On the Waterfront - Yarra's Edge @ Sunday, April 29, 2012

Is it strange to love the sound of your name? At some point in the afternoon today I realized that I think I love the sound of my name. O.o A name that you've had for 20-something years? No. I'm one of those people who a use a different name wherever they go. This name I've only had on and off for about a year, it's Latin. We were at the station opposite the church there was some people I knew (who probably don't exactly like me...) but I went to say hi anyway. Passively I was hoping to see Hector, though didn't. As I was walking past the door though Hector, in a brown suit (the reason I couldn't find him :P, as he always wears grey) said hi as he walked past. And a few minutes later, on the tram to work I realized I love the sound of my name, or maybe just especially when certain people say it.

Taken a few months ago, on a nice, warm, sunny day.

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." - Shakespeare. Would it really? Studies have shown a name can make or break you. People with shorter names like Smith, are more likely to be successful because people actually remember their name. Also most names come with a picture of the person, e.g. perhaps the first James you knew was that jerk who threw spitballs at you in 8th grade, and now you have a negative view on any guy called James. Another thing with names, is last names, they can often say where you come from and give an image of you. My last name is 'Brown', simple, boring but you probably can guess just by my name that I'm Caucasian. Discrimination happens all the time, for better and worse. Being Indian or Asian will definitely help you get a job in accounting & IT, but perhaps not so much in PR. Or the name can totally be a disadvantage and make people got O.o like with Obama. 
This week's event: Marysville to Melbourne Multisport Challenge. Starts at 6am. Starting location hopes to increase tourism to that area, as in Feb 2009 the town became famous for the bushfire, where 45/500 people died and 90% of the town was burnt to the ground. Soon afterwards the entire town was declared a crime scene, while they identified the bodies of those who were trapped inside their houses or cars. At first they believed the cause of the fire was arson, but now they say it was caused by the most severe heatwave for a century, low humidity and strong winds. Anyway, so Marysville was chosen as the starting line to hopefully increase tourism there again.

The event is to fundraise for 'The Difference' which helps all disadvantaged people (e.g. aboriginals, the homeless, poor people). My role wasn't labeled and so I just did stuff they needed help with. At the fruit stall, I help cut up bananas (the easiest), oranges, mandarins and learnt how to cut up a cantaloupe. Also filled up cups of water and lined them up perfectly. I was meant to finish at 8.30pm (according to the sheet) but since they didn't need anything, it was getting dark and freezing, on the waterfront I left a few hours early.

The lighting has been altered. It was grey and cold.
That's not sunlight, it's photoshop.

While there I met the guy who runs the events volunteer site that ms events was talking about, he was very nice, and not as shiny in person XD. The site pretty much helps kids in events get volunteer work. It doesn't say that you'll be blacklisted if you sign up but don't turn up, but practically implied it and so I have never actually used it. :P Plus when you go through events they have been involved in they say like "8 volunteers placed" and it makes you think you have to apply and then be selected to be involved, and that makes it less appealing - that or not many people sign up... I prefer to sign up by myself and have had no problems with getting three events in May.

Yarra's Edge was the finish line for the event, lovely view if you're inside a restaurant, but other than that, I think this is the coldest event I've been to. The event was associated with the Red Onion Café, a new $$$ cafe so everyone was encouraged to get a coffee there. The $$$ is accredited to the price of hot chips, the type of you get at a carnival in a bucket, normally $3 with tomato sauce. But due to possible the location they're $6 here, for average hot chips.

Poppies & KitKats @ Saturday, April 28, 2012

A seemingly long day, after a slightly drama deprived week. Let's start with Wednesday, as I don't remember what happen before then and after Saturday. ANZAC day. Why is it so cold?! It's not even the end of May yet. Since Sunday last week the weather has been freezing (mid-winter) with rain almost everyday and blistering winds. But the show must go on! And so it did, in the rain, fortunately by the time the parade started it was clear, though not during the dawn service.

