White Night - All Night Arts Festival @ Thursday, February 28, 2013

On Saturday we went to see 'White Night at the Opera - Gala Concert'. I like the opera, but don't love it like jas. Nor do I know anything about it really. It was great as expected. We had balcony seats which was pretty scary - it was high! very high! not not as high as the seats right at the back. I have a major fear of heights. My favourite two pieces were Verdi | Coro di Zingari – Il trovatore & Wagner | Act III Prelude and Bridal Chorus – Lohengrin. I'm so glad we went to the opera instead of checking out my list of White Night activities.

When you think opera you think of opera gloves & glasses. Champagne (also the name of the last piece they always close galas with). Men in suits and ladies in nice dresses. Unfortunately the atmosphere outside the Arts Center was quite the opposite. People stank of throw-up, public bathrooms and sweat. It was disgusting. Though perhaps it's just a typical night out for most of them, the scene that likes to go clubbing and rub their sweaty bodies against each other *shudders*.

It was scary. Not the best idea ever to go to the city when everyone else was going. As the festival was on the streets we had to struggle through a sea of people to get to the library.


The sign on the bridge around 10.15pm.

We got a good spot on the bridge to see the 'Into the Deep' light/water show, which was amazing. Unfortunately I don't do night photography (can't keep still) and so not many decent pictures were taken on the night.

The Library

Picture taken by jas, as I'm not capable of holding the camera still long enough to get the shot. That and I'm short and can't see anything. As you can see it was very very crowded. There was a music event, harp, cello and two something else (I'm short - and didn't see anything other than the harp). There was a very long line that started from the bottom of the stairs outside. A guy in line says to his friend 'This better be worth it.' :P And it wasn't - according to me, though jas didn't agree. On our way in jas said he saw Steve Bracks and his family. I saw a bunch of guys in grey suits all wearing the same round-ish gold brooch.

Light Projection inside the Library

Afterwards we went to Cacao Green (another post) and jas decided to get Krispy Kreme.

Throughout the night there were artists drawing on the signs on the bridge.

My one decent night shot.

Did you go to White Night?  

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