Bridal Expo 2013 & Grill'd @ Sunday, June 30, 2013

16th Sunday June

A couple weekends ago we went to the Bridal Spectacular Bridal Expo (as le beau & I had already bought tix). It was quite small and featured mainly photographers. Reminds me of craft stalls, in that they were all small vendors no one's ever heard of. 3 photo booths, 2 bakeries, 1 celebrant. Not the best representation of the wedding vendors. Definitely not worth the $20 entry (pre-paid online). But there was an amazing cards vendor... these are my favourites.

I love how elegant this looks. It could almost inspire an empire dress. 

Not our style, but still amazing.  


At every expo there's always that odd stall that doesn't go with the theme. For this expo it was the Cancer Council, which I think were offering a wishing well, so that instead of gifts you can ask for a donation for their charity of choice, in this case the Cancer Council.


A couple vendors had chocolate to lure you in, there was a photo booth that let you take a sample which was cool (we're definitely having a booth), ice cream samples (which hurt my teeth!), flip flops from the one and only shoe stall, which I gave to Emily. There was also Alannah Hill doing bridesmaid dresses and accessories. Pretty much all my bridesmaids are men though, and I'm honestly not sure if I trust any of my friends to be responsible or to plan/organize anything. 

I got this clip 'Lovers Lie Flower' from Alannah Hill for booking a styling session. There were nicer ones, but it was random pick. :( I don't see myself wearing this as it's not my style.

Have you ever been to a wedding/bridal expo?

Afterwards we went for lunch at Grill'd, my favourite place for healthy burgers. The one at Southern Cross is music festival themed, which was pretty cool.

Bird & Brie - My favourite.  

Giant Spools?

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The Great Gatsby @ Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Story
*click to enlarge*

The Narrator - Spiderman/Peter Parker Nick Carraway

The Cast - Isn't Isla Fisher pretty? She looks like she's from the 50s to me.

Buchanan Mansion

Meet the Characters
Jordan's so tall & thin she looks twigy.
Love the white curtains, though do you think one day they'll come down?

It never occurred to me Nick & Jordan were together, 
though I thought he had a small thing for her (not literally). :P

Gatsby Mansion Castle

The Man Himself

A "kaleidoscopic circus". 

"I believe that on the first night I went to Gatsby's house 
I was one of the few guests who had actually been invited. 
People were not invited — they went there."

Daisy - Isn't her wardrobe by Prada & Tiffany amazing?

Nick's Cottage - After Gatsby Revamps It
It's so pretty, just like the afternoon tea set.

Did anyone actually eat any of the amazing cakes and macarons?

Indoor Picnic w/o Food - Perfect for Winter

Gatsby's Room & Amazing Organized Wardrobe
Did anyone else find it to look like something in a catalogue?
So impersonal...

All those parties were to get Daisy to come over to his place. 
That took a while, I wonder how much that cost him.

Lovely dress but can you actually sit in that dress?

The Buchanan's Room at the Plaza

Use of lighting makes the castle look so cold & lonely, just like Gatsby. 

I liked the movie, even though there are some major differences. For one I think it's likely that Nick has a thing for Gatsby, that or he just really really likes him - as friends. Love the fashion. Almost everything was so pretty... and I love Myrtle's hair and apartment. Who keeps calling Gatsby? Does Tom's mustache make him look evil? I think so. The 'Valley of Ashes' was pretty sad, realistically I think Myrtle could definitely marry up as she's so pretty. Didn't like Daisy (though you're not meant to) as she's as shallow as can be and goes back to Tom even after Gatsby took the blame for the accident. Though was the story a series of accidents? It was very sad the ending, though in a way right. Gatsby didn't really have anything to live for after Daisy rejected him. The party people are horrible and should have attended his funeral though. 

What did you think of the film?        

Boxed & Packaged Desserts @ Friday, June 28, 2013

OMG! Dessert's - Creme Caramel & Tiramisu 

This seems to be a new range exclusive to Safeway. I've been craving creme burlee for weeks and so I decided to get this. It was interesting... the sauce was way too sweet for my liking and custard was a bit too jelly like (gelatin) and artificial, rubbery-ish. Dislike.

On the other hand the Tiramisu was great! I liked it and would get it again. It was better than the frozen ones you get from pizza/pasta places. Though I still believe the one I made was the best. And the best thing is that you can freeze it in mini mason jars and have them as a semi-frozen dessert.

Green's Chocolate Sponge Pudding

First time I've ever made pudding. Third time I've ever had it, though the other times it was bread & butter pudding.

Not sure if it wasn't fully baked/cooking but it was gross - most of it. 
The cakey bit was nice though. Most of it was a bit like cake batter. 

The Chantilly cream tasted better. :P  

Microwave Meals - Lean Cuisine & McCain @ Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lean Cuisine – Classics Range - Lasagna

30% beef. Too much sodium (34%). 

It's nice, but not particularly meaty, and flavourous. I prefer Sara Lee. 

