a kite.

Sea Salt's Fish & Chips
Appletizer (fruit juice lightly sparkling)
Desserts from x (LuxBite & Burch & Purchese are closed till 6th Jan & Café Rosamond closed till 2nd Feb, no chocolate & caramel challenge)

Things to Do:
- take pictures
- play uno/taboo
- listen to music
- read
- bubbles!

Other Things to Bring:
- picnic rug
- cutlery
- hat/scarf
- first aid kit
- instant hand sanitizer
- bug replelent
- wet ones

If it does turn out to be very wet tomorrow then we'll just end up going to the fish & chips place (not your average TA only place) and dessert - tbc. I'll let him pick dessert. Something without chocolate & caramel (dental issues). Perhaps gelati at Il Dolce Freddo or The French Lettuce, bakery.

@ Sunday, December 25, 2011

I love strawberries & cream ^^. If we have a summer wedding it'll be a feature.
Also great for picnic, minus the heat and mess issues.

It's Christmas. I don't remember what we did last xmas, I think we landed in KL, and then went to a resort which was up in the highlands. And it was hot. Today was hot, but now there's thunder and storms. Christmas pretty much always means natural disasters, earthquakes for NZ, tornadoes/cyclones for QLD, floods for NSW/QLD and bushfires for VIC. If you were planning on having a BBQ xmas lunch today the weather's ruined it :P.

Opened my KK presents! As predicted it was the fairy dust necklace, and mis-predicted (rectangular box) Travelo, which turned out to be Jurlique's Rose Hand Cream! Which is ever better :). I tried it (again) yesterday at Myer and love it (which on the hunt for a picnic rug). You only have to use a tiny bit, pea sz and it's quick drying - great for the office. I've also got their rosewater balancing mist (same scent) as a gift, which I also love.

Colour Migration. They have a name for it... It's when colour migrates from denim or dark materials onto light coloured leather. Like my favourite handbag! No pictures atm. It's a cream bag, you can hold it or wear it as a shoulder bag. It's not A4 size but can hold lots of stuff, including a 600ml drink bottle.

@ Sunday, December 25, 2011

★ ° . .    . ☾ °☆  . * ● ¸ .   ★ ° :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * .   ☾   .   °  . ● .    °☆  ¸. ● .  ★  ★ ° ☾ ☆ ¸. ¸  ★ ° . .    . ☆☼ MERRY CHRISTMAS ☼  . * ● ¸ .   ★ ° :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * .  ♥ ♥   °☆  ¸. ● .  ★  ★ ° ☾ ☆ ¸. ¸  ★ ° . .    . ☾ °☆  . * ● ¸ .   ★ ° :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * .   ☾   .   °  . ● .    °☆  ¸. ● .  ★  ★ ° ☾ ☆ ¸. ¸  ★ ° . .    . ☾ °☆  . * ●

° _██_*。*./ \ .˛* .˛.*.★* *★ 。*
˛. (´• ̮•)*˛°*/.♫.♫\*˛.* ˛_Π_____. * ˛*
.°( . • . ) ˛°./• '♫ ' •\.˛*./______/~\ *. ˛*.。˛* ˛. *。
*(...'•'.. ) *˛╬╬╬╬╬˛°.|田田 |門|╬╬╬╬ .
¯˜"*°•♥•°*"˜¯`´¯˜"*°•♥•°*"˜¯` ´¯˜"*°´¯˜"*°•♥•°*"˜¯`´¯˜"*°•

@ Friday, December 23, 2011

Little miss piggy is back, twice today. My unlucky day, more than once. They want me to do tomorrow morning, and I'd said I'll turn up if I feel like it :P. The misfortune of the day was seeing Sir Lean (yes that is her name, though she aint lean) we call her Leany. She's a little monster. So what exactly did she do? Summary: Slut/skank (wears a black bra under a see through white bf style shirt) thinks she's so hot when she's not (flat faced, slits for eyes), has some form of down syndrome or something like that, everyone's only nice to her cause they feel sorry for her (cries when we point this out - which we love doing of course), oh and she tried to steal my bf at the time. This was about 6+yrs ago, I was over it - till she turned up. 7860 miles away and she manages to find me. As for the bf, he's mine, and perhaps hers at some point, but we'll never know now that he's six feet under. And in a way, I'm disappointed to say that she wasn't involved in his "accident".

