A Basket of Cupcakes @ Tuesday, May 28, 2013

21st Tuesday May

A long day, I barely recall getting to school. Two months ago yesterday was our 3rd anniversary  Feeling sad this week, decided to come in costume today. In three days it'll be 2mths since le beau left me. :(

Guess what I wore?
No the denim on the right isn't mine.

We had 7 likes and 1 active hate. People who said I looked nice (or something along those lines): miss acc, mr events (who does sometimes say nice things), office lady, girl in law (said she likes my style :P no I don't dress-up all the time, just fortnightly?) and ms events who liked the colour coordination (she herself has good taste in colours). And then we got some hates, one muslim girl looked disgusted, a few other females did too but not to the same extent. And then there were guys who looked away. XD A guy from eco (why does everyone remember me from eco?!) smiled at me (as he and all the guys from eco do when they see me) blew me a kiss! Oh wow no one's ever done that before.

What they were meant to look like.

What they ended looking like.  

Oreo Cupcakes. Unexpectedly almost everyone is watching their weight, so the frosted half wasn't as popular. People who said yes (no frosting): miss acc, mr events, mr maths (who knows my name and remembers it!). Mr law picked the frosted one. :) Mr IT almost said yes, I was working on persuading him (the unfrosted ones are healthy(ier)) but he sensed I was winning and ran off. :P Gave extra cupcakes to a nice girl in events (she'd been in my marketing class last yr), guy from the treasure hunt we did (yes we won), and a little girl who was crying.

Mr IT is super nice and friendly and helped me look for mr mob (it turned out he doesn't have an office there, but used to) which involved looking up stuff on the computer and asking others, which meant getting up and out of his office. :P We found out he was at his office (somewhere else) and in online meetings. I'll make more cupcakes for mr mob and theatre people next week. :) 

Not much happened in class. Events revision + Q break-down, which I'm finding a bit hard. Law exam prep, so stressed out! We need to make lots and lots of notes and draw diagrams. So much work, so little time! Wished we had a month to prepare. 

Unexpectedly saw Austin and had a panic attack, and I'm on the ground, meanwhile he flies fast walks past. Was going to ask him about that time he pretty much laughed when I got a Q wrong but freaked out and didn't. Left him a cupcake instead, w/o really talking to him. He didn't smile or say anything when I spoke to him, but he did acknowledge I was there and didn't see through me. One day I'll ask him all the questions. In a few years perhaps. 

After class we went to the library to look for that one book we need for law that everyone's after. None left, though I've ordered one from NSW, but it might come too late for the exam. Spent an hour looking for the damn thing, unhelpful librarian! I prefer the other library, where there's two very friendly guys who always help us look for books. 

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