Pizza & Plays @ Sunday, February 26, 2012

Last night we went for dinner and to see a play with jas, it was interesting - the plays that is. Spontaneously (for me) we went to I Carusi II, as jas couldn't find the Spanish tapas, which turned out to be around the corner.

I Carusi II makes gourmet pizzas, thin based, and healthy. Unlike Crust, they're more about simple ingredients, the flavours rather than 'The Lot' of Pizza Hut. For drinks we ordered, Aranciata Rossa, Italian for blood orange - which was quite nice, it's like Fanta but less fizzy and sugary  "A sparkling blood orange beverage with a slightly bitter tang.". It's like Schweppes Agrum Blood Orange. We were seated by the window, which has a good view, of a group of boys trying to pull a bus stop sign out of the ground.

Jas likes antipasto and ordered a platter of meat (ham?), roasted eggplant & capsicum, olives and crunchy herb bread. The bread was very nice, a healthy garlic bread w/o as much butter and no garlic. Soon after the pizza arrived, 'Pizza for a friend' In bianco, mozzarella, roasted pumpkin, pinenuts, rocket, goat's cheese. The pumpkin was sweet and teamed with goat's cheese and a not so overpowering veggie it was perfect!

After dinner we went to Theatre Work, where MKA: Theatre of New Writing was presented a double bill. On MKA, what does it stand for? "It was a funny old sign that no-one was using. So we took it. Made it our own." Just a name :P, one that makes one curious to google it, in an attempt to find out what it means.

The first play was Hose, a play about a woman named Isabelle, who seeks sanctuary in a beauty salon. As beautician Jody performs treatments on Isabelle, her superficial layers are peeled away and the details of a brutal revenge crime she has committed are revealed... (from the website). Isabelle is at the salon, it flashed between the present and past, and the story is a bit confusing. From what I gathered, she maybe likes this guy who's with another girl, she watches them do it, which is quite amusing as part of what they actually did was foreplay XD (still wearing some clothing), the guy goes nuts later on, she ties him up and takes out his teeth (non-graphic wording). Compared to what I've been reading, that's nothing - the author knows too much about how to get ham/pork/bacon and serve human as ham. 

Tinkertown was next, a black comedy. Involving "Shooting, kidnapping, speed, jukeboxes, dancing, coked-out sex, alcoholism and stabbing...". It's about a guy, Chester who just got out of jail for shooting his wife. He shoots her sister, and kidnaps his 16yr old daughter. Things happen. He gets drunk, stabbed and eventually dies. In a way it was better than Hose, in that there was a plot and timeline.

- Insert picture here -

Where at 11pm on a Saturday night can you find ice cream, with Cold Rock closed? I'm not sure, but I swear most milkshakes are really just melted ice cream. And so we found ourselves at the Pancake Palour for late night drinks. Since the last visit, over a year ago, there have a a few additions, such as the amazing Swiss Mountain Malt, served in one of those massive German beer mugs. Think of as a creamier version of Hudsons's shakes - with malt. It as wonderful :) and highly recommended. Meanwhile jas went for the classic creamy soda/spider, soda + ice cream = amazing... served in a huge super size milkshake glass.

Roses & Daisies @ Thursday, February 23, 2012

We haven't blogged much this week due to travelling, college prep and appointments. Monday was International O-Day, where we had to wear tags with our name and location of where we were from. There was a clown making balloon animals, she was amazing, and made a 1m spider for a girl from china, do they really feel a need to take a picture of everything with asian poses? XD. I got a massive trio of tulips wrapped in yellow with hearts on the side. After recess it started raining, apparently "everyone" left and of those who were left, we sat around waiting for info sessions to start - which were all cancelled due to the rain - even though they were indoors... At the station they had roses at an irresistible price 10 for $1!, and they had them in a lovely dark red.

Tuesday & Wednesday was pretty much the same. Tues, we met the other people in our class, lots of girls who sat in a group, two girls from Scandinavia (who were interestingly very very tanned, almost orange) and two boys - it's going to be an interesting few years ahead. And so far it seems we only have one competitor ;) On wed we had intro classes, running late I went to the other campus, where one class was cancelled (the speaker failed to turn up, and wasn't in her office).

