12 Things RSVP does not Mean @ Monday, January 30, 2012

  • Reply if you want to
  • Reply if you feel like it
  • Reply when you get around to it
  • Refreshments Served Very Promptly
  • I'm waiting to see if something better comes up for that date and time
  • Respond only if you're not coming
  • Respond the day of the party
  • Respond and then fail to show up
  • "Maybe" is not an acceptable reply
  • I'm family so of course I'm coming, why should I call?
  • And it most certainly does not mean show up with extra guests

2012 Calendar @ Sunday, January 29, 2012

I have my 2012 calendar ^^, it's not the one, but it's ok. Same-ish style, just with different pictures. OW has calendars on sale $3-$5, minis, desk blocks and regulars.

@ Saturday, January 28, 2012

Blogskin Design Update
- header change
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Future Changes
- the background
- might add music (not on auto-play)

Might edit navigation bar, as it's just a picture and doesn't actually do anything (other than refresh this pg). But then it would look odd, if it was just a blank black rectangle. We did experiment with putting the subtitle there, but it just looked odd.

@ Thursday, January 26, 2012

This week I have achieved almost nothing :( setting a daily goal would help. Need to get the police check and working with kids checks (forms, not a brain scan :P), wouldn't that later be part of the former anyway? My goal today is to get the picture taken (right after I stop by DJ's to get eye liner), and this time I'll get lots of them, it's sad how you can't just pick one picture and print it a million times. The booth takes about 10 pictures and you get to choose the 4 you like. It was $10-12 for 4 shots last time. The post office is never a good place, as they take one shot and it's a Polaroid style camera, it's getting printed whether you want it or not.

As college, or uni (as they call it here, completely odd and foreign) and work is starting again soon, the later nine days away (that's how long I have till I have to have done all the checks!) and the former being March-ish, we need to brainstorm breakfast ideas. Pancakes, fresh fruit and cream would be nice, but there's a 15min time limit before leaving. My fav idea is a muffin (make 100s and have them in the freezer), some pre-cut fruit (in a Tupperware contina) and an Up & Go. A liquid breakfast sounds a bit scary, and normally something people only have when being fed through a tube. It's scary, though not bad - I can taste the carbs! On the back it says "with the protein, energy and carbs of x2 weet-bix and milk". Will try it again though :), chocolate I hope. This time I had Vanilla Ice.

Up & Go by Sanitarium 

This week I finished a book I was reading. It was the one that I was reading before exams and during house meetings (which had a lot of waiting around for something unknown), Eat Pray Love. Such a disappointment. I liked parts of it, and hilarious character of Richard from Texas, but other than that it was way to spiritual for me. The book made a main character, a "wise" medicine man, Ketut Liyer famous, and I was reading a post where a British girl had her fortune told. Confirming that he is a con artist, though the funny thing is everyone gets the same fortune! Seriously?! If you're going to lie at least be good at it and create more than one "fortune".  Oh and he charges $30USD for this con job! I recall first reading about him in Jade Jaeger's autobiography, All That Shimmers (which I liked, and would read again) where she meets Ketut and establishes he's a scammer.

As a part of being more organized this yr, I'm going to start using a weekly menu planner, which means that every weekend we'll figure out breakfasts, snacks and lunch. Is it really possible to make 3+ meals a day? I don't think it's really realistic, so the plan is that a. we make more for dinner, and take "left-overs" as lunch or b. have the same lunch two days in a row. 

It's not fancy, but is one of those rare things that doesn't need to be.
Click here to download it, as a template for excel.

@ Monday, January 23, 2012

Yesterday we did a shoot, with the theme of medical, think 80s pyschiatric hospital, though it was just a creepy looking not abandoned building, with dirty bathrooms, including a tap that didn't work. The lift was closed sadly so instead we walked up the stairs, in heels, to about level 7 - there are a lot of stairs! The walls were yellow, like the lights, with brown doors and many stairwells, not where you want to be chased by a psycho at night. There was also a cupboard, that would have been great if it weren't for the lack of lighting. 

We had lots of fun and pain (heels not needles :P) with patients, nurses and two drs. Everyone was covered in blood (including me, though it was later on, and a blood nose) and the guy in scrubs bought a needle, which I thought was a paster (auto pencil) refill, it was very thick... Interestingly on the way to the location a ticket inspector said to his friend my outfit was offensive :P had the perfect come back to that "your heart says your weight is offensive XD" though in the end I just pretended not to hear that.  

