A Week of Systems Failure @ Monday, April 22, 2013


A long day, didn't sleep last night as I spent Sunday asleep. Managed to stay awake all day. Stayed back late at the library and finished the globalization essay. :) 1/4 completed. Fell asleep during the weekly test and got 7/15 :( going to ask if I can redo it. We got a new guy in our manager project group, he seems nice. 

Feeling very sick :(. Took too many Strepsils (1 per hr, box says 1 per 2-3hrs) so I got a stomach ache, but my throat doesn't hurt as much. What's your remedy for a sore throat? I  had 6 oranges and honey yesterday, but that didn't prove as effective as I thought it would be. The symptoms  runny nose, sore throat, decreased mental abilities and clouded thinking.

Think I saw Austin today, not sure it was him though, but it did look like him. It's only Monday and we have our quote of the week. XD

Quote from Fernando 

I'm pretty sure that a lot of people can identify me by my legs/shoes. :P Oh and whoever he was he had a bag just like the one I've seen Austin with. There's usually a woman who sits in that office on Mondays, though I've never seen her. 

Adventures of the day were a little shopping and lunch at Fugazza, down a little lane way I've never been to before. At Fugazza I ordered the chicken focaccia which was very nice, though did fill me up fast because of the cheese. Next time I'll be getting the half size, as the full is the size of two sandwiches. Oh and they don't do 50% off after 2pm anymore. Bottom photo is the half size.

Chicken Schnitzel
- chicken, provolone cheese, roquette, lemon dressing -
roquette = rocket

L'Occitane had an fb promo where they sent vouchers (with unique codes) for their signature handcream (30ml). What do you have to give in exchange? Name, number, address, email. I hate it when they ask for your address, in this day and age most people already get enough ads. But then again you always know your address and your other address. ;) When I sign up I always use a different name, number and address. 

Stopped by Myer for some samples, the Biotherm girl was very nice and not pushy at all. She wanted to give me a sample of something (I forget) but they didn't have them. Their eye cream looks interesting, though doesn't rate very high.

9 Stepsils later I was feeling a bit better. Went through an entire box of tissues that day.


Too sick to function and yet function I did. Though I don't remember many details for today. On the way to class I got "coffee" in the form of a white hot chocolate from the 'Coffee Cup', it was nice but a bit plain, not as sweet as Gloria Jeans, which I prefer. As I have a membership card I always get BOGOF with hot drinks, sadly no one ever goes out for any sort of drinks with me, except le beau.  Last person (other than him) who had coffee with me died a week later. Who told Austin? :P

Glutenous Sandwiches for a late in class lunch. I really like these, it's like rice with flavouring and a yellow bean. Background at school, dislike, but the lighting was good. A rare glimpse of natural lighting. Why they have ugly lumpy/grainy bricks indoors I don't know. Downstairs in the newly renovated area they've painted the bricks white which is nicer. 

Went to see mr head of IT who doesn't remember me, hoping to get the answer to why Austin rejected me. He looked at my results O.o and knows my best subject is IT, which I had previously suggested I failed and was taking it for summer school (it was my cover story, which even Austin believed - till he saw me not in class and questioned why). Fortunately he doesn't remember. Tuesday gets its own post. So more on that later. 

Possibly why Austin doesn't like me :P

He's not that bad, he's just average, nothing wrong with him, but nothing special either. 

Classes went by, nothing unusual happened. My recorder's acting strange, auto turn off, might need to change batteries or call insurance  Ms events is back :) she was away last week. I had yet another weak moment where I did not stand up for myself and speak my mind. I hate those rare moments. The girls want to have a meeting during the lecture, meaning we'll need to skip the lecture. I said ok, but what I meant is that no I'm not cool with it. They don't record them anymore (budget cuts) and it's not the same as being there. 

