Burger & Fries @ Thursday, October 31, 2013

Huxtaburger & Lord of the Fries

I do like burgers, though I tend to get the sauces all over myself unless I have it in the wrapper.

We've always wanted to try Huxtaburger, though the original branch wasn't in the CBD.
After a few years they finally opened a store in the CBD, on Fulham Place (Flinders Lane, enter from Elizabeth St, turn left) very close to Flinders.

On Friday evenings it's loud inside. Beyonce plays through the speaker above the door. 

One of the menus.

Beers go with burgers it seems for they had two boards with a selection of beer. 
For those who don't drink beer there's soda. $3.50 gets you a cup with unlimited refills.
There's bar stool and two long benches, very efficient in space if you think about it.
But do know that you'll soon smell like burgers, even if you got take-away.

Huxtaburger 8.50

I had the original, and it was amazing! Best unhealthy burger I've ever had. The bun was soft and had a slight crunch on the edge where it had been grilled. Bread Top makes them, though they use Huxtaburger's recipe. A collaboration almost, I do love Bread Top's bread.

We shall be back (in a couple months), I loved the Huxtaburger though it's not something I'd have too often. This was my second time at Hux. the last the camera battery failed and we were in a rush to get to the theatre. Someone said that the chips here are of the freezer variety and they're right. The chipotle ones are hot! Didn't like that. 

Highly recommend Huxtaburger as a place to go with friends, though it doesn't have booths that diner feel. It's more of for a quick lunch/dinner. Don't come in a suit though, the office mightn't appreciate the smell of lunch when it's on you. I'd like to get t/a and have it in the park. Get a burger but not fries, the best of those are from Grill'd (best chips) or LOTF (for their sauces).

Huxtaburger on Urbanspoon

Lord of the Fries

This is where you get the best chips with sauce. It's all about the sauces.
Skip the burgers, who wants to eat fake beef anyway - unless you're a veggie/vegan.

I love the Belgium, though on this occasion I tried something new, the Parisian. It was nice, I like it, but I don't love it. This is the kid size ($5) and with a burger I only ended up eating around 10 chips. Best to share them I think. Jas has never had LOTFs before and thought the sauce was odd. But he still liked it.

Lord of the Fries on Urbanspoon

Where do you go for burgers & fries?
One day we shall try Andrew's Burgers in Albert Park.
And have a picnic, by the lake.

Why do people post pictures of them + food on urbanspoon? That's the right link but *scroll*. I don't mean a just a hand in the way or holding the food, but more of something you'd have on your blog. An almost full picture of you + food. People who are here look for reviews and pictures of food, pictures of people don't belong here. They belong on your blog and your blog only.     

Midsummer Night's Adventures @ Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Friday 25th October

The mall had run out of stock a little before 2pm (open till 9pm) so we sent more stock, business is great. :) It's for charity by the way. 

Saw Freud on the bus, after all this time I still have my touch. XD *evil laugh* Mr B one of my favourites (nice guy, average gym teacher, once slipped me the answers for a test before the test) went home (he's from Cali too), we lost touch so I didn't find out till now. 

Saw a different nurse this time, a guy with three piercings in one ear. He took 5 vials of blood! I don't do well with blood, story of why I'm not a dr. :P Nothing turned up on the x-ray as expected, he thinks it's a ligaments thing. Therapy, bad things happen why we talk about Austin. No I can't be an adult about it! I just don't want to see him. And yes it is possible for us to avoid each other which is what we've been doing, and it's going very well.

Dinner, take-away back to the apartment. 

LOTF with Parisan sauce, Jas isn't sure what that is. And I don't know why it's turning into jelly like instead of staying saucy. Burger from Huxtaburger. Best burger ever! Though I felt it was better the first time (theory on levels of satisfaction over time). It was messy with the melted cheese and sauce.

Concert at Town Hall. 27 Organ pipes that I could see. Trumpet Voluntary! Diane's Wedding Song. And our graduation piece. Not my wedding song though, learning towards Cannon in D.

As always it was great, magical. This concert was better than Beethoven (no 5th sympothy). The conductor was very young, 30-ish. We had front row tickets and could see he was married. Great seats, as the floor was flat as it was a hall. Think Springfield Town Hall. 

Salted Caramel Crunch
Two buttermilk pancakes topped with vanilla ice-cream, 
warm salted caramel sauce and roasted almonds. 

Love lemonade. :P We never buy soda.

It was average, nothing special. Same price at chocolate cafe. Overpriced.

We shared the pancakes, a pint of lemonade and had hot chocolate at the Pancake Parlour afterwards. The total was $21 with my student discount and a BOGOF code. Jas says they're trying to be more upmarket, like they can get any more $$.   

Everything was nice, love lemonade served in a pint beer-esque mug. Hot chocolate was nice, but I still prefer the white hot choc at Gloria Jeans, which is around the same price. $6-something. But then again that's around the same price you'd pay at a chocolate cafe. 

