Saturday 25th January

Le beau & co are back! I came over for lunch and somehow we ended up taking a nap, with him still tired from the trip, even though they got beds in first class. It was nice being with him even though he was asleep. And no I didn't watch him sleep, I always had a book to entertain myself. :P I find watching people sleep is creepy. 

In the afternoon we went around the city to see all the pianos. At each one he played a wedding piece (not off by heart, he's not performing at our wedding :P), got recordings for him. Though he's not ok with me posting them :( So I bought around a kimmidoll with us to take pictures. :) We also played 'Cannon in D' as a duet at each piano, which I loved. <3 

Got them all except no.8 (?) on the bridge, which was the one I got pictures of the other day. We shall be back after work tomorrow. Walked all the way from Flinders to the Malthouse Theatre. Loved playing the piano in the gardens, and the carpark was pretty cool too, it had a 'Phantom of the Opera' feel to it. My favourite piano to play was the asian drama themed one on the stage at the Arts Center, near the Tram Bar but not the one closest to it. We also loved the 'Alice in Wonderland' one at the library.

We're posting this in the order we visited them and not the order in which they are chronologically ordered as that's too mainstream :P actually it's because of the lighting and shadows, through shadow angles you can tell what time it was taken, you can also tell how tall or short the person taking the shot is. 

No. 6 Flinders Street Station

The most popular piano we saw, next to a florist. Le beau bought me roses later one. <3

No. 7 "Federation Square" River Terrance

Thinking fed sq was close we went there next, lies, it's down the stairs near the stage.
This is was one of le beau's favourites, I suspect it was the lego :P, he also liked the location.

Heading towards the library and no.1 we went to the church next.

No. 5 St Paul's Cathedral

This one was interesting, the bricks aren't painted on, instead it's a fabric/material thing glued onto the piano. Lots of flags, we thought this one suited the location. I found the USA flag! Behind it is the German flag, there's lots of international kids from Germany at school. The semi-ish circles on the inside were cool.

I'd love to get some Medieval themed shots here.

Knitted Trees 

No. 4 City Square

We like this one, it's very arty. Got a great picture for Sakura. 

No. 3 The Chessboard

This one's pretty, gum tree leaves and flower/nut things. 

No. 2 Tivoli Arcade (Near Subway opposite Target).

This one was hard to find, as it wasn't actually in the arcade. What does ghost busters, pacman and pop cat  have in common? The only piano to be graffitied. Though I always thought it was ugly. Except for the cool pacman game on top.  

Green Tea Soft Serve 

No. 1 State Library

Alice in Wonderland Theme! One of my favourite pianos. 

Seems they couldn't find white roses to half paint and let it drip, 
so they used Christmas flowers instead.

This one's right up out front of the library. Some playing cards have foam backs.

Finished checking out the ones in the CBD we trammed backed to Flinders. 

No. 9 Princes Bridge

Nutcracker theme! I'd prefer a sharper style though with fine brushes.

Next we headed down the stairs. Oh wow the river is dirty...
But we spotted three thin streamline silver fish! 

No. 10 Arts Center - Riverside Terrace

Shipwreck theme? Love how the location and theme match.
Great detailing and colouring, one of the most complex ones to design/paint.
The guy after us played 'Your Song' which I liked, he said he learnt it off youtube.

And that concludes part one.

Part two coming up tomorrow.

Quarterly Empties @ Thursday, January 30, 2014

Quarterly Empties because it takes me forever to finish anything, which can be a great thing when it's expensive. But I do like to try new things.  

Trilogy Eye Contour Cream 20ml $45
Oh wow that's expensive! Though that's not the most I've spent on an eye cream. We got this through a fb promo. Love that it's super gentle and natural. But sometimes I need more moisturizer. Not sure if does anything other than moisturize though, that or I can't tell the difference. Might buy this, but I'd like to try other brands. 