Operation Rosemary

Afterwards we had charcoal chicken from a place in Wartina South, which was amazing. They also had hot chips but I resisted and had a potato cake instead (which was just average, and seasoned w/o request). A large range of salads from chicken avocado to seafood cocktail was also offered.

Thursday happened, and our PD group presentation went well. Minus the grammar error (on the others' part) they don't seem to believe in auto spelling & grammar check. I apparently got nervous and spoke in questions (tone). In other news mr PD is nice again, after our disagreement from week one. And Sasha (my competitor) got owned in class XD, if mr pd was a girl there's a chance Sasha would have been slapped :P. In Marketing we got another project, due in two weeks.

Friday... Group (me, myself and I) project due next week. As I was away when everyone got it, I get the pleasure of doing 5 people's amount of work. The project is on advertising and marketing, self-learning they say. I am totally stuck and have no idea what I'm doing. And as punishment for not being there when it was announced I also loose group work markets - despite the fact that I am perfectly capable of doing peer reviews for me, myself and I. Friday night was spent with the photocopier :(.

Great Quote from the Events lec.

Through the week I've been enjoying free KitKats from 7 Eleven, and gave a few away too. Here's the link for the free daily kitkat (you need fb though) and here's another promo where you play paper/scissors/rock and can win a kitkat/boost bar/chips/slushie. It's a 1 in 6 chance, and you have to play about 10 times to get something other than 'Buy one get one free slushie'.

Oxfam Trailwalker 2012 - Part 2 @ Saturday, April 21, 2012

Arriving at 7am, it was cold outside at ckpt 5 (mid way to the end) and most teams had already packed up from the night before (camping grounds) and headed towards the next checkpoint. A fascinating thing, I saw a tent on top a 4WD, Roof Top Tent. O.o 

They needed more people at another ckpt so I went to the O'Shannassy Aqueduct (though I don't remember what an aqueduct is other than man made structure, pumps water, to the baths in Ancient Rome). It was located in Warburton, which was on the Warburton Line but they changed the line to stop at Lilydale in '65, so it's 30mins from Lilydale. The actual location was very uphill and had great views, including the morning fog. There were also a couple massive tree stumps that would have been lovely for a Alice tea party. 

My role was 'Green Team Cordinator', which is all about waste (rubbish) management. For a couple of hours the job was to sit within views of the bins and watch people to ensure they're using the right bin. As we all have the three bins at home (general waste, compost, recycle) everyone used the right bin, except one asian girl  :P Headed for the closest bin, notices me watching, moves to the right bin XD. At some point they realized that we needed to keep the wooden spoons (made of paddle pop stick like stuff), and I had to stop people from throwing them out.

On site there was a big black dog, that had 3 cream paws (and a black one). I was told it's a stray that lives around here, they see it every year. Some people touched it.... rabies. And it drank a cup of coffee O.o Can dogs drink coffee? Unfortunately I was wearing gloves and didn't get any pictures.

Most of the day was spent in the kitchen area, I did a little washing up (plastic cups), emptied the water a few times, added water to the boiling urn-ish thing, helped make tea/coffee/soup and a Gatorade like drink, and pointed out where the hot/water could be found. There was Oxfam Hot Chocolate, mixed with lots of sugar and cold water it was nice :). Will get some next time I'm near the shop.

The Gatorade like drink is called GU and made from powder + water. 3 tubs of powder + 80litres of water. It was very concentrated as we were making it, and I ended up getting a sore throat from just smelling it. It was very wet & sticky (the tap, you need to hold part of it otherwise it goes everywhere). I liked filling up cups and ordering them in a perfect square - boarder line OCD much? :P

On the hygiene side of all things, I think it was low... (though apparently I am a hygiene freak :P) we washed the cups in warm/hot soap water - but the dishwater was refreshed enough and it didn't kill germs. And a wild dog drinking from a cup didn't help. The spoons were scary, as they re-used them and people could have put them in their mouths. Fortunately in the afternoon the supplies came and after that I insisted on one use spoons.