There was a lot of fake blood everywhere in the area we were working, cleaners going to freak out :P. Apparently because some of us didn't say we were with the theatre group, we weren't meant to be there. One of the models said the cops were coming and everyone cleared out in less than 2minutes XD, and hence there was no time to clean up, plus the police station was on the same block. 

Originally the location was Larundel Pyschiatric Hospital, which has been abandoned since the 80s (era of psych hospitals closing down due to lack of funds and a changed focus, rehab rather than lock 'em up), but there was a fire and if you step on certain parts of flooring you'll go though, there's asbestos (causes cancer) and bird shit everywhere XD, and I've been told it's toxic and goes through the floors. 

After the shoot we went for a very late lunch and drinks at Hudsons. I had the traditional chocolate iced coffee, it was ok, but I prefer the classic choc milkshakes. Priced at $5.70 it's great as a fortnight treat. For a more lux. treat the $8 ones at Koko are amazing.

Koko's Iced Chocolate

In the late evening we went to a CNY thing to see the dragon dances, with H & K and had coffee ice, one of my favourite flavours :) We might have coffee ice cream served with our wedding cupcakes for dessert.

@ Friday, January 20, 2012

After being out for 13hrs yesterday today was slept sleeping, going to dinner and being online :P. The day started at 11am, with a call from ms career's lady, and the mail being delivered. Mail! 500 business cards from moo, and a dress I ordered - on sale. Was $65, now $20. It's worth around $20 though, the quality. Can be wore as a dress or skirt (paired with a light coloured top).  

Went to dinner at the asian place at the mall, a Noodle Bar (where we always go when F doesn't want to travel far, I don't get to choose where we go when he drives), and had seafood noddles. It was nice, though I get something different each time.

There was a store giving out balloons, helium balloons! And we got the last ones (all 25 of them!) then filled a room with them ^^. A girl got that for V'day and as a proposal setting :) that's nice, though I'd rather use them in a photoshoot like this. I'd also love this ;).

We actually had a lot more balloons then this, but I like this setting anyway :)

Being a Friday night, Sex and the City was on (the last episode!) though I didn't watch it as there was a film on, one that I wanted to see at the cinema though never got around to it.

I missed the first bit (up till he, the protagonist, arrives home) but it was awesome! Even if rotten tomatoes doesn't agree (13% pos).

What does the name "woodcock" (one word) draw a picture of? When it's a teacher, someone who's a tool to XD. In the literally/movie world names mean something. It's amazing what a name does. e.g. Mr Mann (ref to a book I read, not the one I know who doesn't know my name) he's for most of the book a villain, though redeems himself in the end; as appose to Mr Christian (no he's not a gay fashion designer) who's "heavenly" (not my words) a music teacher who's young (too young) and full of hope and love for classical music.

The film stars Steve Stifler (American Pie) as John Farley, his gym teacher is going out with his mom. The evil gym teacher who picks on little kids (like him, Fat John, in school) and old people (he "coaches" water exercise at the nursing home) and is everyone's nightmare, though for odd reasons some of the kids (as adults) love him. e.g. that kid that did drugs, woody found them and called the cop, 6yrs in rehab and the kid found jesus O.o but he's off drugs XD.

*After Woodcock hits John with a baseball bat in the middle of the night.*
John: What the Hell, Woodcock?!
Woodcock: It was dark, instinct took over.
John: What about when I said, “It’s me, it’s John”?!
Woodcock: John is a very common name, there could be a burglar named John.
John: What kind of burglar yells out his own name?!

It's very funny. And if you're one of the kids who suck at gym a nightmare. I've had a few horrible teachers, though no one this evil XD, we just had a odd one who did drugs (and got fired) once. Anyway John hates the guy that his mother loves, tries to break them up, tries to be nice to the guy (who's a jerk to him the almost entire time) it's so funny when John almost kills him though XD ambulance wheeler + pot hole = XD^10.

John being an author has a publisher, Maggie she reminds me of someone I know who could play her XD, that or it's the blonde hair, loudness of her personality, her humour and how she always wears black. Maggie in first class on a plane: "Excuse me. Hi.
Could I get a real bottle, please?
I'm an alcoholic, not a Barbie doll." XD (they gave her a sample size with the meal)

@ Thursday, January 19, 2012

Leaving at 8.30 we arrived at breakfast at 9.30am, the earliest we've been to the city in a while. Starting at Waffle On, we order le fermier baguette, contents was very good, though the sauce was falling out. The bread itself was too crunchy! and could have been something from yesterday re-heated in the oven :(, disappointing. But the size, the size - it was massive! I had it in my handbag and had it was b'fast, lunch and dinner! 

