Nhu Lan - Bakery @ Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nhu Lan, a bakery on main street has always been a place that's had long lines (if the people were to line up instead of crowd around that is), it's also notably popular with the cops with the station being down the street. They offer the typical bakery goods, minus scones, and some asian sweet desserts/snacks, but that's not what everyone is here for. P.S. Don't order the cream horns, they aren't fresh.

 The Menu

Sorry about the quality, the DSLR isn't always practical, hence the mini.
Pretty much everything is $4, and there's lots of fillings.*click to zoom* 

Asian subway is how I'd describe it. Though Andy says you get everything in the picture, rather than get to choose. As it's always popularar there isn't time to analyze. So personally I don't see myself eating here in the future. Didn't see any poof of things unhygienic, but still I get the feeling it's average asian standard, Subway is cleaner.

 Someone didn't wait for me to get a picture first...

Andy got the BBQ Chicken, which he says is as good as the one from Bun Bun Bakery in Springvale (another asian town). Like my friends he's fast eater and ate it in under two minutes, and called it a snack rather than meal.

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