Trilogy Very Gentle Moisturizing Cream 50ml $38
Love this, being a cream it's thick but absorbs well into the skin. Smells odd at first, but it's not unpleasant. The pump is great, love that. I have dry-ish (schizo) skin and this is perfect for dry days. Would I recommend and buy it? Yes! This could be the one. Great for dry & sensitive skin. Oh and it lasts much longer than you think it would, and I'm wearing it atm. 

C2 Collagen Firming & Moisturizing Face Mask (5pk) $36
Felt nice, but I feel didn't do anything. Most masks it seems are more of a placebo thing. You could easily go DIY for a cheap and natural one at home. This one is a $7.20 a mask!

Ego QV Face Nurturing Night Cream 50g $14
Nice and thick is the way I like it. I felt this one was a bit basic though, but it did remind me of Burt's Bee's Night Cream for Sensitive Skin. This is for dry skin by the way. I'd get it if I was on a budget. 

Ego QV Cream 250g Jar $11
This is for your body. I use it when I need extra moisturizer, in combo with the lotion (we always get the big 1L+ pump bottle). A staple we'd get over and over again. I like my body creams/lotions unscented so I can wear perfume.

Nivea In Shower Body Lotion Skin Conditioner 400ml $7
This is great, goes on nice and fast. It's all about convience. Classic Nivea scent, but it disspears fast. But I find sometimes the moisturizer even the dry skin version is not enough. But I would buy this again. 

Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula Handcream 56g $6
I really like this, goes on like a gel rubs in like a cream. Dries fast. Though not as moisturizing as L'Occitane this is in my top 3 tried & tested handcreams.

Redwin Tea Tea Shampoo 250ml $4.50
The cheapest shampoo I've ever bought. Some say it's the cure for a crazy oily scalp, didn't work for me.

Neutrogena's Deep Clean Gentle Oil-Free Scrub 125ml $11
My new favourite scrub it's a more gentle version of St Ives. Smells nice too. 

Sukin Nourishing Lip Treatment 10ml $7
A thick gel to be used after exfoliation. It's ok, not a daily lip thing you'd wear though. Not for me. Tip - Sukin's cheapest at CW.

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream $19 & Powder $27
Great for a light coverage, too much and you'll look like an oompa lumpa though! Bought the cream (more like liquid as it's runny). I do like the matte texture of this pressed powder - but I'm sure there's cheaper powders just as good. Never pay full price, Target sometimes has this one sale. Cream on sale at Big W at the moment. 

Clean & Clear Essentials Oil-Control Toner 100ml $6.50
This one's great for oily skin. Cheap and cheery. 

Marc Jacob's Honey EDP - Sample
It was ok, I like it but wouldn't buy/try it again.

Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner 125ml $8.50
Love this, it's refreshing and citrus. Great on a hot day, keep it in your handbag (wish they had a travel size) or draw at work. I'd definitely get this again, much more affordable than Jurlique.

What are you loving at the moment? 

The Yoghurt Club - Southbank @ Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A location out of the city, well opposite the bridge, towards Crown, for the lazy tram down to Crown/Convention Center, it's near McD and before the big red steps. If you feel like a walk take the underpass at Flinders, go across the locks bridge and walk towards Crown.

Berry & Vanilla Froyo with Canned Lychee $12

It's a small little shop, with seating for two. But why would you want to sit inside when there's seats outside in the gardens along the riverbank? - Unless it's raining.

Even though the space is tiny, I like what they did. There's a little cove and on both side they have mirrored walls, which makes the space look larger. Not too sure about the wall being covered in paper ripped from spiral notebooks though.

Froyo $12 (paid $7 with a vou) can you believe 5 lychees (canned) changes the weight cost from $9 (w/o toppings) to $12?! They only had two flavours, berry and vanilla. Toppings sucks, nothing special, assorted canned fruit and cereal. Really who puts cereal on froyo? Same prices as elsewhere, inconvenient location. Don't bother. Also a marketing tip, people prefer to buy by size rather than grams. $2.60 for 100g means 26c a gram, that doesn't sound good.

