Next we went to 'Thien An' which urbanspoon says is Vietnamese food.

First impressions: it's a cafeteria, but nicer and clean.

I like the blackboard feature wall.

This is another perspective of the place, it does look nicer.

I wonder what drinks they have...


Oh wow, this is pretty interesting. Right above the counter.

By this point you might ask if we actually ate rather than just take pictures. :P

We had 'Tom Yum Chicken Soup' it was nice, average. Nothing wrong, nothing amazing. One of the girls said it was something her mother would cook, and her mother doesn't cook asian. We could have cooked that soup, dicing wouldn't be so fun. I was hoping we were having something more authentic/special like rice paper rolls or banh zeo (savory pancake).

I found the deco more interesting than the soup, there was no flow in the deco, different elements, no consistency or theme. Needs to be revamped in my opinion. 

Urbanspoon has mixed reviews, but lots of bad. I wouldn't go here again, especially as I do like Sapa Hills, and am a regular-ish there. Never had a bad experience (other than a drink mix-up) and it's clean (don't go to the bathroom). Also another reason not to return: there were too many white people and not many asians. You know you're at a good asian eatery when everyone around you is asian, vice versa. 

Thien An on Urbanspoon

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Part 2 - Asian
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