Suit Up & Scavenge - In the City @ Saturday, November 30, 2013

2nd Friday Nov. Scavenger Hunt. We won! The Three Musketeers (it was either that or 'The Triad'). We started with four but one felt sick and went home. :( If you 'suit up' you get bonus points, 1/3 of us did (running in heels + a full suit) while I bought ties (they said a tie counts :P).

To start we had to throw a paper plane with five blue people in it from point a to b. Given was white and blue paper. Girl in the suit stuck them inside the fold and has a great arm for throwing. We were the 2nd last to leave.

Things Collected: Joker Card (coincidentally my business card design is a playing card and I had a few on me, but alas no joker), Road Sign (on the sheet it said don't do anything illegal, hmm... well I didn't have a chainsaw on me anyway) didn't say it couldn't be a brooch. :P And the third thing is from a fortune cookie, found at asian cafes for $1. $1.50 Playing Cards, other cheap stuff, Arthur Warehouse on Swanston. Also great for penpal stuff, tourist things. Playing cards are a rip off at tourist shops, we found them for $10, other group for $7.

Pictures. Flinders Clock at 3.27pm. I was doubting if I could read analog at 3.25! Been watching it for a while. Cool graffti, this was one of the pictures we took, but the one we used was a bunch of coloured squares with different pictures of Micheal Jackson. It was dirty looking, so I'm not posting it. This one in the picture was commissioned for the shop.

Things Collected. We really should stop asking for things from travel agents.

There were two types of tasks, collect and take a picture of stuff. Fortunately they didn't ask for 100 chopsticks this time (we umm... "borrowed" some last time, my partner in crime didn't do it as he had a fear of being deported :P) but if you ever need them I found the 100 pack at Daiso on Flinders for $2.80.

Box = didn't do that one. Forgot the 'something round' but the box we kept all the stuff in did have a round hole it in, not sure if that counted. There was no playground in the city, though there might be one near the museum. Flyer was also at the museum, none at the visitor's center. I had a penny and a quarter on me, but not $1 bill... Sad isn't it? Fortunately one of the other girls had one.

There are no lawyer and accountants in the city, jas is an accountant but I didn't have his card. Tip from guy in the other group: the printing place on Collins in the walk-way with lanterns/lights has them all, ask for samples. No petrol in the city. Love Gasp, but they were closed. Finding the soap was a challenge, got shower gel FCUK brand from one. Beds found at Myer/DJ on Bourke St or at Harvey Norman at QV.

The other girls were much more bolder than me and leaded most of these ones, I found a man with a dog, coin from the bookshop (the librarian had coins from the 60s!). Our someone famous was Matthew Flinders (I did a bit of Australian History a while back, and le beau knows everything). Another team got a picture with a billboard with the vampire who sparkles. Street sign brooch! Studied law, they didn't say it had to be metal and big or anything. No other team got this one.

l was looking for maybe a boggle head of Bill Gates, checked underground, nope the adult shop doesn't have them. But Japan probably does. In the end we got a book called 'Bill Gates' another team met a person called Bill Gates? I was confused about that, and they deleted that one. First team back! + 60pts for ties + 1.5 suits.

Didn't think we'd win, or come last, but we won! We were also the first team back (thought we were late, everyone was, but we got there around 7mins after and were still the first back). We're getting the back engraved with my name, the event and date, then adding it to the trophy room gallery. 

We won a ticket to the zoo each. 2nd team got tickets to the jail and 3rd to the Eureka Tower. Which I think is the coolest, but it looks like we'll be going to the zoo after exams and before the kids are out for summer break. 


  • Bring a full-charged phone with credit. Exchange numbers.
  • Clipboard, always a good idea.
  • Map things out and plan the fastest route.
  • Pens + highlighters, goes with the clipboard.
  • The 'Arthur Warehouse' on Swanston (before Flinders Lane)  = cheap random $2+ shop.
  • Ask the guides in red for help. Or google stuff.
  • Carry some foreign money you might think would be asked for. USD/Yen (Japan).

Have you ever participated in a scavenger hunt?

21st Thursday Nov

Another day of shopping adventures. Wish they didn't have it the day after Chadstone, those who shop till they drop need a break. Fortunately I don't need to buy/carry much. Bought the final piece for xmas gifts exchange (only got the SS to go, need to be up for the walk to get there though, hurt my foot, day 2).

The Body Shop. Chance to win a salt scrub, sticker under cupcake. Random chance. Let jas go first while I analyzed. Jas knew I was going for the cookies 'n' cream O.O before I did (analyzing, it was one of a kind on the tray). I won! Or rather jas let me won, as on his own he would have picked that one. That was nice, I have friends who'd sell it to me if they won. :P

Love these lights.

This are strange. World Vision was near Boost and no where near here.

Pretty lights...

Deco. Neon colour theme.

Another Pylones Store.

Sushi for lunch! Craving fresh things. Microwaved the salmon again. :P 
Love the egg. Did some research on classical conditioning.

