Stop no.3. For our main we went to 'Kitchen Samrat', Indian food. I do like Indian food. :) It was a same establishment and there was only one Indian couple there other than our group. It was like 2pm though. 

Deco was nice, but still too simple for my tastes. I saw a shelf of faerie statues. Wall paint/paper was interesting. There's a lovely spot by the window. A shire for the elephant god, and a small tv playing Indian dance/music in the corner. 

We had something with cottage cheese, chicken curry and lentils. From left to right, setting out spiciness levels. I didn't touch the green. I quite like the cheese one, though it didn't have enough flavour. Unlike the middle curry, which was a bit much. I think the first was Paneer Makhani (Indian Cottage Cheese and Butter Based Dish)?

The three dishes was served with jasmine rice and naan. Indian guy opposite me said the nan is baked inside like a huge ceramic oven, but pot like and it's stuck to the side. Tandoori oven I think. That's pretty cool, I like I saw it on a documentary or something once.

We like this place I think, not sure. It was a brief encounter and therefore difficult to judge. But it is on our list of places to try (again).

Take-away Specials. Not sure if you can read that...  

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