When you have an issue, there's two ways to resolve it:
1. bitch talk about it (confront them)
2. run.
I pretty much always confront them (just in case they don't know I have an issue with them) though in this case the bitch damn well I knows I hate her guts. But this time I didn't, as I was on the job, and it wouldn't have gone so well to have a show down there and then (lets take this outside). Plus she was with her foster mother (don't ask how I know). My flight fight respond: dive under the table, out the emergency exit, and try not to set off any alarms.

Great img.

Something completely random and unexpected: there was a teenage girl gave us amazing homemade cookies wrapped in clear cellophane, and tied with brown twine ^^. The cookies were peanut butter with m&ms, and chocolate chip. The last time I made cookies was 10+yrs ago XD.

After that unfortunate event we went to dinner, had fish cake noodle soup, the fish was great, other than that it was bland, flavourless. Next time we're getting McD. :P Along with dinner we had iced chocolate drinks ^^.

@ Thursday, December 22, 2011

We have had macaroons! 12 mini (50c-ish sized) ones for $9 from Safeway (75c each). They were very nice, some more than others. I loved the yellow one, vanilla. Chocolate was alright. Didn't like the pink one, and didn't try the green one. Of course a supermarket brand can't compare to Lindt's ones, priced at $3 each. We're getting a tower them made for our wedding ^^. Here's some better reviews by the Greedy Pepper.

They were on sale (selling, not actual sale, cheaper than normal sale) on Wed, but by Tues midnight there were only six packs left! Oddly they're found beside the supermarket brand's desserts in the fridge area. Imported from France, though that isn't necessary, but great for marketing, as macaroons and French. Does it really matter where it's made, if it still tastes the same?

Would we get it again? Yes! though we'll make it a special treat, once a month-ish. 


@ Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another day of wrapping. Limits on size and no. imposed :) Not a fan of wrapping 18 blocks of chocolates, or a trolley full of stuff. Miss Piggy kept requesting me O.o very picky with which paper she wanted - note: your 6mth old nephew won't even see the freaking paper! We were out of that design and she was mad. Though she kept coming back - and to me! Something odd about me is that I have an extreme fear of pigs, bacon, ham, pork, the old "pigskin", if it's related to pigs don't bring it near me! This woman (who I swear will never meet a guy - unless he was like her) has piggy fingers and it was very hard not to run away or not disgusted. Not the first time I've seen it, there's a mr piggy who takes the morning bus daily. While wrapping we saw D, boy from Health who wants to name is kid Rwanda (nice but no).

Coffee. Nando's mini burger (like Grill'd's mini chicken one, but better). Dentist. Clean. Rebook for fillings and other things. Bought a BIG bubble wand, and scrapbook for wedding ideas.

Found out we have to reserve the locket, and there are no city stores :(. Also it's not on sale after Saturday, going to order tomorrow. Went to another shop, branch, and sadly what you see isn't what you get! The locket is oblong, not oval, which is what it looks like due to the angle? of the image in the catalog.

While at the shops I saw the almost perfect present for my Lucy (today's our 13th friend-anniversary). A name necklace in human terms, though it's actually an anklet (cause otherwise it would be too big, she being 20cm tall). Gold plated, name necklace that says "Love" with diamantes in the L. Something like a variation of this:

DIY Room Spray @ Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DIY Room Spray
By AJ of Handjobs (for the Home) - with adaptations

Ingredients & Supplies*
*minus a tbsp & funnel
You'll need:
8 drops Fragrance Oil
1 tbsp Rubbing alcohol/Witch Hazel
100ml Spray bottle
Filtered/Bottled Water

1. Place 8 drops of essential oil in a spray bottle. 
2. Add a tablespoon of alcohol to the bottle. (use a funnel)
3. Fill the rest up with water.
4. Shake. Allow it to sit for a few hours before using.
5. Shake before spray.

