Hollywood International Buffet @ Sunday, January 27, 2013


Last Sunday we went to tea at Hollywood Buffet. While I like the idea of buffets, to me they're pretty much for the Homer Simpsons of the world, with my appetite I'm better off with a 3 course meal at a nice restaurant. As most of my friends would say 'It's not an offer, it's a challenge' :P which is why they have time limits.

Afternoon tea at Hollywood is how they "recycle" their lunch buffet "leftovers", I prefer to word it differently though. As they do add freshly made things when we went. For tea they offer coffee or tea (one per person), average margarita pizza (Pizza hut is better), fried noodles and lots and lots of cake cubes and small dishes. My friend who went a few weeks ago said they had ice cream when she was there. There was also a chocolate fountain, though it wasn't in use when we went.


It was average, all the chocolatey-ness sunk to the bottom though, stir before you drink. With sugar they didn't have brown sugar. I'm starting to think asian places don't offer anything but white sugar, they make more profits that way.

 Fried Noodles

These were quite popular with the tea crowd. I don't normally notice this, but we were the only white people there, which felt strange. Hygiene was up to scratch, I'm referring to the buffet, not the other diners. The noodles were quite oily, and had a few bits of veggies in it. Recommend you try it, but don't have too much, you need room for cake.

Coconut Sponge - Macarons - Fruit Jellies
(back to front)

Italian Pastries.
The one in front is also known as 'Elephant Ear'.

Green Tea Cake - Lemon Meringue Tarts
NY Cheesecake - Unknown - Cheesecake
Cream Swans - Fruit Salad in Juice 

Blueberry Cheesecake

Black Forest Cake


Pavlova & Profiteroles

Mango Sago

That's everything except the top shelf of the fridge (I'm short), the top shelf had a range of mousses and blueberry panna cotta.

Plate No.1
Fruit Tart (like), Lemon Meringue (meh), Profiteroles (like), Mini Macarons (yuck!),
Fruit Mince Pie (dislike), Coconut Sponge (like), Scone (dislike), Elephant Ear (dislike).
Recommeded: Fruit Tart (not suitable for vegetarians) & Profiteroles.

Plate No.2
Pavlova (like), Cheesecake (2) (meh), Swan (didn't try),
Mousse Cake (like), Black Forest Cake (love!), some Italian dessert (yuck). 
Recommeded: Pavlova & Black Forest Cake.

 Plate No.2
My best plate picture, though you can't see everything.

Plate No.3
Blueberry Pan Cotta (love!), Blueberry & Mango Mousse (dislike)

Macarons - dry, almost tasted like freeze dried/packaged ones (if they existed).
Scone & Elephant Ear - dry. hard. stale?
Italian Thing - see scone
Blueberry & Mango Mousse - It was very dense, rather than light and airy as I like it.

Fruit Tart - nice, but not for vegetarians
Profiteroles - nice
Pavlova - the dish I got had barely any pav, just lots of cream though
Black Forest Cake - lovely
Blueberry Panna Cotta - lovely

Overall it was average, at $10 you get what you paid for those. A taste or bit of (almost) everything on offer. Missed Mango Sago (most popular dish) and Creme Burlee (they didn't have it) that day, so I might be back. I'd say it's another try once place.

I may have spent more time snapping away than eating, but I did get pictures of almost everything :). One of the chefs wasn't so happy about it, saying I think (don't understand accents...) that the presentation at lunch time was much better. It wasn't what he said, rather than how he said it, in a disapproving and not condescending manner. Fortunately the waiter who served the tea/coffee was friendlier.     

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Blogger A passionate IT Professional said... on April 14, 2013 at 12:19 AM  

Very DISAPPOINTED. Beware of fine prints.

I bought a voucher to its buffet. It states in the top lines that it is valid until early May. However, it hides down in the very fine prints that booking must be made before early April. Therefore, it is practically valid ONLY until early April.

Very disappointed with this type of deceiving marketing approach.

Blogger Charlie said... on April 15, 2013 at 9:42 PM  

Asians aren't exactly known for their hospitality and customer service skills - though there are exceptions.

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