Would I volunteer next year? Maybe. Going to try to work at the starting line though, as it's a lot easier to get to in the suburbs, rather than country, bush-fire zone. And it depends if I have classes on that Friday.

An update on the teams. The girl scouts, Team Surely There's a Badge?!, dropped out half way. And I didn't see Ms Events, as she passed ckpt 7 at 4.37am, and was at the finish line at 8.30am (with a time of 24hrs 0mins). At ckpt 5 (camping grounds) it appears they had a nap but then walked through the night. They came 174/745. Pictures. Did anyone take pictures? Yes there was a photographer, but only at start/finish.

Oxfam Trailwalker 2012 - Part 1 @ Friday, April 20, 2012

I don't usually do more than one post on an event (if you don't count the info today and pictures tomorrow posts), but I am doing a marketing project on the event, Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne 2012, and I also "know"-ish  two people, one person walking it. The other one finished! :)

So the event is basically a fundraiser, fun run style, where you run x miles and people sponsor you/the team or just donate. It costs $700 to enter your team. The event is a trailwalk, through bushland, 100kms, in teams of 4 people (so hopefully you don't get lost, or eaten by a wild animal :P), and it goes over 48hrs. You start at WH (the suburbs) and end up at Wesburn (country-ish town past Lilydale - end of the line). Along the way there are checkpoints, food/water, camping grounds and a lot of scary portaloos.  

Here's a map of the trail, the more interesting one. The other one just looks like google maps. Now I'm not sure I'm reading it right, but to me it looks like you'll be going up and down hill.

Click on it to make it bigger.

The event started at 7am this morning, and there are 745 teams. At the moment about 17.5hrs after it started, 23 teams have finished it. With the first team finishing at 4.52pm, a record of 9hrs. The top teams are pros, sport people, and they weren't teams of all boys, the 3rd team had a girl.

In events we're doing a project, 3 topics, and I chose the marketing focus where you also pick an event to study. It was between City Romp & Oxfam's Trailwalker, ms events tut chose Oxfam and mentioned ms events (not tut) was doing it. And that's how I got distracted and spent an hour or so looking up team names. There were some great ones. My two favourites were the Girl Scouts with Surely There's a Badge?! (they also blog!) & Run Walk Crawl :P (who finished at 11.04pm).

So where's everyone up to? Because I don't post names of people, and give them other names, and hopefully no one's stalkish (who reads my blog) enough to do some research. I'm going to post the teams with people I know. Plus it might increase chances of them getting donations (they don't keep it, it's for Oxfam ;).  The two people I know-ish who are doing the event are Hector and Ms Events.

Hector's team came 13th place last time (14 hours 52 minutes), the goal was to beat that. This year they came 14th with a time of 14hrs 54mins ... minus one place and added 2 minutes. The team that came 13th beat them by 8minutes. :( But team Hector did finish the walk. :) Points for effort. They're probably disappointed, as they are one of the pro teams. I'd send a nice text to Hector, except we don't talk outside of college.    

Meanwhile Ms Events is currently half way there, checkpoint 5 and as of 9.38pm appears to have decided to camp for the night. Only 50.5kms to go :) I'm working at checkpoint 5 tomorrow and might see her. Though the interesting thing is that I recognize her only by voice (online lectures) as I've never seen her in real life, and only seen pictures. Like Hector she's a sport pro, though her area of expertise seems to be more of lecturing about it.

Pink Nail Polish & Green Ties @ Monday, April 16, 2012

Referees... I need three for a volunteer job, a one off yearly event with the RSCPA. 3hrs later and I had 2/3 referees, ms hoh (whom I'm pretty sure said yes due to a implied obligation - I completely understand if she said no, due to her involvement with the pen issue - but I do forgive her for that, as she was extra nice to me after that event) and no. 2 was mr bm. No.3 is hopefully Hector, he "said" no comment last time, but I'll ask again. Completely forgot that he was away in cross country today, so we missed him.  

