Sapa Hills @ Thursday, January 17, 2013

Last Tuesday we went to Sapa Hills for lunch.

 Like most asian places they offered tea, which Andy enjoyed.

It's one of the cleanest asian places in the suburbs I've been.
Unlike most places it doesn't look like an asian kitchen (from what I've seen on 
youtube, a few other asian eateries I've been to, and mychonny - Andy's a big fan). 

I love the custard apple (4.00), though no one seems to know what it is. 
It's an uncommon fruit, slightly more than the dragon fruit. Highly recommended. 

 The Deco
Couldn't resist changing the lighting :P

Spring Rolls & Rice Vermicelli 11.00

It was good, I like it. Though I found it just average. Don't forget to ask for the fish sauce w/o the chilli. I would order it again. Do note that the spring rolls are pork, but you can ask for the chicken ones if you don't eat pork.

The service was prompt and friendly, though an obvious disappointment was seen when Andy just wanted coffee rather than lunch. The place itself was very clean, Andy suggested we check out the bathroom, as if that often sets the cleanliness of the kitchen. i.e. If what is meant to be seen is scary, just imagine the unseen kitchen! e.g. Soda Rock. It's a nice place and I've been back a couple times to order t/a. 

Unfortunately our lunch on that Tuesday was ruined by the brat on the table next to us. This is why I prefer places with lots of alcohol and no children. :P   

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