Store it in a cool dry place.

- Zaire recommends using Isocol Antiseptic Rubbing Alcohol 345mL $9.71 (Coles)
- I love the Cranberry Joy Home Fragrance Oil 10 ml $10  (Body Shop)
- Recommended Fragrance Oils from me, would be something from the Body Shop ($10 for 10ml). And the Crabtree & Evelyn range (around $15-17).
- With oils brand is important, as it's quality stuff vs $2+ Shop ones which don't last as long.
- I got my spray bottles in travel packs (switch the bottles) for $3 (for 3) from the Reject Shop. 

10ml Fragrance Oil $10 (10 uses?)
Rubbing alcohol $10 (but you can use it 30+ times)
100ml Spray bottle (3 for $3)
Filtered/Bottled Water (free-$1)

Total: $23 (makes 3, just need more bottles)
  • These would make great gifts, esp for those who have small offices.
  • For labels you can create tags (not rec you use a sticker, in case you change oils), and tie them around the bottle using twine/string of some sort.

Organization - Hair Clips @ Monday, December 19, 2011

Organization Series - Hair Clips

I LOVE art & craft, but sadly can't make a full-time career out of it, so I'm going with my other love - organizing! The other day/week I bought a bunch of 50c xmas tree deco stuff (a few were made into hairclips/accessories), and yesterday I bought another hairclip, a big black bow. The the question is, how do you store all these hair things? For my headbands I just put them in a big box, for the non-fancy/BIG ones anyway. The big ones are hung off the side of a basket, a basket full of big hair accessories which have pretty much never been used, as it's not very accessible.

Today I'll be covering hair clips. Mine are currently all over a "book" (stuff) shelf, and in clear plastic boxes - hence hard to find in the morning, and not being used much. Prompted by additions to the hair clip clan I've decided to find a better way to organize them. The 1st idea: put them all in one big basket. It'll be in one place, but the question is where will you put that basket? Plus they'll still be hard to get to, to a lesser extent. Idea no.2: tied plastic boxes, once again a space issue - and it's $$, say $30-40. The idea now get creative and go to DIY, with a staple & glue gun. So here are the ideas:

*Note: Use grosgrain ribbon (textured)*
a. Picture Frame & Ribbon
b. a but the green is paper/fabric over the backing board. that's also a picture frame
c. same as b, but more decorative
d. board (art canvas?) covered in fabric and then ribboned horizontally
e. same as d, but ribboned vertically, and with hooks at bottom

or for a simply, easier approach, esp for those who live at college and move around a lot we have this...

a. Picture frame, board covered with scrapbooking paper, add a Monogram letter, attach grosgrain ribbon (between the board and frame)
b. Monogram letter, use a glue gun and stick ribbon on the backside of the letter
c. The most simple, portable vs. key ring-ish thing, loop ribbon through, sew it. If feeling creative make a bow for it, or you could sew two layers of ribbon (pink/brown img).

For this style you could also do one for simple headbands, but sewing loops in the ribbon.

@ Sunday, December 18, 2011

I said I'd get up at 10am, wrap the thing for jas and make the room spray, well that didn't happen, instead I spent the morning in the world of my nightmares, which I don't have much recollection of... Had lunch at the mall, honey chicken ^^, sadly not as good as peko peko, btw: you can't eat as much as you think. No pictures, cause I didn't think there was anything to take picture of :(. Went to GJ (sadly my coffee place is near my old college, an hr away), had the xmas special, butterscotch latte. Recommended? No. Will try another xmas drink next time, a chiller this time.

Spent the afternoon gift wrapping for charity :). Please don't put me down as team leader next time? Esp when the others have done this before and I haven't. We started off by signing in (I forgot to sign out...) and reading the OH&S. Everyone was sent a info pack in the mail, though mine was emailed; they also got a Santa hat & XL (one size fits all) shirt from the foundation to wear (very unflattering). I didn't get one but that's kinda cool, as I got to wear a nice white top (and didn't die in the heat) and tinsel headband ^^.