Half way to the college I stopped at DSE, to pick up the Glee Concert DVD for $5. If you're going to buy it from DSE, do check that they have actually unlocked the box :P I like Glee, have missed only a few episodes (due to classes) though absolutely passionately hate their seem song. It was the background to some traumatic that happened.

Mail! Haven't received any mail for a while. But today a package from Aly was delivered :) A Natio gift pack containing cleansers, creams, lip gloss and... nail polish! I do like nail polish :) though not particularly fond of painting my nails (unlike Emily (formerly known as Kimiko) who does them daily). I also have this issue where I like to sit on my hands and then the polish dries with a pattern or gets a scratch/dent in it.

Pictures by Aly

Natio Nail Colour - Fizz

It's a nice colour, though being a collector-ish of NP (though I do try not to buy np as I have 50+ bottles from an inheritance) I don't have this colour. As my style isn't pastels, I'm more of a Russian red or royal blue on an artist's palette. Fizz is a very light pink, but w/o being a nude colour. It's not in your face like red or black, so it's perfect for work.

The other night, I was in an organizing mood, and took out everything in my hanging wardrobe, cleaned it and then put it all back in (with the exception of the summer pieces moving to storage and stuff I never wore). I once read that you only wear 20% of your clothes, and I think that might be the case for me. e.g. I haven't worn a time in 6 months! And have an entire rack of them. Why don't I wear them? Because I don't actually have any shirts, work shirts, as all of them were sent to the tailor for some work and the entire package (with all my shirts) were lost! And so after I buy a shirt, we're going to do 'Thursday Ties' or maybe Tuesday...

We all know that if I went to Hogwarts I'd be in Slytherin ;) 
- still looking for the perfect HP tie -

3.5 Days without Internet @ Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Weekend
Warning: long weekend = long post

Last week le beau and I went on spontaneous trip (unplanned/announced till the last 48hrs) to the winter island, we were meant to leave Friday morning, but somehow didn't end up leaving till after lunch. Which turned out to be a good thing, as his family (sister Lily, brother Adrian and brother's friend? Helen) left in the morning and took twice as long to get there due to traffic.

The deal was I can bring whatever I can actually pick up, though as he didn't say what I can carry in one go ;) and so I ended up bringing a suitcase on wheels (clothing + bathroom stuff), a CR style bag (pillow + first aid kit + random stuff, including toilet paper - just in case), a backpack (books + jacket + more random stuff), a sleeping bag (I didn't know the exact accommodation details), another pillow, camera bag, and my handbag. And a pet carrier, 2kgs of carrots & other fresh veggies. 

We got there (Cowes, Phillip Island) in the late afternoon, where we were staying, at an apartment on the northern part of the island, with beach front views. It was a great location, as we were in the main part of the island, where there were shops. Just the supermarkets, tourist shops, lots of places to eat and a few surf shops. I like cooking (sometimes) and for dinner we (the five of us) made a three course meal, skewers, steak, mash with steamed veggies and for dessert Helen (le beau's brother's friend, who's a dr I think) bought amazing creme brulees from a bakery on main street. I didn't get any pictures, as it would have been awks. After dinner we played Monopoly, battleship, scattergories, scrabble and uno. We each bought a game along (Helen's idea) and as always I bought scattergories. It was lots of fun, as I rarely have anyone to play with, and everyone was very nice - and not in an artificial way.

We stayed at the middle right apartment.

A glitch has just deleted part of the post...


On Saturday we went to the beach, it was cold but sunny. There was a lot of coral? stuff that was washed up by the sea. No one was swimming, and I found a few shells, but there wasn't much. On one end of that part of the beach was a pier, and at the other "end" there were rocks.