Hello Procrastination @ Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Got up at noon, late for a meeting... Goal setting for exams. Raced to the dr, 2mins past 4pm as the nurse isn't paid overtime (yes she said that) she said come back another day.

Wore the new shoes today, love the new height! (I'm short btw.) And I can actually walk in these, just need to remember heel toe and not the other way around (default). Can't run and can't go anywhere dirty like the streets near school though. Will only wear these when heels are essential I think, because it's shiny and gets damaged easily. Got to clean it often, here's some info on patent leather. 

Four big boxes arrived, PRD merchandise. We have the excel stuff ready to do stock count, before and after, also got a spreadsheet to record sales on the day. Though we tend to forgot to record it... Father being the permanent pessimist said no one's going to buy it. He seems to be under the impression I'm selling it from home... I'll be selling it at the mall on Saturday.

$10 Bangles

Not the cake from Michel's Patisserie.

Andy's b'day. Cake from Michel's Patisserie, way to creamy, didn't like the sponge, cream straight from a can. For unknown reasons another cake was bought, a cream sponge from Safeway, much cheaper but also much nicer than the first cake. Fresh cream was used. For my b'day I don't want a sponge cake though, I want something perhaps from LuxBite.  

Discovered a new show, Garrow's Law a British period legal drama about the 18th-century lawyer William Garrow. We do love period dramas, though this one's a bit meh, set in a court room it's not that entertaining. That and there's one main female character. Georgian era. Everyone's kinda old, I think it is more for adults than for me. Here's some info on the show.


Woke up in the afternoon, bad dreams about trying to escape a building high up, windows too small and high up to get through. 

Counted stock. Someone forgot to lock the gates as the mailman dropped off a parcel at the door. Voice recorders, an $$$ one that you can recharge via the computer or plug in the wall vs a $ one that uses batteries (non-rechargeable)?

Shopping. 4 tubs of ice cream, 16 Drumstick Cones, 12 Bounty & Mars sticks ice cream. Spent around $50 on ice cream. :P I may hoard sweets a little, but I don't eat them all at once. We have a rule where we can only open something sweet once a week e.g. TimTams and must share (if possible). With ice cream it used to be every 2nd night but now it's twice a week. And Monday is always the start of the week, not sometimes Sunday.

Not my picture of the Mars Bar Ice Cream, which was average. Nothing special. 

Do you a have a rule to limit dessert? 


I had a dream that I was awake and there were glow-in-the-dark plastic bones in the bed. That didn't go too well. Productivity isn't going to well. We've typed up the Maslow notes but it's not enough. Doing further research. Topic 1/7. 4 huge topics and 3 slightly smaller ones. 

Surprise Mail on Monday @ Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday 21st Oct

Productivity fail. Tired from yesterday we slept in till 2.30pm. Had a meeting today but didn't go as I was waiting for the mail (big boxes for the event on the weekend) which never came... Gate was left unlocked and a woman with a big yellow umbrella got in (not the mailman) asked something on the lines of 'join my church'. No thanks. I'm keeping the gates locked next time. Someone else got to the door and rattled the door knob for some unknown reason, we got scared and hid for a while. That was the mailman, but not with the merchandise for work I was waiting for...    

Surprise mail! I love surprise mail, it's rare as I know what I'm expecting. Protein no rum balls (I'm not eating that), a face mask (like) two lipstick/glosses from Innoxa, an empty spritz bottle and two essential oils. 

I do love face masks (except that formula something brand which burns)
 but don't really buy them as I don't think they do much.

What's the point of wearing lipstick if it's nude? Not my style, so this one's for Lily (there are lots of advantages to being my friend, especially if you're my only close female friend) who likes nude lipsticks. The Lip Glaze/Gloss was also nude and smells like coconuts though the name is Guava. 

I love Aromatherapy  once I actively pursued it, but then realized it's an expensive hobby. Quality essential oils are expensive here though not back home. The cheapest quality ones you can get are from the Body Shop for $10 (Christmas Edition). 

There's a number of ways you can use essential oils, in the bath, for steaming, compression, massage and room spray. I like the last two. Though I only know how to make a room spray (oil + vodka + water). Here's a guide

Oil Garden Aromatherapy looks like a quality brand. We received a spritz bottle (note that the bottle is empty and is meant to be - though in the stock picture they have it with liquid...) and two oils: Geranim (a flower that I didn't know had a scent) and Neroli (flower on a orange/lemon tree). I quite like the later.  

Armageddon Melbourne 2013 - Craft Stalls

This is the final installment of the four posts on the Armageddon Expo, and my favourite. While I do love cosplays and costuming I didn't recognize most of them. Last year I checked out the entire expo (held at the Expo & Convention Center) in just a couple hours, this year the venue was much big and hotter and smellier. There weren't too many stalls I loved, but this year there's a new element to it, as always there's artists selling stuff, stuff that cosplays and comic lovers liked, but there were also craft stalls!