After buying breakfast we stopped for coffee at a church (T was not so cool with it). I recall the first time we went here we thought we were at the wrong place! And that I thought I'd get hit by thunder if I got past the gates :P The Veranda Cafe is lovely, they serve Jasper Coffee, and the service is wonderful, ran by volunteers, and Liz, the manager, who's always very friendly :) I had the mocha while he went for the cappuccino. One of my favourite places for coffee in the city, though they're like the post with their opening times 9-5 weekdays only. 

On our way to the station we "passed" one of those new $5/$10 bookshops and just had to stop. After an hour I didn't manage to find anything I'd buy, except a book on wedding vows, I love weddings, though not particularly interested in reading that part. T bought a Matthew Reilly book. We got to the station, on a bus and spent the next hour getting lost and going around the port (South Wharf & Harbour Town ain't the same place, DFO vs Outlet). 

An hour later we found ourselves at the info desk, and then finally at our destination at 1pm, Harbour Town.

K was going to catch up, except she got lost. We were both on G16 on the map but invisible to each other... Maybe she was on the wrong server or another layer? :P It turns out she was were we got lost at before, at another shopping center. 

Five hours later and the result was 2 singlets, a lace overlay skirt, x3 brooches, a notepad & "Keep Calm" card and two flower brooches/clips, for a total of $32! :) T bought 6 shirts for $42. I saw an amazing purple shirt at Fletcher Jones, but it wasn't my size and jas would never wear it :P (fear of purple).

Brooches from Carbon $3 each (RRP price $20! - note: they're $2 on ebay). Wooden Letters from Cotton on Kids 50c each. 
Skull Brooch from Factorie $1 (was $10) & x2 Flower Clips/Brooches $5 (was $20) and a je'taime notebook $2 ($15) & keep calm card $1 ($5) from Typo.

We went to about 20 shops! And we stopped by a perfume shop, were the SA was very informative and had style (for a guy) did a bit of research on D&G's Light Blue, there's one for guy and another for girls. The guys one is gross, the girl one is heavenly! I love it, though perhaps not on me. Also got some suggests on how to ask a guy what he's wearing (perfume) without sounding creepy :P, I don't think you can ask a guy that w/o sounding like...

For dinner we went to Grill'd even though we had it recently. T ordered the Bacon & Cheese and loved it, though said it was just a snack, while I finished the last 3rd of my massive baguette, and a slushie. Still being hungry T ordered... hot chips! (my goal this yr, health related, is to only have hot chips once a month).

We get back at almost 10pm! 13hr trip. And there's mail :) Two movie passes from Hudson (best chocolate milkshakes). I was a winner in a 25 word competition. Proof that you don't always "never win" when entering competitions. :P

@ Monday, January 16, 2012

The other day we went to Grill'd for lunch :) the best burgers (beef) and chips in the area. One recently opened nearby, the brand we discovered on a late tues night, after debating. Grill'd was the only place open after 9.30.

Simply Grill'd + Cheese $10 & Hot Chips! $4.30
Where did the sauce go? O.o

I love love love Grill'd's hot chips! :)

@ Sunday, January 15, 2012

Finally getting around to watching the rest of the Barbie films :) though A Fashion Fairy Tale is the last one in my collection and the last I'm watching, as Kelly Sheridan (Barbie) is being replaced with someone younger and they're changing to match what little girls like now: being a popstar, more boys, less fairy tales and mini skirts. I liked the fairytale series, and most of the modern focused ones suck. After P&P, only the 12 Dancing Princesses & Xmas Carol (Dickens) was good, and Dancing Princesses wasn't amazing though. They used to be watch for the story, but now it's just cause it's pretty XD. 

In the Diamond Castles, two girls find a mirror, fight a witch (though no one is as good as Gothel/Carppe) who is like the eagle guy in Swan Lake is poising the magic world, only in this case it's accessible by anyone with a horse, and is oddly in the clearing of the forest where no one goes. There are no princes, only two random guys the girls pick up at a tavern who stalk them and server the purpose of dance partners in the final scene.