After the beach we went exploring around town, and for me to buy winter clothes. I really did think it was going to be warm-hot, not cold and windy, and so only packed one warm sweater and sports jacket. We didn't find anything, as the island is more of a tourist/holiday and events only location. But we did find a vintage (read: old but overpriced) store, and several goodwill like shops. I found 3 Sabrina books (2 of which I didn't have/read) for $1, some craft heart pearl beads for $1 and a mug tree for $2 which will be make a lovely jewellery tree, after a bit of work. 

Interesting placement of caption...

For lunch we went to Pino's, I felt ver tired, so le beau and I ordered TA and went back to the apartment, while the others stayed and explored town (they were at the beach while we went shopping in the morning) and didn't return till dinner. Pino's does Crust (gourmet $20 pizzas) like pizzas as well as a range of other Italian foods, and we ordered their Potato & Marinara (half & half). The potato side was mozzarella cheese (4 big pieces on the base), roast potato, garlic, onion & rosemary. It was very nice, though the potato could have used seasoning. And the other half, Marinara, had the same base (as all pizzas) but with prawns, calamari, garlic & olives.

At some point I fell asleep on the floor by the fireplace (which I think is fake, even if there were log next to it), and when I woke up it was dark. Le beau had bought along his work and was marking papers nearby. Some people are ok being watched while they sleep, while it does make me feel safe (I feel odd sleeping in unfamiliar places) I'm not into it - watching people sleep vise versa.

The others soon came back, from a trip to the wildlife park. For dinner we bought frozen fish fingers, pastries, wedges and veggies to bake, which le beau had went out for while I was asleep. Helen and Adrian made apple pie for dessert, served with vanilla ice cream which was nice, the apartment fortunately came fully equipped with everything you need to cook with including the ramekins from the night before.

Apple Pie

While dinner was being prepared, Lily (le beau's sister) went through training methods (zzz...) and some stuff from her textbook on lesson planning, like things you do in groups/pairs to work on skills. She's studying to be a teacher, majoring in the arts and PE. My favourite line from her book was this: "...one strategy that is not recommended is that of picking 'captains', who proceed to pick their teams, starting with their friends and the most able players, and laving the less able to last, dejected and humiliated." Fortunately I never experienced that as we never got to choose teams, it was already decided by what house (think Harry Potter) we were in.

During dinner we watched the Addams Family (1991).


On Sunday we went to the Nobbies, on the western point of the island. It was the coldest place on the island, near the surf beaches. We saw part of a penguin that was hiding in it's nest? And two dead penguins, one was just the body and the other just the yellow feet. There were also two large birds. We were hoping to see seals but didn't see any.

Lunch was DIY wraps back at the apartment. We (Lily & Helen) cut up veggies, grated cheese (me), and did some BBQing (le beau & his brother). Le beau agrees that chicken and strawberry jam is amazing together . :)

Jam & Crossiants from Breakfast
- the strawberry conserve was the same brand -

After lunch le beau and I went to the chocolate factory while the others went to Churchill Island Heritage Farm. Panny's Chocolate Factory, had the usal info on how chocolate is made, a display of a chocolate man (his name I forget atm), a huge picture of Dame Enda made of individual chocolates, a chocolate village, ads, stop motion animation display. The creation room, draw your own chocolate machine, a custom chocolate machine (pick a base and then flavour e.g. Vegemite, cola, wasabi). And my favourite, the carnival games gallery, where you play games and win balls of chocolate. I played the clown game, clown head, ball, 1/9 chance of winning. It was about strategy, and I won 41+ times (I did give some balls to kids before the count).

The Chocolate Village

I love taking baths, though very rarely do, due to water restrictions, the rates of water etc. but it was a special occasion and I did bring along a bath bomb just in case there was a bathtub. The apartment had a spa, though we used it as a bath, as the temperature of spas is very hot and very bad for your skin. I used the candy mountain (xmas special) bubble bar, was meant to put it in when the water's flowing - but didn't so there wasn't as much bubbles. It smelt amazing and was very moisturizing though - but not for the hair.

