Dong Que - Footscray @ Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Last week being the first week back was hectic and very very busy, so we ended up eating out a lot, in the city and Footscray. On our exploring adventures - restricted to daylight hours and only on main streets, in an unfamiliar town that to me transports us to a version of asia. A part of being high maintenance is that I'm very hygienic, and always have wet ones and a bottle of dettol on me. And so I do believe that I give harsher review for asian places most of the time. Fortunately everyone got a good review this week.

Monday lunch was at Dong Que.

 As I went at a strange time there was no one there but me.

Inside there's two large screens that played what I think was a vietnamese music show, like Idol, but without the judging. No subtitles included. I asked the guy working there who appeared to be the manager and he said it's 'Paris by Night'.

Some Deco

The manager said that these three figurines are of the national dress of vietnam. With the middle and right being the same, and the one on the left is from a different area of the country.

Now onto the part you've all being wait for... the food.

Didn't take many pictures as it was a table for one, with le beau at home catching up on lost time with his dvds before school starts for him. I actually spent most of the afternoon asleep or in deep discussions on food with my new economics tutor, and so the timing of lunch was unpredictable. 

Beef in Wild Betel with Rice Vermicelli

I really like this dish, which is like saying I love crepes as a whole. But it was good, average, I do think most asian dishes are average though - with the exception of the Bento Boxes at Peko Peko. The carrots were very good though, being pickled it gives the veggies a kick.

It came with fish sauce, which I like with my vietnamese dishes, but if you don't like it hot request no chillies when you order.

The service was good, better than average, and the place was clean. I'd recommend you try it if you're hanging around the area, though if exploring the area I'd try other places too. This place specializes in a certain type of wheat wrapped spring rolls, so if you eat pork you might want to try that. Though as a whole I prefer to go to Sapa Hills a few doors down to the left. ;)

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