Barbie in the Nutcracker (2001)
Barbie as Rapunzel (2002)
Barbie of Swan Lake (2003)
Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper (2004)
Barbie: Fairytopia (2005)
Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus (2005)
The Barbie Diaries (2006)
Barbie: Mermaidia (2006)
Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses (2006)
Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow (2007)
Barbie as the Island Princess (2007)
Barbie Mariposa (2008)
Barbie and the Diamond Castle (2008)
Barbie in a Christmas Carol (2008)
Barbie Thumbelina (2009)
Barbie and the Three Musketeers (2009)Barbie in A Mermaid Tale (2010)
Barbie: A Fashion Fairy Tale (2010)


Work Inspire. @ Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sometimes things that are simple can be amazing, by using basics and pieces that everyone has you can easily create what magazines call "simple, chic and elegant" I don't like that word, chic, or fashion magazines. As the purpose of magazines other than the glaring obvious of making money and selling stuff you don't need, is to create low self-esteem and self-image, and then using that as a starting point they insert celebs (another thing I don't care about) wearing a certain item and attempt to persuade you, the reader that if you buy that certain thing you'll look like them. Instead of going to the trend, I'm not one of them, my style is whatever I choose, some people are romantics, dramatics, go for a natural look, creative, city chic, etc. But my style can't be categorized, it's simple me, and it's fab (fabulous is pretty to the power of ten, and more).

In the business world, in a uniform of neutrals, doesn't mean you can't be fab, it's all about the little things, like scarves, brooches and jewellery that brighten (not always literally) up an outfit and adds glam to your day, along with a your favourite day-time perfume (my fav is Beyonce's Heat at the moment, soon to be MJ's Daisy) to give you a confidence boost.

One of the best films for fabulous work wardrobe inspiration is the Devil wears Prada (the film is way better than the book, in the film she follows her conscience and heart, whilst in the book she just quits - end of story). In the film, Anne Hathaway, as Andy undergoes a transformation with the help of her friend Nigel, from nerdy college girl (though not completely Ugly Betty) to city chic, glamazon.

My favourite outfit Andy (Anne Hathaway) wears is a very simple and easy to achieve look, a white shirt (not blouse), black jumper and skirt, topped off with a classic pearl necklace. Here's a front view (low quality img), and a side view (as above, but bigger). Alternatively instead of the white shirt, black sweater you could get a mock one, where it looks like there's a shirt under a jumper, but really it's just collar and cuffs like this, or a short sleeve version.


@ Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Butchart Gardens, near Victoria on Vancouver Island - the perfect place for a wedding or $$$ tea party (assuming it doesn't rain). A work of art.

@ Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The red dress I ordered came today :) my first ASOS order. From the UK, on standard shipping and it only took 6 days. :) It's a nice dress, for daytime wear. In the office add a shirt under it, or wear a top over it to wear it as a skirt. One dress, three looks. There's a good review on vogue forums.

Peko 3 @ Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It was this dark when we finally left, around 9.30pm.

Last night we went to dinner at Peko Peko (3rd time I've been there) for our bi/tri-annual group dinner catch up. It's a great place to meet for atmosphere (loud, though not as loud as a bar), price ($25 per person max, main, drinks & dessert) and location (tram stop no.19).

Arriving at 7.20 for a 7.30 booking we were seated right next to the door most of the time (table for 5, with bookings), and it was windy outside (relevance was that our hair got messy everytime someone opened the door, and it was cold outside). Very glad we followed recommendations and made a booking, as although it was not in the cbd itself, it's very close, and packed, with people waiting for tables hovering near the door. Peko Peko is far off from the city (not literally) and a place that you wouldn't stumble upon, rather a secret everyone's passing.  

The menus were BIG (A3), for a small cozy eatery it wasn't suitable. It would have been better in A4, a brochure layout - like their take away menu. A great idea though was to have the drinks menu separate, as when it's very busy and they're out of menus, customers can start with drinks.

Starting off with drinks, S ordered a Coke, though the waitress forgot till we reminded her after all the mains had arrived. Jas had earl grey tea (or some sort of tea), and I had a chocolate milkshake (from Hudsons - the place for great shakes). Like chocolate cafe's they had water in tall bottles, provided, which was nice. Like most asian places, they had chopsticks, which is always a good conversation topic (provided that everyone in the group isn't asian), I love my spork, though out and about I asked for five forks instead. It's always fun watching people with chop sticks XD, jas was doing quite well (until I commented I think) not being a chopstick fan I didn't try the chopsticks, unlike J who likes them (he likes all things asian, e.g. manga, martial arts), I do believe that he was the only one (other than Kimiko, who is asian, as you may have guessed by the name) who used chopsticks the entire time.

