Wonderbao & Mamasita @ Saturday, December 21, 2013


Custard Bao $2

I've always wanted to go to Wonderbao but as it's at the opposite end of the city to the office we never went, and I was pretty happy with BaoNow. But then closed down. :( So off we went looking for Wonderbao. It's one of those places that are tucked away from the main street that you wouldn't know where to find unless you were looking for it.

To get there walk from Melbourne Central, on the left till you get to A'Beckett Street. Go down that street. On the right you'll see Roll'd (end of the first block on the right), left is 'We Cafe' go into the walkway. It's at the end on the left. Don't climb the pole, it's not up there.

The front or side of Wonderbao seems to be an alleyway. Hence location is not its best selling point. Seating is limited, but there is natural lighting for pictures. Best to get take-away.

I had the Custard Bao which was ok, the filling wasn't soft and smooth. I prefer BaoNow. Most of their offerings have pork, there's one chicken but there's mushrooms which I'm not into. So this place wasn't high on my list of places to eat.

Would I recommend Wonderbao? Yes but only if you love you pork. 

Otherwise there isn't much to offer.          

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Mamasita is another place I've always wanted to go to, but didn't. Why? There was only one thing I wanted to try: their char-grilled corn. That and as it was super popular people always talked about the lines. Contry to Emily's belief that it's near the Southern Cross end of Collins St, it's actually the opposite. It's near parliament and the 'Paris-end' of Collins St, near the Sofitel (I'd love to stay there! Weddings are popular to hold there.).

As we went up the stairs (not dissabilty friendly) Emily declared she liked this place, from downstairs the chatter and noise could be heard. It was noisy and her style (Emily's a modern girl who likes her concerts and keeping everything causal. The complete opposite of me.). It was loud and before 5pm on a Friday. This places seems more of a bar than a lunch place. 

Horchata $7
vanilla bean, rice, cinnamon & carnation

I've never had carnation before, wonder what that's like. The Hortchata was gross even after I added a few tablespoons of sugar. I thought it would be nice... but the carnation taste was very strong and yucky. Asked for condensed milk but they didn't have any.

It was bigger than Fonda's version in a mason jar. 

Taco de Puerco $6
Al Pastor-style pig's cheek, fiery apple & white cabbage

Meanwhile Emily had a pork taco which she said was great. She had pig's cheek and yet felt grossed out about eating ox's tongue... Jas would eat both. Don't remember why I didn't get a taco, we'll be back and I'd get the fish and steak. Or we'll just go to Fonda again.  

 Elote callejero $5
“Street Style” chargrilled corn, queso, chipotle mayo & lime 

I liked the corn. Actually I love it! But if we were at Fonda I'd get their corn too, which isn't as flavourous as this one. If you do visit Mamasita you must try this. 

Tostaditas de Pollo $12
Chargrilled chicken, avocado, chipotle mayo & queso fresco

Emily likes meals while I'm a snacker, though she liked this place much more than me, as it was her kind of scene. Best to go with friends for drinks, but I don't really see this place as somewhere I'd got for lunch/dinner, but rather just for nibbles.

They do ice cream 'Helados'! Being so small down there in the corner of the menu I didn't see it. Helados de Maíz - sweetcorn ice cream, caramel, popcorn $6. We're definitely coming back for tacos and ice cream. But at 12pm as soon as they open so there's less people and noise. 

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