Dinner at Snag Stand. As part of the shopping day all their hot dogs were $5. 

Nothing was sold out at the time. So many choices....

We had the Greek I like it. Would I get it again? Yes, for dinner due to convenience. But there are lots of $10 dinner places in the city I'd like to try. Recommended? Yes. This is the best one I've had and we've been here a couple times.

Food treasure hunt. Guy in front of us failed to get a 2nd sign-up sheet for his gf when they were handing them out (she went to get something, he lined up for them). 

Green smoothie from Boost, it was ok. Very nice unknown drink from Chatime (bubble tea, asian Starbucks). Coffee, yuck. Lamington from Pancake Parlour - if only they sold this size or something up to 2-3 times the size. I have ordered this before and I liked it, though I still love their lemon butter one. Can't justify spending $18 on dessert though. We finished the activity within 15mins.

No you can't have a balloon. I asked.

Cool Teapots. Candle for novelty only says jas.

What does hope mean? Why is Christmas all about giving and poor people?

Butterbeer at Starbucks! The barista (coffee making guy, not lawyer) didn't know the recipe, not an issue, I have it in my notebook. Jas had coffee in his so it didn't taste like it was meant to. The cream with caramel drizzle and toffee nut was amazing! Can I get a bowl or lidful if it? Not so good at describing it, but do try it once or twice. After we ordered it the barista guy made one too as he had never had that combo. He was cool. I don't usually notice baristas as buying coffee is a low-involvement thing and I go pretty fast. Though I always notice the girl who tells me they don't do brown sugar as I'm the only one who requests it. Nowadays I BY(M)O.

Butterbeer - Cold Version
A Crème Frappuccino, whole/full cream milk
• 3 pumps of caramel syrup
• 3 pumps of toffee nut syrup
• Top with caramel drizzle 
Sprinkle toffee nut bits on top

That's for the large size, but your barista can do the maths to adjust it to suit a smaller size. Note that here toffee but is limited ed only around for Christmas. 

Tomorrow's Adventures
- Seeing the Dr (possibly needles involved!)
- Treasure Hunt! (perhaps Adrian was talking about this one)
- Luxbite Pre-Dinner Dessert 

Chadstone VIP Shopping Day - Part 2 @ Thursday, November 28, 2013

Went to Jasper Junior, lucky dip. Not worth it, I got a pinwheel. But they have amazing dresses there I like to check out. $400-ish dresses for little girls. Wish I had that when I was little but I heard kids grow fast so it's not worth it. But still it's so pretty.

The dresses themselves are plain, but if you add tulle, lace and flowers they're amazing.

Detailing. You could DIY the roses. Make a headpiece.

Foam ladybug stickers $3.

Lucky Dip.

Came across two pop-up stalls that do personalized baubles.

They're amazing, a steady hand is required.

Amazing beading detailing.

Christmas Koala.

We're always looking for inspiration for art class, and this one's one the kids can do.
You'll need a plain bauble, rhinestones and glitter glue/paint.

A gift. Interesting choice of colours, would have gotten my name in purple.
But I did like the silver on blue base.

Pricelist, small is very small. The one I got is XL I think.
A tree of baubles is pretty cool, not so sure about mixing colours though.

Ishka (Indian/Boho/Hippy store) was doing tarot card readings. 
Got the time on the info book wrong, plus they said it's free. 
Too be good to be true? Yes, it's $50. 

Love these, it's in my Art & Craft folder. Very easy to make. Orgami paper + shadow box frame. Those frames are $$ even from Ikea, but Target sometimes has a sale on their frames, that's where I get mine from. The $2+ Shop & Reject Shop don't have much in this department.

Harder to make, I once made one, or rather half of one and then gave up.
These are $6.50 each, I bought the music one. Free delivery to Melbourne.

Things in bottles are always a great idea. Ordered some of these too.

Cranes in floating glass bubbles, love these. If you can get the bubbles in bulk they're a great deco feature, you can stick tealight candles or flowers in them. Or paper cranes made from sheet music. Also love fairy lights, these are flower shaped, if only I had a place to hang them.

DIY-able if you come across the things you need. Luckily I bought quite a few bottles on our trip overseas and got them for $1 each. Here they're either rare or expensive. No one will give you the name of their supplier.

My favourite, unfortunately they were around $13 each.

Lindt - Hot Chocolate

Lindt. A variation of the last group buy deal they had, but instead of waffles you get another brownie, 3 brownies. I don't even like brownies. Chocolate overload, 11.30pm and I still don't feel too good. And that was with us getting part of the platter take away, and having a glass of water each.

Xmas Edition. Macarons used to be closer to $2. One day $5 will be the new $2.

The Bill 

Love the green wall at Wittner.

Another day of shopping adventures tomorrow. Wish they were a week apart. 
Not doing the treasure hunt (that I've never done - yet) as the dr wants me to "take it easy".

Did you go to the VIP Shopping Day? It's the best time to buying Christmas Presents.

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