My main was the first to arrive, followed by Kimiko's (honey chicken!), S's, Jas's and then lastly J's. We all ordered bento boxes, though here they're called "peko" boxes. The boxes contained, steamed rice sprinkled with sesame seeds, a delicious! spring roll of carrot/pumpkin arranged decoratively on a scattering of grated cabbage, a side of veggies (that change each time we're here, this time it was sliced cucumber, served cold), and the chicken/beef we chose.  

We had...
BBQ Satay Beef - Me
Honey Glazed Chicken - Kimiko
Sweet n Sour Chicken - S
Black Pepper Beef - Jas
Sweet Crispy Onion Chicken - J

Click here for a bigger picture.

The others might do reviews, and I'll come back and edit this later on. 

The BBQ Satay Beef was nice (normally a filler word, which means no, but in this case means average), sadly it was just well, average with the flavours been a bit bland - though I still loved that spring roll, I wonder if they have them as an entree dish... With the beef a few pieces were a bit on the chewy side. Not recommended sorry.

Kimiko (2nd visit) had Honey Glazed Chicken the which I had last time, hence doesn't have to do a review, unless she really wants to. I loved the Honey Chicken, though the last few pieces were a bit on the chewy side - like the BBQ Beef, though I'd still recommend it, as I did.

After mains, Kimiko was too full for the dessert, as appose to me (there's always room for dessert - unless it's an entire chocolate mud cake...), we all (except K) ordered dessert. Dessert is a bit on the pricey side (starting at $7.00), though it's justifiable it as, as mains, peko boxes were 12.50, and hence the entire meal would be reasonable.

For dessert we had...
Vanilla & Black Sesame Ice Cream - Me
Vanilla Ice Cream - S
Soft Center Choc. Pudding w. Vanilla Ice Cream - Jas
Black Rice Pudding w. Green Tea Ice Cream - J

Click here for a bigger picture.

Being one of the most adventurous people at the table, J decided to go for something completely foreign (or perhaps it just looked foreign to me XD), there were red beans (which looked like baked beans XD) scattered around an black rice pudding island, topped off with green tea ice cream. S being the polar opposite (in terms of dessert) went for vanilla, and I was placed in the middle with a scoop of Vanilla & Black Sesame Ice Cream, the vanilla ice cream was nice, slightly above average, KoKo Black still has unbeatable vanilla ice cream though. The black sesame was very nice, I like it :) and would recommend it. And jas had Soft Center Choc. Pudding w. Vanilla Ice Cream which looked interesting, (how do they make it? O.o). 

After dinner and dessert, though around 9.30, Peko hasn't closed (on the door they said they closed at 9pm), it was dark outside, though not late enough for any of us to go home (except for S maybe, who wanted to get home at a reasonable hour). Kimiko suggested a rooftop bar (I think it was a bar) though she didn't have ID (with her) and neither did I (though I don't actually have ID, even though I'm well over the legal age); so we went to a park instead. Across the road from Peko (once you get to the main st, Swanston) was the Shrine, which had the flame (fire in a big bowel shaped thing). It was warm :), a fantastic place to hang around if you're homeless, though jas says that the cops do rounds and will tell you you can't hang around there.  

It does look that amazing at night - only better when you're there.

We hung around the flame for a while, then everyone decided it was a good idea to roll around in the grass and in J's case do rolls and tumbles over a terrified Kimoko XD. That was fun, till Jas and I realized in dry clean/$$ suits it was not a good idea to go near grass. And then it rained - the only time I didn't have my umbrella with me, it rained! I still need it to rain to try out my new (and hopefully perfect) Oroton classic.

A tram ride later and we were at the station, according to J we missed the train by a minute (probably my fault) and the next one was in 30mins. Fortunately for K her train was still at the station for another 30 seconds and she made it. Jas ended up driving us home, as he was going in that direction, and he we all made it home alive - despite the belief that I think he's going to get us all killed XD.