Today we went to the dentist, wandered into OW and found what I thought were the refills for the pen, but sadly the bump is too low and it's too short - almost but not quite. While we were at OW, we received a free STABILO point 88, in UM blue. 4mm! I do like the smaller tips and fine liners, rather than ball point. Going to try it out, and afterwards we might get a pack. Meanwhile, here's a review with very nice pictures.

Mail! Since the mailbox is not designed for packages, they were left in direct sunlight next to the mailbox - right where anyone walking past could have easily taken them, and be caught on camera, but only if you knew them. We're getting a sign put up that all deliveries must be signed. I received MJ's Daisy 50ml $44 from ebay & the ring for $20 (including overcharged x2 + y delivery).

MJ's Daisy 50ml $40

Marc Jacobs Solid Perfume Ring

I haven't tried it yet, but love the concept. But perhaps not so much the actually product. I'm one of the lucky people, as the ring fits! (and is a bit difficult to remove), though it does weight a lot.  It's going to end up in my pencil case attached with a key/chain for touch ups during the day. As a necklace it would be awkward being top heavy - that and it's one big heavy pendent. More pictures here.

Yes I am aware there's a lighting & photo inconsistency - we haven't quite mastered the Canon yet. And we will miss Picnik very much, as they're still unfortunately closing down in April.

VF @ Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I blog about my day, and it includes what happens during the day, didn't dedicated a post her (pen girl) or anything. Just happen to mention that she borrowed my pens, never returned them and avoided me like the plague (that was part 1). She found out about it during part 2, where her group "found" my blog from a card inside my coat. The night my card was "found" a Tuesday the blog had 395 views from 39 IPs (the source: fb). Wedesnday, 224 views, 1 IP, it appears IT decided not to block it. And that's the story of why I have a bag alarm, an paranoid to the point that I barely function (it's not paranoia if they're out to get you) and why no one can borrow my stuff.

Probs should mention that I pretty much don't talk to anyone at work, only one person. Management, and by management I mean two certain ladies, need to chill. I posted a joke an acquittance made, a come back to something I said and he got in trouble for that...The interesting thing was that I didn't post his name, as we all go by our 'blog name' (except me). It ain't gossiping if I didn't talk to anyone, and he found out about it at the staff meeting they had to discuss the 'issue'.

"Management" said some stuff saying that when I signed the contract it said 'what happens in Vegas, says in Vegas' and that it was bullying. They also threatened me on the lines of 'you're a gossiping liar, we shall destroy you', without using those words. We bought in a lawyer, they didn't expect that. And said the media's going to have a field day (this org has an overall good reputation). They dropped the case faster than a grenade and fortunately my contract expired at the end of that year.

And that was the end of that. The following months after the event, one of the ladies involved, I felt was making an effort to be extra nice to me. The acquittance said I was never the same after that, he said in nicer terms that I had become a b***h. The panic attacks started and I had several breakdowns, took time off work, paranoia rocketed and I've been prescribed to be on medication ever since. I intend one day to sue 'management', but my lawyer said we don't have enough evidence, as nothing was recorded and all records management made were destroyed, and his approach is more for settling rather than 'win at all costs'.

The End of a ...? @ Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's always interesting to have coffee mocha with an old friend (in this case it really does mean coffee, not in the context of "come back to my place for "coffee""). I find that whenever I see an old (past, in context) friend I realize how much things have changed, for better for worse. In this case it was for better. I met Ian at work a few years ago, and we both left after a year. And we saw each other (not in a disturbing to blog about way) for a while. Something happened - that I don't want to talk about -, only going to say that yes that charming guy you know is the murder (unless he's married with kids and two careers, and you can't figure out when he has time to do other stuff). We didn't talk for a year because of that something, ok, not true, I just didn't initiate conversation and he didn't either. The year we were kinda friends, he was one of my only friends (who was always around, same classes) because all my friends are at different colleges, when you travel a lot, you meet lots of different people.

A few weeks ago I called him, wanting to say goodbye and officially end it (which kinda worked out), and we set a date for coffee. And so came and went today, we met, had coffee, updates on life (for him: study, grad on tues, a yr of plays and books), and parted; and will probably never see each other again - which I'm fine with. Tying up loose ends. We need to move on, and this meeting for me was a confirmation that it's ok, the end of our undefined r'ship, and we're not mad/don't hate each other (because of that thing that happened). We start as strangers, and end up as acquaintances. 