The Yoghurt Club on Urbanspoon

The place at Melb Central on the same level as the station has lots more toppings.  

Black Dresses, Coconut & Lime @ Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monday 20th January

Unproductivity. Woken by the delivery guy who has decided to go by name rather than address. The number isn't even the same, we're no.42 and the parcel says 7... The neighbour far down the street (still a neighbour, or too far to count?) was very nice, and had a cute puppy! She had super soft silky fur (I wasn't wearing stockings).

Considered going out to lunch, but wasn't feeling up to it (or leaving the computer). But then we remembered we were meant to go to the dr, couldn't recall why... Eventually we got it, there were forms to fill out. After the dr we went for an early dinner. 

Simply Grill'd

There's more to it on the other side. :P

Love Grill'd's chips with chili mayo.

Free Burger - Choices.

Burgers & Chips (to share) at Grill'd. They're having this promo where each week there's a special offer, once your state hits a certain temperature. We were lucky, had the lowest one at 24 degrees. There's a few burgers you can choose from. My favourite is still the chicken, pear and cranberry sauce that seems to be limited ed, and only found at QV (the manager there is really nice, though people at Grill'd are usually very friendly). Also love the bird and brie.

Found at Aldi, mixed reviews, but it's popular.

Saw 'The Internship' which was good, the end credits was pretty cool. My favourite scene would be the nightclub (or is that a strip club? 1.06.53). Megan (Bill's gf) looked familiar, she looks different with legs :P (Ariel in OUAT). Will Ferrell once again plays the A-hole just like in 'Wedding Crashers'. :P The Quidditch thing was interesting, though the snitch was disturbing. 

We do question how clean a club is though. Sucking on a strangers fingers is gross, who knows where that's been. Never seen a dance area with sprinkles before. Tapioca's pretty, some of them are so thin it's freaky. Ribs are freaky. 

How google ensures its staff will practically live on campus. :P Free (good) food, gym and nap pods. Since you can't date people you work with looks like you're married to your job. 

Google Office is amazing! Is the food really all free? Seems you can eat there but not take anything home. :P We have no idea what all the computer talk means though... You're never more than 150 feet = 45.72 metres away from food, that can't be good. Helping their employees be and stay healthy the bikes are pretty cool though do they come with helmets?


The florals in that picture are amazing, this wedding would have cost over 100k it looks like. But it does look amazing! That would cost so much... Wonder how much that will cost for 25 people, with a smaller room/deco and all. We're checking out a potential venue next week. Love that centerpice! Cheap and fun, shame it doesn't fit the theme, but if we go with a luncheon we might use it.

23 Ways your Wedding could be Ruined
No. 1 - It rains and you had an outdoor wedding. Beach weddings only happen on tv, or if you live in QLD and it's not winter. But then it could be humid. Outdoor weddings always have plan b. in case it rains, but we all know plan b. as never as good as a.

Late to class, lagging. Perhaps staying up to watch tv/work till 4am wasn't a good idea. Mocha! Still no brown sugar. :( Got some hw. We're the last class to do the carbon project. As the PM declared global warming is a lie cause he's an idiot, the school is scrapping the project, as it's not relevant anymore. Carbon emissions trading stuff and co.

National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 (NGER Act). Really? Someone had a sense of humour, though that could be offensive. Funny though how the act has to go through both houses and it's a long process, and yet the name/acronym was approved... 

Finally exchange the candle, location: studio in a block/area of mini warehouses/showrooms. Long walk from the main roads with lots of trucks. Chose the 'Coconut & Lime' but I do love 'Cinnamon Buns' perfect for winter.

Currently reading... looking for the perfect LBD, Target has a large range. 

Back to the city we had a snack, went to QV to spend my giftcard to find out systems were down. Should I get a barrette and pay $5 extra, or a reed diffusor and a dust pink 'D' xmas tree deco thing?

Took a walk, across the bridge, there were love locks on it. My response to love is in the air is to wear a mask and spray Glen 20 in the air, but I know le beau will want to get one for our anniversary. 