Lush's Candy Mountain

After the bath Lily & I watched Penelope, while the others played board games. The film was alright, Lily loved Penelope's room (pictures) and I love her wedding dress.  


My last day on the island, Lily & I were going back to the city because we had classes this week, whereas the others were staying till the end of the week (today). The boys visited the war museum, while I waited in the car reading the books I bought. Then we all went to the chocolate factory (again) as the day before it was only the beau and I who went. So we hung out at the cafe while the other went on tour. The day before we went in the late afternoon so there was less people and had more time in the games gallery, this time around lunch there was lots of people and the trio won about 20 together.

At the cafe we all ordered Panny's hot chocolate, and two of us ordered 'Crunchy Chocolate Cheesecake', which wasn't made by the cafe O.o. Didn't get pictures :( as Helen had borrowed my camera for the tour, and hers was in the car (which she had the keys to). The hot chocolate was chocolaty and creamy, it sits between Lindt (chocolaty) and KoKo's creamy. The cheesecake was tiny... but very concentrated. A dense chocolate cake base, centered with cheese and mini chocolate chip bit in both white & milk, topped off with a layer of chocolate topping and curls and flakes of white & milk chocolate. A dentist's nightmare.

Interestingly the cafe, taking advantage of the location (tourist attraction) also offered lunch in the name of hot chips and curry. Great idea in terms of product market, but no. It decreased the idea of a chocolate cafe, which is seen as a special thing compared to Indian take-away for a dinner.

Display case lighting...

Meanwhile on the other side of the bridge, on the mainland it was Easter. As we were away, we missed the Easter Service, and it wasn't the same. I'm not particularly religious, but after all those years of chapel, Easter just wasn't Easter without going to church. Even if we did get lots of chocolates.

Lunch at the Beach @ Friday, April 13, 2012

Today was a wonderful day, the sun was shinning, 25 degrees (c), no wet & windy weather (unlike last week at the island, will post about that after I go through the pictures) and I was wearing yellow. My favourite satin & chiffon dress, paired with a blazer and gold glittered bow broach. Overdressed according to H. We went out for lunch by the seaside, but didn't go venture onto the sand because I didn't bring a hat... When I read the location: Albert Park, I pictured Albert Park lake, the one by MSAC, and not by the sea.

Click on it to make it bigger.

Arriving at 12.30pm for lunch on a Friday, the restaurant was empty save for three others. And so to our advantage we got to choose our place, by the window with the view of the beach across the road.

We started off with drinks, lemon lime bitters, and then I ordered the Eye Fillet (300gm). How do I like it? Medium. It was tender and perfectly cooked. Under the fillet was a baked field mushroom which I didn't touch, don't like mushroom, other than for flavour. But the potato gratin was amazing! It's thinly sliced layers of potato with butter & cream, with a lovely golden crust on top. And accompanying the dish was a small jug of béarnaise sauce, a traditional classic French sauce for steak (made from a reduction of butter, vinegar, and wine mixed with tarragon and thickened with egg yolks). It was very nice, though for $32 it could have been improved on presentation, with a spring of parsley. And I would add two baby carrots with the greens. Overall it was lovely and recommended.

Eye Fillet with Baked Field Mushroom & Potato Gratin, Béarnaise Sauce

Meanwhile H had the Char Grilled Lamb loin, enjoyed it, though he didn't like the Moroccan cous cous, and neither did I - though it was just our personal preferences. It was his first experience with cous cous (a type of North African semolina made from crushed durum wheat), and my second. It's like grains that you soak in water, it absorbs it and then you use a fork to make it fluffy. In this case it was spiced, a little hot, but then raisins were added to balance the flavours and add the Moroccan flavours.