I know in a way it's not right to say this, but someone (lets call him Hector) I met this year really helped me with letting Ian go (I was very upset with what he did, and thought we were friends, but now it's just unknown, what we were exactly). That someone, Hector does get a lot of words on my blog, replaced Ian. Hector wasn't as open, we're not even remotely close in age (not young enough to be friends, but not old enough to be a parent/parent like-ish figure), but he was wonderful, yes Hector's that guy that everyone likes, but he's not the charmer who's the murderer. With Ian in a way I felt his charm was passive, whereas this guy is genuinely amazing, and actively friendly. Oh and he has not chance to do what Ian did/tried to do. Ian is gone, I'm fine with that. But unfortunately so is Hector (I once said one of my rules is that I don't get attached, I failed, and miss him very much), it does not suit us to continue communicating (what H calls a fishbowl/situational/contextual f/'ship) and so that's ended.  

*Missing* files @ Thursday, February 16, 2012

We received a call the other day (the call that made us late for the movie) to come to the (past) college, no reason stated - ms dh's assistant who made the appointment didn't know. Since then I've been freaking out what it could be about, thinking it was something big. One of the eng lectures there knows me outside college, she knows things she wished she didn't. And I thought it was that, that or they were going to tell me to stop talking to mr health - even though I don't talk to him off campus or via email (that's suicidal, they're watching). We called ms hoh to ask her if she knew what it was about, she didn't; so it meant whatever it was, she wasn't the one who told on me.

I felt sick all the way there, and was tempted not to get off the bus. I wasn't in trouble... They had called me for me to see "all" the info they had on me, there's an act (law) that says once you leave an organization you have the right to see what they got on you (though not get a copy of it?). My folder had the normal paperwork, and that's all. Just forms, detention dates, reports, medical reasons. No notes on me made by teachers, or anything.

They didn't have what I was after - the notes of the pen issue case (see archive, my first few posts). None at all, other than that one page with attended detention dates. Which didn't state a reason either. I am aware that they made lots of notes on it, and had me watched from Aug till I left in Nov. There was notes on notepads, and incident reports - I know, I've gotten glimpses of them before - they exist. But they say they know nothing of it. One, ms dh, the one in charge of the info, saw the notes/or knew they existed. I would have pointed that out, but ms hoh was there, and she made the majority of the notes, and after making an extra effort to be nice to her (she was doing the same, after the way she treated me under investigation - guilt?),  I'm trying not to make her go nuts again. She is actually a nice person - as long as you don't get on her bad side.

When they said they had the files I thought they meant audio/video recordings, transcripts, computer (tracking) records of my account and the two people I ever talked to. Instead they had nothing - or nothing they would acknowledge existed. So where are these files exactly? We've come to the conclusion of...
a. they were burned
b. shredded (cross/micro shredder)
c. they're in that secret location storage place (under a forest in Gippsland) like Fort Knox?

We'll be back another day, hoping to get ms dh alone, though I don't know if she can be trusted though, as often after I leave she stays with ms hoh to talk about whatever it was we were talking about, and perhaps they believe what I said or not. 

Unfortunately I didn't see someone I was hoping to see while at college :(,  but that's ok, he'll know I was there ;). I think I may him seen him on the field. I love message puzzles, the ones that don't make sense to anyone but the people involved/it was intended for.  e.g. using certain spelling/grammar that one person knows the other uses. ;)

Phones @ Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My last phone the Samsung E1310, has retired, and will most likely be melted down and made into something else. Bought in August 2011, it last till about the end of January 2012, 5 months - making the record book of 'phone life that sucked'. I loved that it was a flip phone, nowadays it's all about slide and touchscreen. And those Blackberries that require Barbie hands to type XD. This one doesn't have Internet, a camera, speed dial or anything fancy, but it's just what I needed: talk & text, phonebook and calender/alarms.

During the last few weeks before retirement, there were a few issues:
- turns off after end of call (calling and receiving)
- missed calls, the note comes 24hr+ later (10 missed calls from work, phone excuse, not acceptable!)

The One to be Replaced - Samsung E1310

The Replacement - Nokia 2730 Classic

A little googling tells me this phone is as a claims; a classic. A basic phone with a bit of fancy. Very popular on ebay in terms of covers :). There's 3 main types: silicon, back cover only, and "leather" flip ones. I don't like the feel of leather, so we're going with the silicon at the moment. Though one review said the silicon ones often aren't good quality. We'll think about it.

@ Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Due to a possible prank call (I was just leaving when the phone rang, should have sent it to voicemail) I missed the bus and we (H & I) were 5 mins late. For us it started with the boys in a car going to Heathrow. David is going to Australia, to marry a girl he met on a holiday, he takes 3 best men along: Luke, recently dumped and depressed, Tom, mental, and Graham, who claims Hitler ruined the moustache for everyone XD. They get to Mia's parent's house, in the Blue Mountains, and that's where the fun begins. Things happen involving dressing up a sheep in drag, sticking hands up it's..., a gimp mask, a runaway floral ball hedge thing; and drugs. There's a possibly gay drug dealer hitting on Graham, who then accidentally picks up the druggie's bag instead of his own, it hilarious. It was funny, disturbing (sheep eats coke in condoms, the boys try to get it out), but sadly nothing memorable and certainly not worth $18.50 (the price of a movie ticket).

After the movie we went for coffee ^^, H ordered a cappuccino when it was 82.4 degrees outside... I got the Very Vanilla Chiller, I like it :) though like to try something difference each time (unless within distance of a Hudsons).

Lunch was next, completely with chocolates for dessert and a hunt for a bottle with H's name on it (I also found my name about 5 times on the 1.25L bottles). Being that guy who survives pretty much purely  on junk food who amazing never gains any weight, he went with KFC, while I got a snack wrap (though what I really wanted was the Fillet-o-Fish, making an effort to eat less McD).

The chocolates I enquired about last week-ish have arrived :) Sadly a disappointment to some extent though. Lindt's  Stracciatella Lindor Truffle Balls - "A White Truffle with cocoa nibs inspired by "cookies 'n cream" ice cream." On the box it says "tastes like cookies 'n' cream" it doesn't! It's just lindor white chocolate with bits of dried coconut in the shell. My fav cookies 'n' cream chocolate is still the seemingly unbeatable and very $$$ (for its size) Hershey's Cookies n' Creme. 

@ Monday, February 13, 2012

I hate V-day... it's just a commercial "holiday" that people use to sell teddy bears, chocolates (I like Lindt's Lindor Balls, Cookies 'n' Cream ;) and roses for $30 each. And then there's the potential stalkers, buying flowers and having them delivered to your office (this happened last yr, still don't know who sent them) and then the boys start asking who sent them and all the dramas that follow. Do we really need a day to celebrate love? Surely you buy your partner flowers and chocolates all year round. We don't need a single awareness day (and that's not coming from a single person, long-distance r'ship, it's complicated).

To even heighten the awks of yet again spending another feb 14th forever alone, a variety of places offer 2-for-1 deals. But the good news is, if you aren't doing anything tomorrow you could have an anti-v'day where you take advantages of the 2-for-1 deals ;). 

For the future Shakespeares...
2. Custom Picture Postcard Delivered Worldwide (3 weeks delivery to Paris)

For the Foodies...

If you're going for dinner in Melb/Syd CBD, there's Free Parking between 6pm-Midnight

Work & Dinner @ Sunday, February 12, 2012

First day of work yesterday :), missed the training session due to lack of public transport the week before. Where did everyone go? O.o There's about 5 people I know left, everyone else has left! :( Including Ab, we sit at the same table. And Rd, a younger version and more fun version of someone else I knew. The only people I know are the "oldies", they're not old, called the 'oldies' because they've been there since the program started (more than 5 yrs ago), and are always there, every week, and Ay who came to say goodbye the last time I saw her, but she's back now. :) 

I like Post it Notes :)

After work we went shopping. I don't normally buy coke, being more of a fruit juice person; but I did this time because - it had my name on it! Coke started a new marketing strategy, to personalize their bottles and have names on them. ^^ My name being nine letters, I never thought I'd see it on a bottle, but alas it has been found!

We came upon Forever New, looking for the winter-looking coat, but being a DFO, they didn't have it. :( But what they did have was this...
Day at the Races Parasol
...and it was only $18 (great deal, esp not ordered to be shipping in from China on ebay). It's on sale cause it's last Spring's stock, and the last one :).

Next we went to Thomas Dux for cranberries, which I found delightful - the dried ones that is, the frozen ones are ewwy... And discovered they sold... Macaroons! The new cupcake. At $2 each they were perfect, next time we're getting 5 :P. They come in 8 flavours, we chose passionfruit (lavender) and lemon (the yellow one). Haven't had them yet, but the sample of passionfruit was amazing!  Edit: the ones I got were lovely - except that part where the shell was quite dry :(

Lemon & Passionfruit
Not sure why it's blurry... scaling fail on bloggers's part?

