Last Thursday we went to a progressive lunch in Footscray. With Ethiopian, Italian and Vietnamese food on the menu - which was revealed on the day. As we have 46 pictures to share I've made the post four parts, one post for each place we went to.  

The first place we went to was 'Konjo Cafe & Restaurant' an Ethiopian place. 

The Front


It looks like a nice place to meet for coffee with friends.

I like how they have an area for coffee with a more cafe vibe and then higher tables for lunch.

With a group booking for a large table we were led to the back room, 
where on the floor there was things for a coffee ceremony.  

Our waitress was very friendly and described the coffee ceremony, 
and the interesting cheesy yeasty starter we tried. 

Aybe Rolls
Slices of rolled injera with aybe filing (home-made spiced cottage cheese) 4.50*

It was very spicy! You couldn't taste anything afterwards for a while. XD Only one guy could handle the heat, while everyone else downed a glass of refreshing cold water (it was quite warm in there). I recall intense burning. *Price on menu, but we ordered as a group.

Other than high tables in the back there was also a table, for kids?


Roasted Coffee Beans

Black Coffee

Next we were served coffee - black coffee, but before that our lovely waitress bought around a mini pot (?) of roast beans, it smelt amazing! Coffee was served on very interesting cups & saucers, with an African feel. The pattern, deco and style. We all had a slip/lick of the coffee, but only one guy (not the spice guy) actually drank it.

The service was very friendly, and I like the deco. Menu was at the door, quite limited. I have this place on my list as a place to visit for brunch.

Do you like African food? 

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Part 2 - Asian
Part 3 - Indian
Part 4 - Italian

Blogger Alex Kutuzov said... on August 29, 2013 at 3:42 PM  

Love those wooden chairs and the black coffee, looks very cozy, I'll have to check it out when I'm in Melbourne next.

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