Char Grilled Lamb Loin with Moroccan cous cous,
Roasted Cherry Tomato’s, Gremoulata, merlot jus

Service was very friendly and top standard, which only enhanced the experience of dinning at The Beach - Albert Park. On top of that it's also at a great location, by the sea, with easy access to public transport, from Stop 13 @ Flinders just take no. 1 South Melbourne Beach to the last stop, no.32. Highly recommended for a lunch out with friends or your partner. We might return :). P.S. We bought this deal, so together for the two drinks and mains it was a total of $30. And though this restaurant a bit pricey, they do have specials, mainly pub food.

After lunch we took the tram back to the city and went shopping, for coats. The one I like is a. sold out b. didn't actually come in my size anyway, so I'm getting a custom made. H got a burger, as he says his meal wasn't as filling as mine - plus because I'm a slow eater I actually taste the food :P. And to conclude our trip we stopped by for doughnuts, $8 for a dozen original glazed doughnuts, their classic.

Mirror Mirror @ Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm back, though no one realized I was away for a week which was kinda sad. No one missed me, or noticed I wasn't there... nice to know no one would miss me if I was missing :P Just got back from the winter island, it was freezing! When I think island, I think Hawaii, surfing and days at the beach. Instead we had snow, wet windy weather. As a result the majority of our outdoorsy activities were cancelled. It was cold to the point where I had buy winter clothes, as I only bought one jacket and one short sleeve knit top on the trip. Thought it was summer, instead it was the middle of winter. 

First day back, and I'm on holiday mode, organization level: low, handwriting has gone downhill and I woke up to a message from the dentist, with them wanting to know where I was... As a part of this short term pattern, I woke up 15mins to the time we were meeting to see Mirror Mirror. Another blood nose. Late, 1.5hrs, my record. Though the record to be beaten is still 3hrs/na, na because someone never showed up or texted/called. Ashley was upset (understandable, minus patience time for being a girl) and sent me two messages that could have easily been summarized in one line "F- you, I'm going home." In the end she waiting though.

We went to see Mirror Mirror, another SW film. It was very good, the costumes and (place) setting was stunning! I love SW's white dress. Though SW was a bit vanilla to me, and the queen isn't evil, she's just insecure about her looks. It was just pitch-perfect (and kid-friendly) snark. I prefer Once Upon a Time's Evil Queen, Regina - she's truly evil. But she did have a talking magic mirror, which is a portal to a bleak and barren world that contains a hut full of mirrors. The guy in the mirror though is a reflection of the Queen, a younger, wiser version of her.

The film starts with animation, that resembles that puppet show in HP, "Tale of Three Brothers.". Created by the same animator, but instead of animated shadows, porcelain dolls are used.

The dwarfs (Grimm, Butcher, Wolf, Napoleon, Half Pint, Grub, Chuckles) were hilarious, particularly as the bandits XD. And they did actually cast real dwarfs to play the parts, the most well known one was Butcher, the one from PoTC. Interesting they didn't have the Death at a Funeral guy. 

SW lives with the dwarfs after she runs away after the Queen places a hit on her. And while there one of the dwarfs, Napoleon dresses her (he later on becomes a stylist of some sort), and she ends up in a pirate-ty outfit. Corset over tavern wrench top with big pants that look skirt-ty. Not at all practical. Something else interesting was that though they're in winter and there's snow it's not actually cold - at all, and also the forest grounds are perfectly paved flat. Oh and when the Queen "dies" the spell is lifted and it becomes Spring. Interestingly at the wedding there were flowers - where did they come from?

I loved the dwarfs, and Queen's right hand man (voice of George in, George and Martha, and Snowbell (Stuart Little)), who at a point gets turned into a roach XD. The queen being partly a witch, uses love potions, and on the prince uses one of 'Puppy Love' XD accidentally which pretty much turns him into a dog, though not physically.