While at T.Dux we also came upon, Sweet potato chips! We didn't get it this time, but there'll be a next time. These chips are around $4 for a pack (x2 the price of normal chips), though more $exp doubt they're any healthier - still being deep fried. They're only trying to convince you it's better for you.

 After sometime we finally got where we originally planned to go  - Mimco! Sadly they didn't have any testers, so I still have no idea what the lipstick colour looks like, and I haven't tried it yet either. I got the lipstick and pencil cases with our cards.

Mimco Lipstick and Lip Gloss Gift Pack - & - Mesh Carry All in Black Holographic

For dinner originally we were going to go to asian take-away and see a show in a park, but earlier that day it rained, so just in case we went to Plan B, dinner at Grill'd with Coke and Macaroons. It didn't rain after all... 

We went to Grill'd, he had the Moroccan Lamb (pictured) and I had the Mini Moo aka Cheeseburger w/o the Cheese (or with Cheese for +$1), and I didn't eat any chips :) (Health goal of the yr: hot chips, only once a month).

Is it blogger or picnik that's making the text fade? O.o

The macaroons were great as always, though my favs are still lemon & vanilla. Cafe (coffee) was the least favourited, the flavours are too subtle. These ones are by Ch√Ęteau Blanc, they're mini sized, 12 pack, 6 flavours for $9 from Safeway/Starbucks. After dinner we went to Galactic Circus (aka Kid's Casino) for Kingpin Bowling, but I assume it was booked out, plus it's like Strike Bowling (bowling at a nightclub, it's that loud too), so we didn't go bowling. Instead we went for a walk, and watched the flaming torches along the Yarra for a while. And we got back around 11pm, had a fun night, even if no one feel into the river XD.

It was jas's birthday last week, and I got him a present. At first there were two designs I both liked, but then I found one design on ebay, so I got the other one :P. They're Oroton's signature cufflinks *pretty...* sadly no glitter. He likes it :), and will be wearing it (I hope, will remind him) to our trip to the museum next week.

It came delivered in a plain white box, with black ribbon, but I had some nice paper and felt like decorating it :P
Also love the bow thing on top - it's a lot of cones stuck together in a circle shape, in layers.

@ Thursday, February 09, 2012

Free $50 Mimco voucher when you buy March issue of Marie Claire ($8.40)
No min. spend. T & Cs

What $50 can get you at Mimco...

Fortune Long Stem Umbrellas $60
It's more than $50, but you'll just pay $10.

Charms... $50
... for your phone/necklace/bracelet?
Probably not the best idea ever to spend $50 $8.40 on a part of a bracelet though :P
But they do have a nice shiny gold button...

Lipstick and Lip Gloss Gift Pack $50
Heard it's great, doesn't come off when you eat, but needs the 1st hr to dry. (1st opinion) Called another store for 2nd opinion, and they say it dries faster than that, and recommend using a lip pencil under it.

Body Wash and Body Lotion $50
There's 2 scents, one is Gardenia.  

Mesh Carry All Bags $45
3 Assorted Mesh Bags, perfect for your bags.

@ Monday, February 06, 2012

Today we went to the country (according to me) or borderline bushfire zone (according to H). Had coffee, did a little exploring. Went to a party store (anyone know where to get trick candles?). Bus to Northland (far far away) and had lunch at McD... and then I saw Grill'd! H didn't know that they had a Grill'd there, other than that there was Nandos that was recognizable, everything else was a sushi/asian food/salad bar.

After lunch we went exploring, and I found the Happy Lab! :) Candy displayed in a very unique way - it's all about the packaging. As the name may suggest, the lab has candy in test tubs, beakers and many assorted glass science-cy cool looking instruments.

Jelly Beans in Test-ish Tubes $2.50

We then went in search of x and y. While x was no where to be found, we found y at Big W. The best place to buy nice jewellery (other than ebay) is at Target and sometimes Big W (though rarely) - on sale. They often have end of season/line sales where things go for $2-$10. There are always lots of earrings, a few necklaces, and less common, bracelets. At Target/Big W Northland I bought $67 worth of stuff. We got: 5 earrings, 2 bracelets and 1 necklace all for $12 on sale at $2 each.

