Cacao Green @ Tuesday, January 22, 2013

After Sleeping Beauty on Thursday, being a very hot day we went for frozen yoghurt, I love Pinkberry which is our version of Cacao Green. Another place ticked off a my wishlist.

Didn't get too many pictures for some reason, but I intend to go back for more pictures. 

After much analyzing I went with the original flavour (think homemade slightly twany yoghurt) with cheesecake, mango and strawberries. Being summer I thought the mango was fresh but no alas it was tinned. Much like the peach, pineapple, lychee and anything else that is tin-able. It's cheaper that way really. The cheesecake was dense, NY style.

Jas picked the green tea flavour (predictable :P as a tea lover), with mango mango and something else that is crumbly. Maybe it's the same crumble as in apple crumble. Crushed digestive cookies? He said it was strange, meh, wouldn't get it again.


Step 1 - Pick your size
Step 2 - Flavour
Step 3 - Toppings 

At $9 for a medium cup with three toppings it's not something you'd have often, and it's questionable if it's worth the price. But as a treat now and then is alright. My only criticism is the what I call the 'The Soft Serve Effect'. You know when you buy a soft serve cone from McD and there's nothing in the cone? That's what Cacao Green does, when piping it into the cup they go around the layer already in there, and so you get an upside down meringue nest-esque thing. Bottom line: there's nothing in the middle.    

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