McCain - Roast Turkey Dinner

Sodium 29.2% 

Dislike, even if I hadn't over baked it. The turkey was two slices you could get at the deli. If you bought frozen mixed veggies, potato and deli turkey you could go DIY. It was nothing special. Cranberry tastes a lot like Strawberry in this case. Wouldn't get this again.

It turns out I'm not a fan of frozen or pre-packaged food. 

C&E - Evelyn Rose Body Cream 170g/48.00

This is C&E's signature scent, as well as redesigning the image of the Evelyn Rose they've also reinvented the scent. It smells amazing, similar to this one by L'Occitane. Though if you're going to all over it's overwhelming, and with daily use you won't be able to smell it soon (just like when you get used to your perfume). So use sparingly in conjunction with a unscented one like Cetaphil. While I like it very much I found it overwhelming (as I used too much). We got one like from a guy for this scent. 

Would I recommend it? No, because while it does moisturize and smell nice it rubs off no that's not my picture, looks almost like when you rub something out off a piece of paper with an eraser/rubber. Also a little does not go a long way, I used this tub up in about 2-3 months. If I was going to purchase a Rose scented cream I'd go for the L'Occitane one.

- Scent, real roses, not artificial. Great if used in proportion, think ratios with a unscented cream
- It's moisturizing

- Being a cream I found it too thick for my liking
- Overwhelming if you use it all over
- Rubs off
- Doesn't last that long
- Price 

Two weeks ago on a Thursday we went to a comedy show. I've never been to a comedy show before.

Pictures from their Site

The Butterfly Club has moved, from somewhere you'd have to catch a tram to, to Little Collins. I've been past their new location though always thought it was another branch, located at the end of an alley way. 

My Picture

A better location, with more room, through it's now on lots of different floors with lots stairs, rather than in a house. The deco's the same, but fortunately not as crowded. With no natural lighting, we didn't really get any pictures. 

Jas & I saw 'The Greatest Show On Earth (No Guarantees)'. It was hilarious and very much recommended  though some acts are better than others. 

Our host (team) WATSON is made up of Adam McKenzie and Tegan Higginbotham. They were both very entertaining, particularly Adam. In one act they did summaries of what the most popular shows were about, e.g. in True Blood everyone's screwing each other. 

Girls Un-Interrupter. Trashy, didn't like it. They portrayed what I think were hillbillies. Colourful language was used, including the c word, which here seems to be used like the n word. It's on that level of offense I'm told. If le beau and Hector were in the room they'd insist we leave, at least till the next act. 

Our second (I forgot the order...) act was Xavier Michelides, who performed 'Coco Pops - The Slogan' an act which has him acting as two characters, a raving possibly coffee high, sleep deprived boss. And his calm employee. Turn left and he's the boss, turn right and he's the employee. It was amazing! At that speed and passion it would be difficult to change characters (speed, tone, speech and all) that quickly. One of my favourite acts of the night. 

Randy The Puppet! I've seen this guy before and he's amazing! And no it's not just because he's purple. I saw his skit about the self-check-out at the supermarket and it was brilliant. Tonight he talked about his ex gf and airport security, when someone's phone went off. He was walking through the scanner at the time and paused and turned towards the noise. And asked whose phone it was. At first no one would admit it, and he said just because he can't see doesn't mean he doesn't know where it came from! And with that he (and the cloth table he was behind shuffled towards the edge of the stage and it was hilarious. XD  Randy ended up using that (the phone message) as a basis for his improve. Not his best act, but still great. At one point he noticed he noticed a pin in his finger and screamed when a woman in the front row took it our for him XD. Unfortunately his act/time on stage was only 10 minutes. :(

Our last act of the night was Justin Hamilton, who did a mini show, the 2nd half of the show. Jas said he liked him most. 

Set List:
“You Sir Can Sh*t In Your Hat”
Country Folk vs Inner City Living
“Are You Aboriginal?”
Today’s Tragedy is Tomorrow’s Bouncy Castl

He was very entertaining, talks of traveling shows, fake nerds (pretty girls who wear those big glasses w/o the lenses  vs real nerds (think comic book guy). XD Real nerd aren't hot and don't get laid. A funny but kinda mean anecdote was given on what a real nerd is like - comic book guy. Justin said he loves to mess with people e.g. he just got back from LA and saw the latest Superman and spoiled it was a guy at the comic book store (Minotaur) who made a fold on his book! That's almost like taking it out of the plastic - no longer mint condition! Another part of his show was on his new line “You Sir Can Sh*t In Your Hat”. 

We had a great time, and enjoyed the show. Whenever jas asks "So how'd you find out about this show?" it either means he thought it was "interesting" (read: wants a refund) and in this case thought it was great! So how did I find out about the show? Found it on my fb wall at some point this/last week, entered a competition (not 25WOL) and won a double pass. Concession tix are 20.00 - but differently worth it. I'm glad we went tonight, as it's the only night Randy was on. 

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