At the end of the afternoon, we raised more than $250 :). Though I do think we could have done better. For each gift wrapped it was a gold coin donation. College denotes that a $2 is a gold coin, a $1 is bronze and that the term "donation" means mandatory payment. The record for most wrap per person was a woman with 8-10 things to wrap, $2 cheap bad chocolates and cookie tins, all made in China. She has a $10 note and went to get change so that she could pay eight $1 coins, talk about cheap. Fortunately there were others who were more generous, like a guy who has 2 things wrapped and donated $10.

My fav things to wrap are in boxes, or are structured, especially books. The smallest thing I wrapped was a mascara XD, most $$$, an iphone, most cheap see chocolates above. The most O.o thing I saw was a huge elephant plushie ride-able (think rocking horse), which we were like... no way am I wrapping that for $2. Someone else ended up wrapping it though... The worst wrapped thing I think was my first, a round box of nuts? and a packet of peanuts. I also got a dinasor, but passed that onto the lady next to me XD.

Something I do not like is last minute unorganized people, we were to pack up at 5pm, but there were a few last minute people, we did one, told the other to come back tomorrow. After that we counted donations, which was a bit O.o, I like to write down how many there are of each coin and then get a calculator. Fortunately a lady on the same shift used to work in a bank (can count) and understood the bank bags that said e.g. $10 of 5c.

It was a bit scary, as people give you the item to wrap and then stand there wait, sometimes impatiently. Esp one guy who looked annoyed and had his arms crossed. I like to ask them if they'd like to watch me wrap it (close to watching paint dry) or go for a walk and come back - as I found it stressful to be watched. There were an assortment of papers, though you ask them to choose, same with the ribbon. The typical thing is to stick ribbon on it and curl that, I have no clue how to do that, so I just do my own thing which everyone was happy with. Using big ribbon I wrap around it, like a band, and then sometimes do another one, so that all sides are covered. I did make a bow, but that looked bad...
Actually is was something more like this.

- pretend they aren't watching, and aren't there - take your time
- make sure they cough up, though don't take an notice and comment they're stingy
- if it's a funny shape, recommend they buy a box for it e.g. basketball

@ Saturday, December 17, 2011

One very long day on my feet. Today we had the Snow White photoshoot in the city gardens, it was hot! Despite the heat we had a great time and 202 pictures were taken. Fortunately I found the perfect apples yesterday, and bought a couple, perfect red ones. Though the granny smith greens are still the best. Looking forwards to receiving the photos. :) The colours of the outfit and flowers in summer were amazing. We'll be back there again in the near future for a picnic.

Late Autumn 2008

After the 2hr shoot being in the city we decided to go shopping, and as I already have about 7 unread books on my desk, we went shopping at the DFO at Waterfront City, I've never been there before, 190+ shops, 2 storeys, outdoor escalators and courtyards, like at the Gold Coast. At Rubi (an extension of Cotton On) they were having a 10 for $10 accessories sale, which was great. They had sunglasses, many headbands/scarves, random jewellery, nice earrings and a wall-full of the same silver heart diamante necklace.

$10 for 10 Items
Lace Gloves, x2 Metal Flower Clips, White Rose Clips, x2 Earrings, Bow, Sunglasses, Socks, Heart Necklace

Sadly we didn't see an Oroton (mini umbrella) but along the way we bought a red/orange 60s inspired dress, a black dress from Crossroads, the witch outfit from Bras n Things (note: there's no pink under the dress), two lace suspenders ($1 each!, but only if you knew about it online, as it's priced $5/10 but scans at $1); and a present for jas.   

@ Thursday, December 15, 2011

After lunch we went shopping. Went to the post office and picked up a package, a photo block from a promotion by snap fish a while back. My KK gift arrived ^^. At a random drug store, or pharmacy as they call it here, had a sale on two boxes of xmas deco, bits & bobs for 50c a piece. A lot of baubles but there were a few treasures. I picked up a red foil 3-4m streamer like thing, a white glitter snowflake, and 7 assorted things that I could use in art projects, mainly by attaching them to french clips and making them into hair accessories.