We all had a great time, even if there was no alcohol. Highly recommended for any occasion, it's not often that you find a place where you can bring your date, friends and have a party there. Service was good, and the waitresses are very friendly. Though if you're going for dinner, don't forget to book. We'll be back, and I'll get the Pop Chicken on our 4th visit. :) 

@ Monday, January 09, 2012

I'm going through my old diaries, 2011. It's always amusing to reflect back on what you though about things/people at one point and then later on. I found some amusing things, e.g. fml.com (I googled this inspired by mr health saying "yes kids I do know what that means, don't say it"), he knew what it meant, but I didn't at the time. Here are some of the best ones I came across:

Today, I had my first appearance in a court as an attorney. I called the prosecution the prostitution.
(I've done that and not realized it, word spell check)

Today, I got an email from the company that manages my Cat's microchip informing me that I had to update my information that had been entered by the local Humane Society. Apparently, they listed my cat "Coral" as the owner, and me as the pet. To change it, they needed the cat's signature.

Today, I was watching this TV show where a man was describing how much he loved this woman, how he made every opportunity to see her, and how he loved her in a way nobody else could. I smiled, because that's exactly the way I feel about my crush. Then I realized the program was about stalkers.

@ Saturday, January 07, 2012

We went to see Sherlock Holmes, A Game of Shadows today. It was great! Highly recommended, I do prefer the 1st movie, but the 2nd is almost just as good, with more guns. My favourite part was the ending - that ends with Watson typing "The End" and someone else adding "?". The wedding parts were also very entertaining, with Holmes planning Watson's Bachelor Party, which he epically fails, though Watson has a good time doing what his wife (girl from the 1st movie) would not approve of. And then Homles, as the best man gets the role of making sure Watson gets to the wedding on time, though not in the right state XD.

After the movie, being 10pm, almost everything was closed except the Pancake Parlour (overpriced pancakes, and soda spiders for $6) and McD. In a very long time we had fries, they're amazing... and then we made the mistake of adding extra carbs and lipids with a slice of cookies n' cream aka oreo cheesecake. The base was chocolate cake, pre-packaged mix, dry and horrible. The cheese on top was a bit better, but overall it is something I'll never try again. For better cheesecakes I go to the Cheesecake Shop, or if in the CBD, the Cupcake Bakery's $4.50 strawberry cupcake-sized cheesecake.

 McDonald's Cookies n' Cream aka Oreo Cheesecake $4.00

Organization - Brooches v.2 @ Friday, January 06, 2012

Organization Series - Brooches v.2

I've come with another, a better idea one how to display/organize your brooches, and it turns out to be much much easier, with no sewing or drilling involved! You don't need a glue gun either. I wanted to be more decorative idea, so I played with the idea of the frame, being an empty picture frame, then I did some sketches and came up with this:

That's the idea. A wooden embroidery hoop, with fabric in it. You then stick your brooches in it. I'm going to make three, and arrange them on the wall. Also if you're concerned about the brooch colours being exposed to air and going funny, that doesn't happen for sometime (say 10yrs of exposure - tested).

Depending on what size you want your circles, you can get them small or up to 40cm in diameter (distance across the circle).  We decided to get 20cm ones, they're $2.70 each from Riot Art (the place to work, while in college). Google found us instructions on how to stick the fabric the frame, by Jana.

- felt, a square, 2 inches bigger than the circle (e.g. 20cm circle = 30cm square felt)
- wooden embroidery hoop (you won't be using this one again)
- fabric scissors

1. Place fabric over hoop (the smaller one), stretch it.
2. Stick smaller hoop in bigger one, screw tight.
3. Trim fabric. So you end up with this.

Ralph Lauren Blazers @ Friday, January 06, 2012

I discovered Ralph Lauren Blazers today, they're vey nice - esp when on sale. Sadly the one I'm after is na, 2009 stock and unobtainable... it's a piece of art. But then again there's always custom mades :)

@ Monday, January 02, 2012

Someonething comes to mind ;)

Organization - Brooches @ Monday, January 02, 2012

Organization Series - Brooches v.1

With the new project of the new corporate uniform comes brooches, perfect for adding a sparkle in blazer, the brooch of course will be confiscated by security as soon as I enter the lobby, and the metal detectors go off. At first thought I have no idea how to store brooches... I suppose you stick them somewhere?

Relevance? It's made of brooches!

Google comes up with a few ideas.
a. A hanging strip of material similar to the hairclips one
b. Using what looks like an old handbag - love, but it's not practical
c. A picture frame - any ideas how to get the brooch off it?
d. And using a boltster pillow - once again not practical

Ebay doesn't help much either. Taking a DIY approach we go to etsy, a homemade craft community - like ebay without the bidding. Not much came up that was helpful, but at long last we find inspiration! It reminds me of those bamboo mats used in sushi making, or those parchment scrolls messengers went around with, and had messages from someone royal.