@ Thursday, February 02, 2012

A lesson (for some) and reminder (for me) that just because there's no one around doesn't mean you can lick your finger (when you've gotten ice cream/food on it). I was eating ice cream, espresso ice cream, it was brown. As I was putting the tub away I noticed some "ice cream" on my finger, with no one around I licked it. Wrong move.

The next hour was spent in the bathroom, throwing up, brushing my teeth x3 (min) and washing my tongue with toothpaste, at least 20Ls of water and Listerine. That was not espresso ice cream I had consumed. I believe what I ate was sh*t, it was either in the tub (unlikely) or on the freezer door. The freezer being a public place, meant it is not sanitized and clean, and I happen to know and feel absolutely disgusted that some people don't wash their hands after going to the toilet. Never again will I lick my finger/s, even if I have whipped cream on it.

After breakfast, we went to the old college (which I miss very much, despite what happened there) and on the way stopped at a place I've been going past daily, but have never actually stopped and checked it out. A dumpling place. Located in the last town we past before getting to college; and hence I cannot name the place (message me or leave a message and your email in the cbox if you want the name of the place), for security and privacy.

As I walked though the door I was asked "how many?" and observed the place was mainly filled with singles (table for one, partner busy/working) at around twelve, and too early for lunch, for most. Like most asian eateries, deco was minimal and red, a few pictures, firecrackers. Like the deco the tables and chairs were minimal, wooden, not designed for comfort exactly. Though if you have a party of four or more you get the cooler asian looking tables.

This place being known for it's dumpling, the obvious choice. Standard asian rice/noodle dishes were also offered. For drinks there was no menu, instead there was a fridge, w/o price tags. Finding boiled dumplings boring, lacking in flavour (with the exception of won ton noodle soup) we ordered Fried Chicken and Prawn Dumplings (10 pieces for $8.30), a very good price for what they were. Lovely. A little oily, but then what did you expect? They were fried in oil after all. It was hot! I think I burnt my tongue with the first bite. I enjoyed them very much, though they were listed under snacks, it was a meal for me. We shall return for more on our next trip to college. :)  The waitress said I had a "beautiful look" ^^, the outfit I believe she was commenting on.

After lunch I went wandering and found a candy store ^^, where they had bags of Toblerone 2 for $5. And as a result almost missed the bus! The phone was partly to blame. Fortunately the light was red, and a 200m dash, and I made it. :) If I missed it I would have missed seeing everyone at college. :(

Signed in for visitors pass at the office. The careers lady was out, I was sent to see her, as the sole purpose of the trip I'm told, but I was more looking forwards to seeing two other people. I went to find ms hoh, but she moved... downstairs to the room opposite mr health and next to mr bm O.o. From the room opposite in the hallway you can hear everything in the room opposite (we may have a grammar issue there). Which means more notes will be passed around :P, we used to type on the computer too, until I was told every move I take and every letter is being watched. Mr no you can't wear a black scarf, take it off, walked past and said "Hi Charlotte", me: O.o How is it that everyone knows my name?! -the pen issue made me famous-

When is it ok to eat with your hands? hmm... Do you mean, what foods are socially acceptable to be eaten using your hands? That would be bread, pizza, chips (of any sort), McD, burgers/hot dogs, candy and Indian food (except curry). What about chicken? Drumsticks? umm... I suppose so. What about a whole chicken, the one you get from the deli? Can you stick your hands in that? No, absolutely not! And I'm pretty sure sitting at a desk in front of your computer you haven't a. washed your hands b. not touched other stuff if you did wash your hands, between washing and eating. The deli sells a plastic cutlery set (spoon, fork, knife) for 30c by the way (tempted to send one, except that postage for any package is $5 min).  

You're not an animal or someone who comes from a 3rd world country, use a fork! I'm told that I am a hygiene freak, but still, it's not ok to eat a chicken with your hands! Even if there is no one around. Was tempted to ask if it was a turducken because that sounds funny XD but didn't. It's a chicken jammed inside a duck, stuffed inside a turkey btw. Pure protein with a side of fat.