Seven stores later and we still haven't found spray bottles, like these. Only seen them in travel packs. If we can't get them offline we'll get them off ebay. Haven't bought the rubbing alcohol yet, as it'll always be available and we're still not sure whether to use that or vodka. Though we did get the Cranberry Joy Home Fragrance Oil at the Body Shop. Why is everything so much costly more than home? I recall these being $7.50 back in the US, sadly they don't ship here.  
My KK gift arrived this morning :). I wasn't going to open it till Christmas, but that kind of failed. A little research tells me that Elyse got me two things on my wishlist :). I opened the satchel (post bag), but restrained myself from unwrapping the present. She sent me a lovely glittery hallmark babushka card, and two things from my list. I'm certain one item is Diva's Pixie Dust Necklace, and the is something in a rectangular box, I think it's the Travalo, which is a refillable pocket sized perfume atomizer spray. We'll have to wait till Christmas to find out ;P, only 10 days away. 

Edit: My KK says "You are not entirely correct with your guess as to what's inside the parcels, so you will be in for a surprise on Christmas Day :)". What's inside the rectangular box? O.o

Secret Santas @ Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Secret Santa. I love (well actually that depends...) secret santas, and would really (yes I know I'm not meant to use that, as it's a useless powerless filler sort of word) like to organize one, I like to organize things (future wedding planner) and haven't used excel for years. Secret Santa, involves everyone who signed up putting name in a hat, and then everyone picks a name (random selection) so that everyone has a name of another person, the person they will be gifting. Before that everyone gets a brief of how it works, including the budget (my fav is $5/$10, but worth more than that). A deadline is set, and on a date everyone sends the gift.

The last time we did SS was in middle school, I have no idea who I got or what I got them; but I recall Sarah (a nice girl, who went to the same college as me) got me a bracelet and white reindeer plushie, which I named Rudo - don't ask, I was eleven. I find that when a girl gets you, you're more likely to like what you get; as they're more creative (I think) and better as displaying things :P The worst SS I've ever received was a chalk board O.o, though that was in the 2nd grade and the budget was like $2, and we all shopped at the $2 Shop. My SS completely forgot about it and I got it a week after everyone else, that was not cool (I was 6 at the time). Though that girl, Emily didn't turn out so well in the end I heard, she ended up at community college and is a slut/skank. Anyway...

My SS received (picked up) her package today ^^, sent on Monday, arrived on Tuesday (night?). I think she liked the card more than the gift O.O, that or being a girl you always talk about the card, as oppose to a guy, who's like "What card? ... Oh, that card, yes of course I liked it." XD. My blog is not googleable, even if you have the right prompts due to the "pen issue" drama of the yr. This is probably the first thing I've written weeks that didn't run through autospell check XD.

"I received a lovely cookbook - Tom Aikens Easy - it has such pretty pictures in it. And I also received a gunmetal silver necklace. The most beautiful part of the gift I thought were the words in the card - telling me the gunmetal silver is like chainmail that knights of Camelot wore - it represents my inner strength. My KK didn't reveal who they were though - would love to know :)" - My SS (who is a great writer)

I haven't received my SS yet, but am currently stalking the mailman :P Though I do know it's better to forget about it and have it as a surprise... like my subject results on Friday (though I pretty happy never finding out how I went).

Books @ Tuesday, December 13, 2011

After spending about 8hrs at two bookshops, I ended up with 10 books (6 for me, 2 for brother, 1 for sister & one for work KK). After I read all these, in January we might go to the other book stores and get another hull.

@ Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oroton is having a 30% off signature sale and that includes the v2. umbrella (dawn/rose blush). From $55 to $38.50. To buy or not to buy? hmm... I'm going to wait for the boxing day sale to get it, someone said they go for around $20-25 that day, if you're lucky ^^. Sadly it appears they no longer make them in blush/chocolate, which was the one.

@ Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 Wish List @ Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Initially I wasn't going to make a wishlist, as I don't really need much, there are a few needs, but then there's so much that is more of a want. I need a Travalo, an umbrella and hand cream (haven't had time to get a new one yet, or research). The name necklace and locket is very high on my want list, might end up buying that if I do very well on exams, and the locket (perhaps with my score engraved on it?). I ended up making these because I wanted to make one for my KK (vogue forums). Makes life easier than saying "surprise" me, when you don't know the person in person.

1. Colour Lens and Flash Filters $15
2. G is for Gentleman by Sam Martin - Rare, as it's out of print
3.  Cream Boater Hat with Bow
4. Tea Rose by Perfumers Workshop - great as a room spray, made a room spray ^^
5. DIY Name Necklace $17
6. Pixie Dust Necklace $13 my KK got me this
7. Derek Blasberg's "Classy" $20
8. Travalo Excel in Black $18 

1. Jurlique's Rose Hand Cream $28 - I think my KK also got me this?
2. Bokeh Kit $25
3. One Hundred: A Guide to Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own [Hardcover] by Nina Garcia $26  - found & bought for $5 at the discount book store ^^
4. Rose/Vanilla Aroma Reeds $30
5. Silver Name Necklace $30-ish - ask emmanuel0322 (the seller) for [insert vogue username here]'s preferences"
6. L'Occitane's Rose Jardin Delice Hand Cream $30 Tried it and didn't like it as much as Jurlique's one.

1. Oroton signature O small umbrella $25 (on sale at the outlet) - in blush/chocolate. In consideration, due to mixed reviews, hard to close vs it's great anyway.
2. Travalo Gift Pack (black/silver) £30
3. (no img ^) Proud's Silver Oval Locket - No. 1431221 - $40 

3. 2004 Barbie Princess and The Pauper - rare, regret not buying it at the time. current price: unknown
4. Marc Jacob's Lola $64-80 - this is just amazing ^^
5. Evelyn Eau de Parfum - 50 ml $70 - I love this as a candle, haven't tried the perfume yet though

@ Monday, December 12, 2011

Had lunch with Kimiko, an old (not like 35+ :P) friend from maths (we're not allowed to sit together XD) at Peko Peko (again). Pictures coming soon. We both skipped entree (unless you're a guy, the 3 course is not recommended) and went straight to bentos ^^ (jap lunch boxes). She had the sweet & sour chicken, while I got the honey glazed chicken, both were 12.50. It was Divine! The best honey chicken ever! (minus 2 chewy bits...). The set up was a traditional bento box (they even had similar ones for TA), 4 squares: rice, meat, entree and veggies. The rice was decent, though not amazing. The chicken, the honey chicken was sweet, but not too sweet and crunchy on the outside, amazing... Entree was a sweet pumpkin filled spring roll cut in half presented with a bit of cabbage. And veggies was pickled cucumber, bean sprouts and carrot.

Kimiko's review for the sweet & sour chicken: (it's her first review btw). "I love it! It's my first try at bento at peko peko. The chicken feels a bit solid (lol maybe cause of my new braces) but beside that, I'll give it 5 stars."

Using my pictures.

Made with Kimiko's pictures.

After lunch we got blueberries, and went to the post office (why is there only 2 in the cbd?!) to post my KK's pressie. I've never posted express before. Kimiko left to see a friend after that, and I proceed to T2 in attempt to find something like Lipton's Iced Tea. Did some research on making my own room spray. I love them and reed diffusers, but they're so $$$. I was sent a good recipe and will post it later on, with a guide complete with pictures. Went to several different shops for that, looking for oils, including a potion O.O shop, settled for fragrance oil in the end from the Body Shop, though I have yet to buy it.

What's the time mr wolf? The clocks at the station were glitchy and said the next train was 12.59, when it was late in the afternoon. XD. A look outside didn't help indicate the time either, other clocks said 1am, 6pm, though most settled around 1pm.

Oh and off topic, I'm not high anymore, that lasted for 2 days. I wonder what it was that I ate...

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