Froyo $12 (paid $7 with a vou) can you believe 5 lychees (canned) changes the weight cost from $9 (w/o toppings) to $12?! They only had two flavours, berry and vanilla. Toppings sucks, nothing special, assorted canned fruit and cereal. Really who puts cereal on froyo? Same prices as elsewhere, inconvenient location. Don't bother. Also a marketing tip, people prefer to buy by size rather than grams. $2.60 for 100g means 26c a gram, that doesn't sound good.

Exploring. Locks are $10 by the way. 

Went for a walk, it was nice outside, so much air out there. We should do this more often, long walks in the gardens with a parasol.


Went to skool to help with enrollments, was meant to talk to the people in line O.O someone forgot to tell them I'm socially awks. Met a girl from Tasmania who came for enrollment (they don't offer them online, and when they do the system glitch and you still have to come to the office). Cadbury doesn't do tours anymore. :( They don't have Grill'd over there O.o and Grill'd's pretty big. We had lunch there, had the lamb & hummus which was good. Interesting, I prefer the chicken though.  

Goal setting session in the afternoon. Bus zoomed past me, so I had to run to get to the next stop. And that was Wednesday.


Slept in, went to a wedding, tutored some boys in maths, tried on a red top that was long enough to count as a mini dress - in my dreams.

Snacking - this was over a couple days. 

An hour and half late to class... but we were still productive! Carbon things, bench-marking. Walmart does so much, they even make their own renewable energy, wind power. 

Bought a barrette from Mimco, regret not buying the white one first. As the purple is now on sale but the white isn't. Do love these as it's something rare, Mimco mainly caterers for the ideal woman with lots of hair.

Tribal Pom Pom Scarf

Scarves from Witchery, an apricot one not for me, and a huge white ones with mini tassels. Not my style but we can wear it as a wrap or shawl in summer. Doesn't suit my lifestyle either as we rarely ever go to the beach. I live in the city, might suit a picnic though. Hate it how when you edit stock pictures they add a bg.   

Dinner at Bing Boy, I don't think the staff like me :P Surely I'm not the only person with all those 'free bing' cards? Think I still have like four. They don't have a lot of variety staff, we always see the same people.


Interview, was late as I got lost (walked in the opposite direction on the opposite road). Did some scans at the library. Went for a walk. Don't really remember what we did that day.

Hot chips at 'Snag Stand' with Truffle Dipping. Nice but too oily like Schnitz. 

At some point this week...

I googled my last name (though I've taken his) and it turns out to be Jewish. Though grandpa says we've been American/and a tiny bit French as far as he can recall (his grandpa came from Boardeux). No idea how last names were formed, but in the beginning (says le beau) they were to link people to their jobs e.g. The miller (makes flour for bread/cake) would be called Jon Mills/Miller.

We cleaned my room, well part of it. Was going to switch my winter wardrobe to summer but the portable clothes rack has vanished so we're waiting to get another one. Love candles, especially this one. Unfortunately the scent doesn't linger after you blow it out, unlike reeds.

Post idea, end of day food sales in the city. What's with "no photos"? Everyone knows what sushi looks like. The place above has 4 sushi rolls for $5 at the end of the day, it's near Target. At Melb Central near Breadtop there's a $3.50 pizza place at the end of the day, we shall try it one day.

Flowers from the cake, to be glitterized and made into headpieces.

V'Day aka 'Single Awareness Day' is coming.

Finished season 2 of 'The Paradise' better than Mr Selfridge.

Catherine's revenge isn't going too well, married a guy for his kid...


Adventures with le beau.

My favourite piano out of the 21.

Southbank Footbridge

From Lily, who likes pink. Lucy seems to like it.

I'd love Maki, Tomiko and Yume. Perfer the mini dolls rather than keyrings as I don't want them to get damaged. The white headed ones get dirty insanely fast. Le beau's favourite is the white/blue china (as in delicate plates/cups) inspired, Mana. 

Anyone know where you can buy the dolls? 

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