We couldn't find any pictures of what we were talking about, so here's a picture made on paint :P.

a. base material
b. sides overlocked, to prevent fray
c. the ends, weighted
d. ribbon, tied to both ends

You'll need:
- fabric, I'm going to use black velvet
- thin ribbon
- a sewing machine 
- x2 wooden dowel (like bamboo sticks, but bigger)
- a drill, with a fine end

1. Cut your material to size e.g. 30cm x 20cm, leave an inch on each end (top/bottom) and 1.5cm on the sides
2. Overlock all four sides
3. Place a wooden dowel, cut to size (e.g. 25cm); 2cm from top/bottom end of the material, then sew it so that the dowel is inside the material,
4. Repeat step 3 with the other end, so that it looks like a scroll.
5. Drill two holes, at either ends of ONE dowel (this will be the top), and attach thin ribbon.

@ Sunday, January 01, 2012

Went to dinner with Kimiko in the city, but didn't stay for the firework, they're much more appealing on the plasma, bug free and crowd free. As we were leaving thousands were still going into the city. Had an interesting day, the good parts with K, the not so good with random strangers, assaulted, twice physically, no less than four times. And this area is not one you can avoid, as it's the grand central station of NY, and my new college is opposite it...

Random homeless guy going around asking for money on the train, someone grabbed my ass, later on a random guy (no.2), punky rebel teenage-ish looking, grabs my neck to get my attention to ask where the train went. And then later when I was with K, walking across a street random guy no.3 calls me a slut, and within the same minute random no.4 tells me to suck his dick. O.o People are odd - and all this happened in daylight. What is their problem?! Surely it can't be simply cause their male, most of my friends are guys, and they don't do that stuff. I miss my old boarding college, life was safe. Do any of the above and you've got yourself 2hrs in detention, and a blood nose at the very least.

Dinner on NYE, with not much other than the fast food joints open we decided to go for something different, and ended up at Soda Rock. It's an American :) diner, burgers, fries, hot dogs and milkshakes, and where soft drinks are called sodas. The service was good, cleanliness perhaps not, with the jukeboxes covered in layers of dust, and toilets being described as scary, full stop. Fortunately the food (most of it was better).

To start off we ordered drinks. A choco shake for me, and a "lime" one for Kimiko. Priced at $8, the choc shake was no one than one just like McDonald's chocolate milkshakes, the only difference was this one was twice the price, though not size. It was nice, but if I wanted it again, I'm going to McDonalds. Meanwhile on the other side of the booth, K had her "lime" shake, which was unfortunate. As she says it was sweeter than condense milk! and was not at all citrusy.

Mains shortly arrived. She had the cheese burger with double patty $11 (double beef patty, streaky bacon, tasty cheese, smoky barbecue sauce, mayonnaise and ketchup.), while I had the chicken sandwich (grilled marinated chicken breast fillet, sliced into strips then coated with melted tasty cheese, with lettuce and mayo on toasted bread) $13.

For K, mains went much better than her shake. Though for the price, I do believe the burgers are better at Grill'd - and bigger too!  "The burger is smaller compared to grill'd. crunchy burger bread. The beef meat is juicy and tender, it is a bit oily and greasy. I still recommend it, it's good and it fills you up. Lime milkshake D: ew lol, Too sweet, Doesn't taste like lime; didn't even finish the drink".

My sandwich was lovely. Though lacking in that marinating flavours, that could have used some work. The cheese was great, Coon. And the lettuce, fresh and crispy. It was the perfect sandwich. The only downside is the price, and the fact that it could have easier been made at home.

Summary: Go for the exp (bring dettol), but as for food; go to Grill'd for burgers and McDonalds for milkshakes.

Pictures by K.

By the way, it's the 1st of Jan 2012 today. A new year, a new college and uniform. Sadly the uniform is lovely, and straight off the catwalk - of 1690s, Salem, Massachusetts, witch hunt era. Or for a modern take of it think of Wednesday Addams. The theme is strictly black and white, and not in a fashionable easy to walk way, with ankle length skirts getting tangled and sweeping dust off the ground. But on the upside, dressing like you're a 40 yr old lawyer means no one will bother you. ;)

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