Whatever happened to that meeting the other week? Well one girl was on holidays, another messaged me to say she couldn't make it and there was no communication with the 3rd. I asked her about it today and she decided not to respond. She's kinda a bitch, but then so am I when I work with girls. Story of why I prefer the company of men, they don't provoke me and we don't have bitch fights over the little things. 

As I moved my law classes to another day (as a part of the saving me from myself plan) I didn't hang around and got home around 7.30 which has been the earliest time I've gotten home in years. I do miss law at night though, as everything's more intense at night. I'll miss Tuesday, as I used to always look forwards to seeing Austin on Tuesdays.  


Missed the mentalist last night as I crashed, the reason being I'm very sick. I don't get sick very often but when I do it's very serious. Got up today at 4.30pm, 18+hrs later. 

Theatre, where we're given the advice that things aren't going well if we're not up to full run-through by this stage. I finished early as I'm only in act I. Act II pretty much involves only four characters. It's meant to be a comedy but I don't see it...

Funny moments involve discussions on 'ze art of strangulation'. XD There's a bit where Mobius strangles his lover, a nurse. And the discussion is whether he does it with his bare hands (more dramatic) or uses an object to aid him. "Do whatever you feel is more natural." Is often the recommendation. XD Mobius does not know what is more natural. Though using objects of opportunity is the more popular choice (good times in criminal studies and jury duty where a guy strangled his wife with the aid of a bath robe). Everyone is slightly disturbed that I know this. :P 


Slept in, failed to have a session working on that law essay. Arrived a bit late for class (bus leaves when train arrives). Emotional Intelligence Workshop, it was meh. We learnt new things but nothing that really helped. I find self-help books more helpful. It was about being in touch with our feelings, which is a fascinating topic. I deny that I have feelings other than various levels of rage, and as Hector said I detach from feeling alive - on the outside. I do feel things, other than the empty void it's just that I rarely let people know this. Because to be open is to be vulnerable and I like being as Ian said 'Rapunzel in her Tower'. Though occasionally I like people come up for a tea party. :P 

Started the law essay and got overwhelmed, just in the planning stage. There's so much to say, but then am I losing focus on the main concept? Will ask mr law tomorrow, who has given me a week extension on it. :) 

Double booked tonight. Had tickets for a thing at North Melb Town Hall, though didn't go because it was wet & windy, see below.


16hr coma. Things I missed included law class (where mr law was going to check out my essay plan) that aren't recorded anymore, hours of essay work and a show. If I had been to class I would have checked my email and remembered about the show. Mira Calix’s Fables & Other Works at the Recital Centre.

The emptiness is once again consuming me, I feel depressed, lost and broken. :( It doesn't help that the wedding expo's on this weekend and we were going to go on Sunday. All things wedding related make me sad. :(  P.S. I just came across a picture of what was going to be our wedding favour - an apple with a custom sticker.

le beau's pick

My Version 

The doctor, Adrian came to check on me last night which was nice, Helen sent him and a basket of blueberry muffins. :) He confirmed that I have a viral infection. :(.


7.30am. Oxfam Trailwalker. 
5.30pm. Puma's Glow Run
9.30pm. Dinner

Feeling a bit better physically. 

Detailed post coming up.

Was too tired to get real good, so we opted for 'Lord of the Fries' at the station. 


Something I may have forgotten to mentioned is that events can be exhausting, and you're usually always on your feet. I have feet issue and they were aching today, so I spent the day in bed. Drifting in and out of sleep, dreaming about getting ready to go to a nightclub, while the neighbours are having a latex themed costume party and there were foccacias.

Nothing achieved. Once again not going to cards workshop, to stay late and work on that law essay due Friday.  

The virus is back, and so's the cough and sore throat. :( May have to see my dr this week. 

Don't have an energy or will to cook and so today we ate some ritz crackers with cheese for dinner. Need to buy more freezer food. I've just been so exhausted lately with life, a pending breakdown, work due and the virus that even getting up is a challenge.

This week I've set the new low for pictures taken. During the week I only took 3 pictures! :(

How was your week? 

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