Recaps of 2012 - December @ Saturday, January 12, 2013


The last one of the series, the longest one as it was super busy. 22 pictures. 

 One of the things on the list was fries from 'Lord of the Fries'. :)

We went on a scavenger hunt, no real winner. As I was about 1.5hrs late (was at a cc deco workshop) I didn't get everything - which was ok, as I got everything I wanted.

Couldn't resist re-posting this picture. Red Velvet from Cupcake Central.
 Not a part of the hunt, but a freebie I found along the way.  

Cupcake Central Deco Workshop

We went to the opening of Grill'd -Yarraville. I discovered a new brand of organic AJ. A stupid little boy got me drenched in beer! My dry clean only coat and underwear included!

Bought some soap from Lush, it smells amazing, but other than that isn't as good as regular soap e.g. Palmolive's Milk and Honey

We went to a concert. It was great! Emily's knowledge of music is slightly above her knowledge of lititure... next time I'm going with le beau. Jas's knowledge was fortunately much more advance. Afterwards we went for afternoon tea in the form of tapas. Jas ate half the thing before we got to the table (self serve) and Emily finished shortly after. The next half an hour invloved watching me eat...

We went to visit Hector, he was busy and didn't see me. 
Made tiramisu. No one died.

Last card making class for the year. We decorated candles using stamps, tissue paper and a hair dryer. It was cool.

Homemade Dips 12.00
Assortment of dips, falafel chips and ciabatta bread

Dinner & Play with jas at the tavern. His dishes looked cooler than mine...

Sent & Recieved Secret Santa. My SS got me a gift card 
to Dymocks & a cute little mini bottles set of MJ's Daisy. :)

Worked at the Mall.

Went to the Opera's Annual Gala Concert, w/o le beau 
- he works and lives in the country during weekdays.

Saw 'Wrek-It Ralph' it was great!

For our anniversary (Lucy & I), I got a necklace with a bunny on it.

On a Saturday afternoon we went to a craft market and had a lovely picnic with Emily & Jas. 

Got lots of presents for my b'day and xmas, mainly from le beau & co. Had fun analysising what to get them too. 

Boxing Day Sales 2012

MJ Beef Burger 20.00
We went to Mocha Jo's for dinner. It wasn't very good... and very overpriced. 


We went to see 'Les Miserables'. It was very good, even though I feel asleep. :P
I prefer Nick Jonas to Eddie Redmayne though, in terms of singing. 
Funny how the posters are fully photoshopped but the film isn't XD.   

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