Mr h is officially human, he eats O.o they don't normally eat, or if they do they don't talk about it XD. Something wonderful about him is that he's one of those rare people who when they ask how you are, they actually want to know, rather than as a rhetorical question, meaning a. don't care what the answer is b. already know.
We talked about events, and how I'm completely doomed if I meet and compete against a female version of him (him being that guy everyone likes), which I'm told (by someone else) that she does exist. His reaction was hilarious, he kinda freaked, O.o now that I think of it, does that mean that his wife is a wedding planner? Will ask next time, maybe.

The timing was just right, I'm so glad I remembered and made the spray as I was leaving, almost forgot it. Our strongest memory sense links are audio and scent, and so it's normal that we link specific scents to specific people. The one I made the spray for, is grilled cheese (according to him) or McD (according to me). It's probably not exactly a compliment that someone thinks of you because in a strange way you remind them of fast and fat take away XD. Hence the cranberry room spray (perfect to get rid of the chicken smell after lunch). They're so very nice, the scent, the berry I don't actually like though.

The perfume thing (we once noticed he wore a familiar (but not one of mine) perfume but never asked what it was) that went to the pile of life's unanswered questions was solved. It was not D&G Light Blue, I only thought that because it's similar (not at all really) and the bottle was on my desk (though not one of my perfumes). D&G Light Blue is wonderful, but not for me, I rather smell it on someone else.
I asked, it didn't get as awks as I thought it would (esp cause ms hoh could hear everything), am I the first to ask? he doesn't comment on that one, eek. I'm just so very curious, but I'm not going to buy it or anything XD. I didn't give the date of when he wore it, but surprisingly he knew which one it was (as oppose to me, when did I wear it? *checks diary* what was the weather like? what was I wearing? Qs that influence my perfume choice for the day).
It was L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme (1994), never heard of it. Afterwards I went to Sephora to check it out, and it smells nothing like light blue, this one, smells not of flowers or candy, but like most perfumes for guys, it smells manly, and I'm not into that. Though it is better than lynx tropical fruit punch pineapple. It smells amazing on him, but not the bottle, maybe it's body chem.?  P.S. I gave him 5 xmas puddings last yr, 5 for a reason :P, it turns out that he decided not to give them to his kids XD. Initially I was going to give him one, but then mr tutor asked for more than one for his kids, so I thought that mr h would like more than one too.  

Next I went to see mr bm. We made lots of notes last year, but I wasn't 120% that I gave him a copy. It turned out that I didn't, as it was my last exam and I started modeling acad. the week after (it was a Friday). I'm not one that gets hints :P and so I completely missed his hint that he would like a copy of the notes, by suggesting I give the health notes to mr health (who said he wanted it, he probably does know that I don't understand hints XD). He's got the notes now :) and still hasn't finished his massive box of candy I got him last yr. Odd thing, both mr h and bm saw the candy my bag, but mr h didn't say anything (probs cause of that one time I heard him say diet when he didn't XD), and mr bm did the "Should you be eating that?" look. My teeth and killing me, the entire side, up and down hurts when I eat sugar. :( 

I'm out of books to read :(. And I didn't have my goodreads list with me. After visiting college we went to a bookshop and spent the next four hours there. How bookshops work for me: check out half the store, grab 12-ish books, read first few pgs/up to a chapter to determine yes/no/maybe. After four hours I bought a book, Disney Princess calender and a visitors book (for the phone/lobby). Had a fun but exhausting day.

@ Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Last Saturday we met for drinks at Caffe Moretti, something we discovered on a random "pick a random line and get off at the last station" adventure. Finding ourselves not quite on the other side of the city, but in an unknown town we went to urbanspoon to look for the best cafe, and came up from Caffee Moretti, a bakery restaurant with lots of glass cases filled with treats, none that I could eat due to crazy sensitive to air/water/chocolate teeth. I ordered an iced chocolate, nothing special, and it was too sweet sadly. While jas got the banana milkshake, mushroom soup and a strawberry tart; and felt a little self-conscious that I didn't get food (I had a massive plate of prawn noodles before I left :P). We might return for more sweet in the future.

Banana Shake & Iced Chocolate
- picnick blurred the bottom left img! -

Mushroom Soup & Strawberry Tart with Cream 

On Wednesday, I had a bath with the Santa bath bomb and fairy bubble wand, it was divine! It smelt amazing, the bathwater. Sadly the wand made little bubbles, and they soon disappeared! So no bubbles at all... Though it did smell amazing! :) The wands are $9 and Santa is $6-ish, though I stock up once a year when they have their annual 50% off sale ;). 

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