At the end a crone (the Queen, after the spell was broken) offers Snow White an apple as a wedding gift. And Snow says "It's important to know when you've been beaten.", as said by the Queen in the beginning, as Snow offers her a piece of the apple. That was disappointing that the apple only made an appearance at the very end. At the very end they break into song, like in Ella Enchanted, but not as fitting. It's done Bollywood style, connected & relevance? None whatsoever. Well to the film anyway, other than the director being Indian.

One of the best quotes:
 "She is a threat to everything. Take her to the woods and feed her to the beast." - Queen
Is this about the dress?" - Brighton, her right-hand man

The White Dress
Queen holds a ball, in the theme of gold/white & animals.
Though she appears as the red peacock. And the prince as a magician's bunny.

Very Colourful & Interesting Choice for a Wedding

Overall it was good, family friendly though, so not that dark or deep. Perhaps not worth $18 though, but then again Tuesdays are $11. A good comedy though not very rememberable, though the settings & costumes are absolutely stunning.

After the movie we I (Ashley doesn't eat) went to get a snack. Grill'd won't sell you the Happy Meal unless you're a child! As they see themselves closer to a gourmet burger place that can discriminate, though they're much closer to McD. I will be looking up the legislation on that. It's stupid. Do you want to sell or not? What difference does it make of the consumer's age? It's not like you're selling alcohol to a child, they have those restrictions for a reason though. I have always bought the Happy Meal at Grill'd. And so we left, and went to another Grill'd (QV). Once again, discrimination. This time we were served by the manager, who says since they opened 3yrs ago the kid's meal has always been restricted. Well maybe in the CBD, but not at the place I always go to. This is the bit where I felt a temper coming on, followed by a panic attack/psychological breakdown - fortunately with Ashley there, that prevented it somehow. I felt sorry for the manager who had to deal with that, he was nice and didn't go bitch like the girl at the first store.

- Presentation Fail -

Ended up ordering the Simply Grill'd w/o tomato & onion with added cheese $13.40. It was nice, though I'm getting something different next time. Presentation completely failed. To compensate for me not getting what I want, in a way, it was a Tuesday - meaning you get a free drink with any burger purchase (with Student ID). I do like Schweppes's Agrum Blood Orange. We were having tech issues, full memory card and faulty battery (half the time it says low battery, and when it charges it never goes green), so didn't get many shots.


Re-introducing Ashley. We meet in college, on the same level in Badminton. She's into classics (books), fashion & make-up, is a pianist, cares too much about her rep & what others think. Defined by two numbers: her weight and assessment results. Oh and she doesn't eat, and is attracted to people who can't be defined by a stereotype.

What we have in common, I don't know... H would say it's a semi fish-bowl or situational f/a'ship. But she is fascinating in that she knows better, or at least I believe so, but doesn't act upon it. Ashley has discovered that secret to rapid weight loss that all most teenage girls want (I personally never went through that stage, I like food). It's called the 3 spoon & 4minutes of cardio diet lifestyle, you eat 3 spoons of food a day and do 4minutes of intense cardio before breakfast. She did it and lost 11kgs in a month! That can't be healthy... will ask Hector about it. Last time I saw her in nov she was a size 6, now a size 0 (feel free to google img that). Vanity sizing much? She admitted that she looked like a jew in the camps during WWII - and she does feel like it. You can feel her sternum (bone that covers heart)...

There's something very wrong with the way she thinks and sees people. She's always commenting on the ways other girls look, e.g. girl a is so pretty, b is so tall and skinny, c is skinny but still looks good. That isn't good for your self-esteem, always comparing yourself. The world is already doing it for you, you don't need to join them. And also reading those trashy celeb magazines isn't going to make you feel any better.

I like my food, and no I'm not giving it up. Something really interesting about the way Ashley eats, is that she inhales it - not in the way that mr hob says his nephews inhales food (eat very fast) - but as in she just wanders into places for a sniff, she would love a cigarette-like chocolate inhaler. There is an issue though, it's not just one place that she'll inhale at, she went to at least five places and did that today. And yes I did tell that it makes her look bad when she does that.

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