I do love the craft markets, where women (mainly women, I find their guys do help on the day though :P) sell things they made (rarely do I see something that came from ebay). It looks fun, there's things from felting to beading, metal work and polymer foods (think Tiny Hands but with less shipping costs, no you can't eat that). Lots of gifts for girls, jewelry and home deco mainly. 

When I was in middle school one of the subjects that we could pick (I specialized in 'Food as Gifts', IT and Maths) was textiles, I don't remember what the class was called exactly but it was about learning new mediums. We made phone covers from felt (that was pretty cool, though I wished we made something cooler) as it we made the felt, lots of water spray and bubble wrapping. There was that thing where we stuck contact paper (I did stars) to fabric and sponged on colours (I created the night sky), ribbon rose embroidery, cross-stitching and something like water painting, but on silk. It was really fun, most of the girls either don't talk to us or are bitches, but that's what happens when you do all girl classes. We kept our work in lockers that had keys (sabotage was very popular). I wonder if they have those classes here, if they did I assume it would be $$$ and night classes ran by tafes.

There were lots of stalls at the expo, but these are my favourites. 

Sucre Noir

The $3 Lucky Dip was sold out pretty quick and very popular. I do like her style - but didn't buy any lucky dips because I didn't want to potentially get earrings (Lily is the only girl I know who who wears them, and SN isn't her style). This is SN's first stall, she sells through other vendors. Last year she did an awesome brain brooch that I bought for Helen (who really liked it, she's a surgeon, but not into brains or plastics). Next time I shall get some lucky dips. :) fb & esty  

Molar Earrings $20 - Bunny Skeleton Brooch $12 

The molars (?) are pretty cool if you're a dentist. My favourite is a guy though, he was great, and promoted to dental surgeon. Wouldn't that be creepy if it was real teeth? :P

SN does things a glass ball! Not ring person... but she does do pendants! 

Lily would love the toadstool one. ;)    

I love papercraft, quilling I think it's called, this style/medium. It's on my list of things to learn  I've seen things in frames and on cards, but never seen it as jewelry! It's a work of art.  

I like the rainbow cat and pacman!

Not sure how much the necklaces are, but the earring are only $10, which I think is a good price. Lily would love the cherry ones. Not saying if I bought it or not though. :P  Didn't see the cherry necklace at the time but now I must check it out! Edit: I prefer the brooch, it's now on my wishlist. ;) 

$3 Lucky Dips! To me lucky dips usually translate to 'random crap that isn't worth much that we couldn't sell' but that doesn't apply to craft markets. With the owner at the stall this time we discovered most of the lucky dips were earrings (I don't wear earrings). But there are necklaces and brooches too. 

I bought two, a red pencil brooch for le beau (yes I know he said no to brooches unless they support a cause, but he'll like this one). And a flower necklace for me, I don't think it's an actual flower but I do love the rose.

Those were the only two stalls doing cheap lucky dips, there were a couple others who did $10/$15 ones. At that price I don't want what I'm buying to be a mystery...

Potter Inspired Potions $16 each or 2 for $30

This lady makes very cool HP Potion Bottle Necklaces! 
With so many amazing ones she changes her necklace daily (the one she always wears).

I'd like to buy one, but I can't decide which one...
There's more but I only took a picture of the ones at the front.
She also does an amazing bottle with a rose in it! *pokes wishlist on sidebar*  

POW!/BAM! Superhero Comic Necklaces $15 
That would be amazing on a tie bar, is it a bit much though?

They have bottles of choc-chip cookies! Sold individually?
Only seem them sold with bottles of milk on etsy.

Chocolate Scented Oreos $8. Same seller as the potions.

Attractive Alternative Accessories

This stall was one of the best set-ups I saw, the way everything's positioned.
Looking to do a class on visual merchandising next year. :P

Bows! I love the top left one, but didn't get it as I don't have anything that matches it.
The bottom left bow looks almost les mis-esque inspired to me.

While she doesn't make these, she does paint each one.
They look interesting, not my style though.

Potion bottles!

They had blue bottles of glow-in-the-dark stuff on a cord. Looks relatively man friendly to me. :P This was probably the one thing I didn't get a good picture of. It's on the one on the bottom right with the silver cap.

A charm bracelet! I love the look of that.

First vendor I met at the expo, she had cool Shrek ears and was a bit shy.  
She's from Sydney and she doesn't sell online - yet.

I quite like the purple bunny necklace but didn't end up getting it as honestly I'd wear it only a couple times. That and I felt the cameo rose was it bit off. Something aesthetically isn't right. I wear a lot of brooches that I change weekly, on my blazers. Not a bracelet person, but I love delicate silver necklaces, gifts from le beau are the ones I wear daily.

Same seller also sold these cute little bottles, around an inch high.
Looks like a keychain, but you could stick it on any chain really.

I love little things in bottles, and slowly I'm figuring out what is it about them exactly.
At the moment it seems to be glitter floating in some sort of special water. 

Do you like things in bottles? What is it about these bottles that's so pretty?

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